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Managing Partner, Chartered Accountant
Corporate Acquirer in Pune, India
Interests: Good revenue and profitability growth with scalability. Having reasonable track record.
Background: A leading chartered accountant in Pune with good clientle base. Prominent personality in the field.
8.4 / 10
Locations Pimpri-Chinchwad + 1 more
Industries Business Services + 22 more
Investment Size USD 54 K - 270 K
Director, Engineering
Corporate Acquirer in Pune, India
Interests: Any innovative product which can be exported.
Background: We are Into Engineering Equipment manufacturing field.
8.4 / 10
Locations Rajasthan + 10 more
Industries Business Services + 44 more
Investment Size USD 700 - 34 K
Administrator, Hospital
Individual Buyer in Maryland Heights, United States
Interests: Pharmacy based business in South India, mainly in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Also open to invest in Asia, Europe, Africa and America.
Background: Strong experience in IT and looking to invest or acquire small scale businesses.
8.7 / 10
Locations North America + 12 more
Industries Business Services + 28 more
Investment Size USD 200 K - 800 K
Manager, Online Platform
Individual Buyer in Chennai, India
Interests: Individual investor in Chennai looking forward to invest and work as partner in a genuine and profitable business upto 25L.
Background: I'm interested in investing into new ventures with a good growth potential, where I can become a partner or a director of the company and work for its growth.
8.7 / 10
Locations Chennai + 1 more
Industries Business Services + 23 more
Investment Size USD 7 K - 34 K
Business/Technology Head, Technology
Individual Buyer in Chennai, India
Interests: IT, IT Es, IT Education, Kpo, Bpo.
Background: We are a private investing group looking for a buyout.
8.7 / 10
Locations Chennai
Industries Business Services + 7 more
Investment Size USD 7 K - 80 K
Chief Technologist, Investment
Corporate Acquirer in India
Interests: Technology, energy, healthcare, security, communication, electronic, defense, education.
Background: We have connect with High Network Individuals across Europe who are interested to fund with Minority Share holding and exit in 5-6 years with minimum 35% return.
8.4 / 10
Locations North America + 6 more
Industries Business Services + 15 more
Investment Size USD 4 Mn - 27 Mn
Co-proprietor, C&F
Individual Buyer in Bangalore, India
Interests: Ecommerce, Internet of Things, Analytics, Sensors, Strategy.
Background: Business professional with 17 years of experience.
8.3 / 10
Locations New Jersey + 10 more
Industries Business Services + 31 more
Investment Size USD 8 K - 2.7 Mn
Director, Publishing
Individual Buyer in Chennai, India
Interests: 1. Quantitative: Business must generate YoY earnings growth and positive current ratios. 2. Qualitative: Interested in high growth businesses with proven edge over the competition or legacy businesses (in the family for generations), run by seniors or inherited.
Background: An Individual investor with a background in book publishing, hospitality, information technology, and capital markets. I want to invest in SME businesses that have high growth potential in my personal capacity.
9.0 / 10
Locations Singapore + 4 more
Industries Business Services + 29 more
Investment Size USD 70 K - 140 K
Stock Analyst, Electrical Motors And Shafts Manufacturer
Individual Buyer in New Delhi, India
Interests: After completing my master's in international marketing, I have understood that marketing is a source of every business. Therefore, I am open to any sector, but the amount about which I am interested in investing should not be higher than INR 10 Crore.
Background: A young person with a bachelor's degree in marketing from Symbiosis International University, India and master's degree in international marketing from Newcastle University is looking for expanding my horizon as a marketer by collaboration and acquisition in the UK, India, USA and Dubai.
8.3 / 10
Locations India
Industries Business Services + 21 more
Investment Size USD 140 K - 270 K
Associate Director, Investment
Individual Buyer in Singapore
Interests: 1. Proven business with sustainable growth. 2. Niche businesses. 3. High profit margins and cash flow generation. 4. Management and employees in-placed. 5. Existing management and employees can continue to run the business without interference. 6. Key focus are: - Monthly financial statements. - Succession planning. - KPIs and aligned a new management incentive plan. 7. I am looking to acquire 70% of good business for permanent long term investment plan. 8. I will invest in my personal capacity.
Background: - I am a private investor with 9 years of professional investing experience. The capital is funded by family shareholders in the company. - I believe in long-term investments and am seeking out businesses who are looking for a permanent home (founders who are retiring, relocating). I also believe in providing financial certainty to the seller and an honorable process. The company does not manage day-to-day operations, preferring a decentralized operation.
9.8 / 10
Locations Singapore + 1 more
Industries Business Services + 8 more
Investment Size Upto USD 370 K
Manager, Steel Processing
Individual Buyer in Rourkela, India
Interests: Open for both acquisitions and investing in active businesses. Want to partner up with an up and running company which are seeking some kind of investments. Also interested in acquiring a shell company for my business reasons. Open to all industries but prefer IT, energy, education, agriculture and transportation.
Background: Possess 15+ years of work experience in the FMCG and energy sector. Seeking investments in my personal capacity which shall be supported by bank loans.
9.1 / 10
Locations Baltimore + 37 more
Industries Business Services + 79 more
Investment Size Upto USD 27 Mn
VP, Telecommunication Service
Individual Buyer in Pune, India
Interests: Interested in acquiring a small business with well established current customer sales. Should have the profit margin record for at least 5 years with future growth potential.
Background: I am an individual investor looking for buying out a good small business situated somewhere in Pune or Mumbai as I am based nearby.
8.5 / 10
Locations Delaware + 16 more
Industries Business Services + 72 more
Investment Size Upto USD 70 K
Business Development, Funding Societies Thailand
NBFC in Bangkok, Thailand
Interests: Revenue more than THB 1M. Profitable business or have PO/ invoice with large corporates.
Background: We have provided us$1.3 billion to more than 49,000 SMEs and startups across SE Asia. We are now helping finance companies in Thailand.
9.5 / 10
Locations Thailand + 1 more
Industries Business Services + 19 more
Investment Size USD 3.2 K - 1 Mn
General Manager, Cosmetics
Individual Buyer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Interests: Established business with good ROI. Promoters should be passionate about developing the business.
Background: C-suite executive with 20 years of experience in general management.
8.9 / 10
Locations Switzerland + 3 more
Industries Business Services + 23 more
Investment Size Upto USD 1.4 Mn
Director, Software
Corporate Acquirer in Gurgaon, India
Interests: Open to good industry businesses and we will look at the financial statement of the past few years and client details. Interested in only well established companies.
Background: Software company established in 2011 and based out of Delhi. We specialize in content development for skill building and e-learning.
9.9 / 10
Locations India + 4 more
Industries Business Services + 22 more
Investment Size Upto USD 70 Mn
MD, Specialty Chemicals
Corporate Acquirer in Nagpur, India
Interests: Business with innovative ideas, decent EBITDA, growth potential, good management.
Background: We are manufacturers of chemicals looking to invest in running business which we can promote. We have a team for financial management and project management.
8.7 / 10
Locations Nagpur
Industries Business Services + 11 more
Investment Size USD 34 K - 400 K
Director, Professional Services
Individual Buyer in Bangalore, India
Interests: Interested to invest in an existing brand with a differentiated pitch and an opportunity for long lasting customer engagement. I am inclined towards businesses that are based in South Bangalore.
Background: Have 20+ years of work experience in IT and financial services. Looking to invest in my individual capacity.
9.5 / 10
Locations Bangalore + 5 more
Industries Business Services + 32 more
Investment Size Upto USD 400 K
Founder & CEO, Technology
Individual Buyer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Interests: Looking for businesses that are profitable and has a clear growth plan for the future.
Background: I am a partner in a group of companies in Dubai with over 15 years of experience. Currently looking to diversify our business and looking for profitable business opportunities.
8.1 / 10
Locations North America + 7 more
Industries Business Services + 7 more
Investment Size USD 27 K - 400 K


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