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Business Publishing Business Investment Opportunity in Kochi, India

Business magazine with 4 lakh readers on the platform is looking for an equity partner.
- Our business is a online business magazine that publishes articles. - We are a renowned Malayalam-language media portal that provides end-to-end coverage of the business ecosystem at various levels. We offer the most recent business news and articles from India, with a focus on Kerala. - We have 4 lakh readers for our magazine. - We generate revenue by posting advertisements for clients as well as paid-up write-ups. - On average, we have 20 to 25 monthly paid clients. - The business does not have any loans. - The business has 2 owners, with equal ownership stake. - 5,000 plus clients in pipeline to initiate the business with us and we have confidence in our success in future.
6.3   Kochi
Run Rate Sales
USD 30 thousand
30 %
Financial Investment
USD 30 K for 50%
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Business Publishing Company Investment Opportunity in Wilmington, United States

Online business directory with 1,000+ sites that cover all US states, cities and towns.
- We offer hyper local business directory listing and website solutions for small and midsized businesses. - Company is registered in Wilmington (US) but operations are conducted from Noida (India). - Our listing platform owns nearly 1,300 prime domain names that cover all US states, cities and towns. - At present there are more than 54,000 registered users and 39,000+ business listings. - We are one of America's largest networks of this type that offer local level business solutions. - Initially we offered free listings when the platform was started but have very recently introduced paid listings. - Promoter has over 20 years of experience with prior expertise in this business space. - The value of our digital assets includes the domains and in-house software and is estimated to be USD 3,000,000.
8.7   Wilmington
Run Rate Sales
Financial Investment
USD 2 Mn for 50%
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Business Publishing Company Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

Independently published global media and education company for start-ups and entrepreneurs seeks investment for expansion.
- We are a leading Indian media and information platform, known for its end-to-end coverage of the Indian startup ecosystem. - Even though the business is registered in Delhi, we have another branch office in California. - We are a completely online platform with only digital releases and publications. - By providing a deep understanding of the start-up economy through data-backed news and analysis, we work to inspire, link & develop the Indian start-up ecosystem. - Some of the inspiring stories of thousands of start-ups, founders, technical advances, corporations and many other elements of the start-up community have been brought to light by our business. - Starting 5 years ago from scratch, we have now become the gateway to the Indian startup ecosystem, having published more than 15,000 stories and touching the lives of more than 20 million people in India every month. - We publish our online magazine weekly, monthly, yearly depending on the newsletters. We also do more than 30 press releases per month on the latest business topics. - Our magazines provides data on investment activities, fundraising history, portfolio companies, recent news, exits, top trending and most active investors. - We hire passionate people willing to start something on their own on the internet and mobile space. - Revenue is generated from digital ad space and subscription charges.
Independently published global media and education company for start-ups and entrepreneurs seeks investment for expansion.
6.9   Delhi
Run Rate Sales
USD 110 thousand
40 %
Financial Investment
USD 36 K for 10%
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Online Platform For Crowdfunding & Event Managament in Alappuzha, India

Internet company in Kerala is searching for investment for marketing and development activities.
- Business has 2 platforms: one is a crowdfunding & freelancing web & app platform and the other is an online business magazine & event management. - Crowdfunding & Freelancing Web & App platform: 1342 users. - Online business magazine & event management: 127 users. - Partnerships - 2 (Branding Agency, Office Space)
7.7   Alappuzha
Run Rate Sales
USD 66 thousand
30 - 40 %
Financial Investment
USD 42 K for 20%
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