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Biomass Energy Equipment Company for Sale in Bakonyjákó, Hungary

For-sale: Wood pellet and briquette manufacturer with strong clients, EU certification, and reliable transportation fleet.
This Business is on a Premium Plan
Established 30-40 year(s)
Employees 10 - 50
Legal Entity Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Reported Sales USD 1.7 million
Run Rate Sales USD 2 million
EBITDA Margin 13 %
Industries Biomass Energy Equipment
Locations  Bakonyjákó
Local Time 12:08 AM Europe / Budapest
Listed By Advisor / Business Broker
Status Active
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Full Sale
Asking Price: USD 2.6 million (Native Currency: HUF 900,000,000)
Reason: The owners are retiring.
Advisor doesnt charge any upfront or success fee to the investor.
Includes physical assets worth USD 2.6 million
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Business Overview

- The company possesses its wood processing facility, storage, and a dedicated fleet of transportation vehicles.

- Our extensive client and partner network will be transferred to the new owners.

- The business generates good revenue, with the potential for significant growth through expansion into foreign markets.

- The company has held an EU export number and certification since its European Union membership, although all sales are currently domestic.

- Presently, the operation is running at peak capacity, processing up to 2.2 tons per hour.

- Current employee count is sufficient since we have high-end machinery.

- Use case:

- Residential Heating: Wood pellets and briquettes are used in stoves and boilers to efficiently heat homes.

- Commercial and Institutional Heating: They provide cost-effective heating solutions for public institutions and large corporations.

- Industrial Processes: Industries use these products for heat-intensive manufacturing processes.

Products & Services Overview

- Products: The primary offerings consist of wood pellets and briquettes, versatile for heating energy usage.

- Clients: Not limited to individuals, these products cater to public institutions and large corporations seeking energy cost reduction.

Assets Overview

Assets include:

1. Sawmill Industry and Pallet Manufacturing:

- Utilizes Woodmizer horizontal log splitter with a complete log feeder and sharpening device.

- Operates four 800 Kiskőrösi band saw machines with local sawdust extraction equipment.

- Utilizes two pairs of circular saws for short and small diameter log processing.

- Employs a double circular saw for precise cutting.

- Uses a circular saw for pallet billet cutting with a stand.

- Employs four pneumatic pallet nailing guns with belt magazines and nail templates.

- Utilizes electric and explosive chainsaws, along with various hand tools and saw blade sharpening machines.

2. Production of Wood Pellets and Briquettes:

- Operates a computer-controlled pellet production line with a capacity of 2.5 t/h, complete with a 2 MW boiler, drum dryer, air extraction system, hydraulic feeders, augers, and conveyors.

- Utilizes a pellet cooling cabinet with air extraction and packaging equipment.

- Employs a MÜNCH RMP 520 pellet press with control machine.

- Operates a manufacturing machine line with conveyors, cooling line, and shrink film machine.

- Utilizes CF NIELSEN BPU cylinder block and BP500A brick block producer press machines with a total capacity of 1.1 t/h.

3. Wood Chip Plant:

- Utilizes a fully equipped JENZ BA 720 biomass shredder with a 500 hp diesel engine.

4. Material Handling Machines and Vehicles:

- Operates a diesel HYUNDAI 540 XTD front loader with various attachments.

- Utilizes three diesel forklift trucks with different load capacities.

- Employs a 1.5 t Fiat Ducato diesel flatbed truck.

- Uses five manual forklifts with a load capacity of 2 t.

5. Compressed Air System:

- Utilizes a screw compressor and a 2 m3 buffer tank, serving the entire site through a pipe system.

6. Diesel Fuel Filling Container:

- Features a 9 m3 tank with computer control and electric keys.

7. Certified Metal Bridge Scale:

- Capable of weighing trucks with a 45 t weighing limit and computer-controlled operation.

8. Maintenance Equipment:

- Equipped with various tools, including welding equipment, bearing press, drills, and hand tools.

9. Fire Alarm Equipment:

- Includes a 250 m3 fire-fighting water pool, fire hydrants, and powder extinguishers.

10. Office and Social Equipment:

- Provides computers, telephone switchboard, furniture, food coolers, drinks vending machines, and changing cabinets.

11. Electricity Network:

- Equipped with two substations and a 450 kW purchasing authority.

12. Heating System:

- Utilizes a 650 kW hot water boiler that burns sawdust for heating social facilities, offices, and manual workshops, along with a sawdust silo.

13. Lumber Drying Equipment:

- Features a computer-controlled convection chamber with a nominal capacity of 70 m3. It has an aluminium sandwich panel superstructure with a main gate opening into four parts in the middle, equipped with spy doors.

14. Own land, building, facility.

Facilities Overview

- Total area of 32,907 square meters.

- Building superstructure spans 2,500 square meters, designed with multiple levels and varying comfort features tailored to specific purposes.

- The building is thoughtfully designed and includes central heating, sewage, and rainwater drainage systems.

- Standard electrical network, potable water supply, telephone, and internet infrastructure are installed as required.

- The property features traditional wooden doors, metal doors, and electrically operated industrial gates for efficient traffic flow.

- Adequate lighting is provided throughout the premises.

- Robust security measures are in place to safeguard the property.

- Multiple high-quality fencing methods are employed around the entire property.

- A surveillance camera system is in operation and can be expanded as needed.

- Public lighting is equipped with light sensors for energy efficiency.

- The property boasts 15,000 square meters of solid pavements, including paving stones, concrete, and asphalt.

- The pavements are designed to accommodate loading activities and offer suitable storage solutions.

- This property is owned by the company and is not subject to rental agreements.

Capitalization Overview

- The plant operates with complete self-sufficiency, without any outstanding loans or debts.

- The ownership of the plant is evenly divided, with both owners holding a 50% stake.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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