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ISP for Sale in Dhaka, Bangladesh

For Sale: 21-year-old IT consultancy company with ISP and IP telephony license and fiber network.
This Business is on a Premium Plan
Established 20-30 year(s)
Employees 10 - 50
Legal Entity Private Limited Company
Reported Sales USD 800 thousand
Run Rate Sales USD 800 thousand
EBITDA Margin 17 %
Industries IT Consultancy + 1 more
Locations  Dhaka
Local Time 8:47 PM Asia / Dhaka
Listed By Business Owner / Director
Status Active
Overall Rating
Full Sale
Asking Price: USD 1.4 million (Native Currency: BDT 120,000,000)
Reason: The owner/director is migrating to a different country. The valuation of BDT 12 crore takes into ac... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 700 thousand
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Business Overview

- IT company that provides a wide foray of services, manages IT projects and is an internet service provider.

- 21 years experience, nationwide ISP license, government clients, and 300+ corporate broadband internet and data clients.

- 10 years experience with IPTSP license (VOIP phone), 15 years experience as operation and maintenance operator (managed services) for large-scale government IT projects; 15 years experience as a software and web application developer company.

- 19 years of work as domain registration, web hosting, and server colocation company.

- We are a prequalified company to participate in any large-scale tender for hardware supply, security surveillance project, video conferencing project, and ICT consultancy.

- Have a fiber optic and a wireless network covering the whole of Dhaka City. NOC and all 15 PoPs are connected with dark core fiber.

- ISO certified company and member of APNIC, ISPAB, BASIS, and BCS. Also, have copyright and trademark for logo and major products.

- Qualified company to get IPTV License when it is issued by BTRC.

- Potential buyer can easily deploy triple-play services with data (ISP), voice (IPTSP), and video (IPTV).

- Competitive advantage due to 21 years of goodwill and experience of working with major government departments. The company has good relations with vendors and long serving employees.

- The buyer will get the legal entity, all physical and intangible assets owned by the business.

Products & Services Overview

- Broadband internet and data services.

- IP telephony and IP private automatic branch exchange (PABX) services.

- IT consultancy and managed services.

- Security surveillance services.

- Video conferencing services.

- Software and application development and managed services.

- Domain registration, hosting, and server collocation services.

- IT hardware and software distribution and managed services.

- LAN, fiber network, and wireless network consultancy, implementation, and managed services.

Assets Overview

Buyer will get the following fixed (physical) assets:

- Furniture & fixtures: BDT 3,259,179.00.

- Office equipment: BDT 3,016,510.

- Vehicle: BDT 2,292,043.00.

- Telephone connection: BDT 2,082,430.00.

- Networking equipment: BDT 31,932,305.00.

- Hardware equipment: BDT 14,700,519.00.

- IP phone: BDT 2,964,811.00.

Total: BDT 60,247,796 (BDT 6 crore)

Buyer will also get intangible assets such as the 21-year-old nationwide ISP license, an 11-year-old IP telephony license, 21 years of experience in large-scale IT projects, software worth BDT 4,848,730, and a fiber optic and wireless network that covers the whole of Dhaka City with 15 PoPs in different locations of Dhaka City.

Facilities Overview

Head office and NOC of 7,000 sqft. own premises of the owner. The company has 15 small offices/PoPs within Dhaka city, all on a rental basis.

The head office is personally owned by the director and can be rented by the buyer. They may relocate to another office as well.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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