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Small Medical Testing Equipment Company Investment Opportunity in Indore, India

The development and distribution of smart, accurate, and affordable medical devices to increase healthcare outreach.
This transaction has concluded.
This Business is on a Premium Plan
Established 5-10 year(s)
Employees 5 - 10
Legal Entity Private Limited Company
Reported Sales USD 12 thousand
Run Rate Sales USD 14 thousand
EBITDA Margin Nil
Industries Medical Testing Equipment
Locations  Indore
Local Time 9:53 AM Asia / Kolkata
Listed By Advisor / Business Broker
Status Active
Overall Rating
Partial Stake Sale
USD 240 thousand for 8.0% stake (Native Currency: INR 20,000,000)
Reason: 1. Expanding the primary target market: Our primary strategy is to aggressively spread outreach into... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 18 thousand
Pitch Deck
Business Overview

1. Dedicated R& D team to develop and innovate high-quality medical devices. Continuous research on identifying the existing gaps in the healthcare segment and assessment of the. Needs of futuristic healthcare needs and devising new product lines in alignment with the projected trends.

2. 27 national and international awards for innovation done in the last 7 years.

3. Regulatory clearances obtained for the medical device and its versions.

4. It is a novel product in the healthcare screening segment with the insignificant competition.

5. The business has the potential of generating huge margins and profitability and outstanding competition as the market is global.

6. There is no external machine dependency for results which means it can be deployed anywhere without any preparedness and training.

7. We are developing and will continue to develop smart devices that generate healthcare data.

This data will be stored in our cloud and used to offer paid or subscription-based predictive.

Healthcare services to various clients, including healthcare providers and small primary.

Products & Services Overview

- We have a product portfolio that will be launched and aligned to our business strategy. At present.

- We have one device and its two versions in the market with the required regulatory clearance.

The device is for a specific test that is currently under-served but has a lot of demand:

- A home healthcare version of the product is under development. All these devices are smart and produce high-quality data that goes to the cloud and the data accumulated can. Later will be used for offering predictive healthcare services.

- We have developed advanced versions of the device dedicated to specific market needs as per the medical specialty.

- Developed the maternal care version as well.

- A complete kidney diagnostic tests version with 5 and 6 tests in one device for the.

Complete staging of kidney disease scan solution.

- A smart personal respiratory care device under development.

- A device for the remote care of TB patients to support the Government of India’s DOTs Program.

- More devices under development that cannot be divulged by us at this point in time.

Assets Overview

Tangible - desktops, equipment, and office furniture.

Facilities Overview

Rented registered office: E – 2406, Sudama Nagar, Indore 452009 MP, India.

Rented R& D & Admin office: E -2629, Sudama Nagar, Indore 452009 MP, India.

Rented manufacturing unit: 120–121, Electronics Complex Industrial Area, Pardesipura, Indore 452010, MP, India.

Capitalization Overview

The funds have been arranged from –

1. Bootstrapped: INR 25 lakhs (excluding opportunity cost)

2. Government grants: INR 1.23 crore.

- We have won 4 large grants from various agencies to date.

- BIRAC – BIG grant – INR 33.5 lakhs.

- FICCI – Millennium Alliance grant (USAID) – INR 30 lakhs.

- BIRAC – IIPME grant – INR 47.3 lakhs.

- MEITy – SASACT grant – INR 12 lakhs.

3. External seed investments: INR 1. 20 crores on convertible notes from many (Doctor friends and other investors)

Recent Activity
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.


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