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Small Taxi Company for Sale in Dublin, Ireland

Company launched a ride-hailing app that offers services to companies and private customers.
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Established 1-5 year(s)
Employees < 2
Legal Entity Private Limited Company
Reported Sales USD 1.6 thousand
Run Rate Sales USD 1.9 thousand
EBITDA Margin Nil
Industries Taxi + 1 more
Locations  Dublin
Local Time 8:27 AM Europe / Dublin
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Asking Price: USD 53 thousand (Native Currency: EUR 49,990)
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Business Overview

- We are at an early stage and have launched our services a few months back.

- We are first and foremost, a mobile application that allows our users to order the means of transportation method of their choice with drivers from a wide selection and always safely and easily. We work exclusively with professional drivers, whether they are in Moto-taxi, car with driver, taxi, helicopter.

- We offer the possibility to book your ride but also to order your driver for an immediate ride, i. e. "on-demand".

- The idea of starting on this adventure came to me during my frequent travels in France, especially to the Paris region. Like many others, I had to go from one appointment to another in a minimum of time. I, then, developed a relationship of trust with some very experienced Moto-taxi drivers but for whom it was necessary to anticipate my agenda in order to book them as soon as possible. This organization offered too little flexibility and there was no app to find an official driver and available on demand. This is where our company was born in collaboration with drivers.

- Finally, we are also an ethical company. From the beginning, we have been working continuously with drivers to develop and provide a tool that meets their needs and allows them to work safely and at their own pace. We work with independent professional drivers whom we respect. In practice we have made very concrete commitments:

• No algorithm will be developed to induce or coerce drivers to log in, take errands, or even speed up the duration of the races.

• We have been working a lot on the ergonomics of the app, in order to make it an easy-to-use tool for drivers. We wanted an effective tool that would disrupt drivers as little as possible in their customer relationship and in their concentration on the road during the ride.

• Many drivers are committed to developing the app. We systematically listen to their observations and feedback for technological developments of the app.

• We believe that our company has a responsibility to its users and to its drivers. We take all necessary measures to ensure the professionalism and legality of the drivers with whom we work. Finally, respecting drivers also means allowing them to generate decent incomes. In this sense, we are committed to levying a fixed commission of only 10%. We have also integrated a concierge service in the app that can be used for free by all drivers and riders.

- Who are our users?

• 1,000 to date - Any individual looking for a legal and secure mode of transport to ordering on the simplest interface possible. Our app is already available on Android and iOS.

• Launch in 2 months - Any company looking for a way to simplify the administrative management of its employees' travels.

- Our "Enterprise" offer will be launched this summer end and we have decided to make it our priority. To do this, we have a "Go To Market" strategy (after building our customer base) to rent the white-label application for hotels, concierge services, businesses. This development strategy will allow us to forecast recurring revenues. We also take a percentage on rides performed, which will ensure additional results.

- What are the benefits of developing the white-label app for businesses?

• Pre-booking app or "on-demand" taxi, cars with driver, high-end cars with driver, motorcycle taxi, and Helicopter for your customers.

• Book on behalf of the company for your customers, partners, etc.

• Totally free (except rides of course),

• Increase the employer brand to have an app in the company's colors (white brand),

• Tracking customers (or employees) on the move to ensure optimal safety,

• Full admin access for the company side that allows managing users, reservations, as well as invoices,

• No surcharges are applied to racing (unlike other business market solutions),

• Never increase the price of races even during strikes or high demand.

• Our brand in every single employee’s smartphone.

- We are technologically ready for launch, and we already have registered drivers (300) and customers (1,000 downloads). We would now like to be mentored by a coach who knows the transport issues perfectly and play the role of the investor to help us in our launch. An investor that has no experience in transport are also welcome as I am sure there are other areas where we can benefits from your experiences: )

- To end this presentation, our road map is currently done for the next 2 years (with the flexibility of course) to ensure other markets are included (Countries but also different revenue stream too - document available on request only)

- Test (market validation with only motorbikes) done for 3 months and we generated EUR 1,500 euros in sales but the difficulty was a huge as national strikes happened during that period)

Since the relaunch of our service last month we had.

New downloads (+350 in 6 weeks and 1,000 in total since last year).

Products & Services Overview

Core market: B2B is our main focus.

Location: Service open in France (since last September)

Business HQ in Ireland.

Next phases:

- niche markets (4 identified and can be launch before the end of the year.

- tourism - we identified a gap in digital tourism where we can be a great fit.

- Ads to be launched early next year.

Assets Overview

Intangible assets include mobile app. We do not own any physical assets at the moment.

Facilities Overview

No offices yet - in need to find while recruiting sales team.

Open to discuss the location of the team (Company currently HQ in Ireland)

Capitalization Overview
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