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Highly Profitable and Scale-able Stock Market Educational Platform in India.

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This is a proposal for the Right to Use of our Business Model & Business Assets which includes a Fully Designed Website, Business Platform, Marketing Graphic Ads & The Copyrighted Course Material (in PowerPoint) but under their Own Name. (The Website requires No Coding to operate as its made on the Wix Platform & thus can be edited by anyone with no coding experience)

(There is also an option for the Full Sale of our Business with multiple other revenue sources such as Franchise, Book Publishing, Online Courses at a different price point which can be discussed if interested. )

Our business is basically a Stock Market Literacy Platform wherein we conduct workshops & webinars on How To Trade In The Stock Market’ for beginners.

This platform was formed with a simple mission to make Trading & Investing in the Stock Market approachable to one & all.

As we know in India only 1 % of the population is actively involved in the Markets whereas in the US & other Developed Countries, its more than 50%. Such a Vast Gap in India is due to the Vast Ignorance about the markets.

And this is where the potential lies for a business like us as India is totally an Untapped Market as regards to Stock Market Literacy on Trading & Investments.

We are also backed & authorized by UPSTOX which is one of India’s leading discount brokers.

The most Important Asset of this business is The Course Structure that is used to conduct the Workshops & Webinars & it has been Copyrighted under the Indian Copyrights Act.

Basically, the Course has been created in a format that the complete Workshop can be conducted within 10 Hours. We generally conduct the Workshop for 5 Days with 2 Hours Class Each Day.

So, 2-3 Batches can be conducted over a single 5 Day Event in different Batches such as Morning, Afternoon & Evening which can easily accommodate 50 or more participants.

We charge Rs. 4000-5000 Per Head for attending the Workshops.

So, 1 or 2 Workshops Per Month with mere 30-40 Participants being charged Rs. 5000 Per Head can easily generate Revenues north of Rs. 1.5 to 2 Lakhs Per Month of which we easily can have a 70% Net Profit as Workshops are basically almost a No Cost Business to run as here apart from the Marketing Campaigns, we don’t have any other Major Costs as it’s a Service Business Model.

Thus, the Buyer can recover his Investment within 1-2 Months of running the Business even if they conduct just 1 Workshops per month. & there is virtually no limit to the number of students you can teach over the years.

The Revenue Sources available to you in The Right to Use Model are –

1. Any number of Workshops and Webinars across the country.

2. Sub Broker Fees via Students Referrals which can be a healthy source of revenue as you can earn a 30-50% of the brokerages generated each time they trade.

3. Investment Consultation Fees if you provide Advisory Services.

4. An Investment Blog which generate traffic to your website and in turn increase Bookings of Workshops via organic sources as people shall end up on your website without paid ads.

So far, we have trained more than 350+ students.

If it is a Live Workshop, a place will be booked to conduct the Workshop & for Webinars, we rely on platforms such a Go To Meeting & Join Me.

Thus, it’s a complete Set Up of the Business wherein the buyer gets everything Fully Set up -

1. The Impressive Website To Give Out Information & Take Bookings.

2. The 365 Slide Course Material to conduct Live Workshops & Webinars.

3. The Video Ads for Marketing via Social Media Campaigns.

5. Promotional Flyers & Banners Designs.

Plus, we shall assist the new buyer for 2 Months for any help or assistance they require such as how to operate the Website, Create Ad Campaigns or How to Conduct the Workshops etc.

Products & Services Overview

Live Workshops, Webinars, Website Ads, Advisory services.

Facilities Overview
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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