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Cosmetics Businesses for Sale in Ahmedabad

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 Cosmetics Businesses for Sale in Ahmedabad. Buy a Cosmetic, Luxury Cosmetic or a Cosmetic Manufacturing Business.

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Cosmetics Business for Sale in Ahmedabad, India

Herbal cosmetics manufacturer with 8,000-10,000 cubes per shift capacity is seeking a full business sale.
The business manufactures herbal cosmetics, including wellness products, hair oils, creams, face wash, and shampoos. - The manufacturing capacity is 8,000 to 10,000 cubes per shift, and the bottle-filling machine fills 500 to 1,000 pieces per shift (one shift equals eight hours); currently, the business utilizes 10% to 15% of this capacity. - Previously, the business generated annual revenue of INR 7 lakh to 10 lakh through both e-commerce and offline channels. Currently, due to the business shutdown, revenue is generated through e-commerce and retail sales of leftover stock, amounting to INR 20,000 to 30,000 per month. - The business holds a trademark license. - Buyer will get the trademark, all the physical assets and the legal entity.
6.5   Ahmedabad
Run Rate Sales
USD 3 thousand
30 %
Business for Sale
USD 40 K
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Cosmetics Business for Sale in Ahmedabad, India

Highly profitable manufacturer of dry, wet wipes and cosmetics for sale in India.
No-debt business that has grown at 26.7% CAGR from inception where we get access to budding start-ups before they raise money. We work with some of India's top brands across sectors like medical, cosmetic, Intimate care, pet care, baby care, etc. affording us access and tremendous flexibility for growth as we are not dependent on any one sector. 1. It will be hard to find a company that is a sector-agnostic business where the growth is great, 2. EBITDA over 35% 3. Buyers have tremendous faith, leading to great client relationships. 4. Can 8x current revenues without any new capex investments using the current infrastructure of machinery. 5. All new production can be sold to the existing clientele. 6. Employees have been there since inception, 7. Also will be given the database of 5,000+ relevant buy inquiries received over the last 5-7 years. 8. In-house brand is there which will also be given with a large selection of products.
Highly profitable manufacturer of dry, wet wipes and cosmetics for sale in India.
8   Ahmedabad
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.5 million
35 %
Business for Sale
USD 7 Mn
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Cosmetics Company for Sale in Gujarat, India

For Sale: Manufacturers of hair color products under our brand name with 500 distributors.
Business manufacturing henna-based products. - Using 1,000 MT henna powder per year supplied by 10+ suppliers. - We have a distribution network of 500 distributors. - Have a strong market position in Gujarat and other states like Maharashtra. - We have registered a similar name of this brand in India, all European countries, and all African countries. - Sell products under our trademark brand. - 50 % of gross profit is generated by henna-based hair color, 40% by henna paste cone, and the rest is covered by other products. - Manufacturing capacity is 10 lakh cones per day and 2 lakhs henna-based hair packages. - The business extremely valuable due to our industry generated goodwill, enormous production capacity, comprehensive distribution network and large client base.
For Sale: Manufacturers of hair color products under our brand name with 500 distributors.
7.4   Gujarat
Run Rate Sales
USD 3 million
20 - 30 %
Business for Sale
USD 3.6 Mn
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