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Ethanol Fuels Company Seeking Loan in Nashik, India

Manufacturer of fuel grade ethanol that participates in open global tenders.
- We are manufacturers of fuel grade ethanol for government and corporate clients. - This entity is a standalone subsidiary of our group company that has operated for 35 years and manufacturers heat exchanger. - Our main raw material is sugar molasses from sugarcane. The ethanol produced is then mixed with petrol. - We can produce around 35,000 liters of ethanol in a 24 hours time period. - Most ethanol production plants including ours have been closed for the last 6-7 months due to lack of raw materials and the current global situation. - Our product is sold mainly through global open tenders and there is more demand than supply for ethanol. - 80% of the product is sold to government oil companies and 20% is sold to corporate companies. - We plan to start selling a greater percentage to corporate companies in the future. - Our main revenue will be generated from Dec to March when tenders open and we project revenues to be around INR 15 crore from that period alone. - We have our own website/domain which is used for official email communication but the website is not live.
6.6   Nashik
Run Rate Sales
15 %
Business Loan
USD 1.4 Mn at 10%
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Ethanol Fuels Company Seeking Loan in Chalisgaon, India

Planning to produce ethanol out of sugarcane seeks investment to set-up the facility on company owned land.
- A private limited company based in Chalisgaon planning to produce ethanol and maize. - We would produce ethanol, technical alcohol out of sugarcane during sugarcane season and grow maize during offseason in the same land. - We would grow our own sugarcane required to produce ethanol. - Have 25 acres of agricultural land with adequate irrigation facilities. - Products will be sold to oil and alcohol companies. - Facility would produce 60 KLPD (kiloliter per day) of ethanol. - After receiving investment it will take 9-10 months to start the operations. - We are expecting a yearly revenue of INR 90 cr. - Company management team has already carried out several activities in the land including cane development. - Business owns the land.
7.8   Chalisgaon
Run Rate Sales
Business Loan
USD 10 Mn at 10%
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Ethanol Fuels Business Seeking Loan in Tangerang, Indonesia

Chafing fuel manufacturer having tie ups with 30 hotels in Indonesia.
- We are a chafing fuel manufacturer and supplier located in Indonesia and have been in business for 4 years. - Manufacturing of the products is done at Business Owner's place. - We have a maximum capacity of producing 350 - 400 units of product per day. - Business mainly supplies these products to hotels and we have tied up with 30 hotels around the city. - We get a lot of repeat orders since these products have to be frequently replaced. We are targeting restaurants in a major way. - We have 3 local suppliers of raw materials.
Chafing fuel manufacturer having tie ups with 30 hotels in Indonesia.
7.0   Tangerang
Run Rate Sales
USD 21 thousand
20 - 30 %
Business Loan
USD 18 K at 20%
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