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7 Simple Steps to Improve your Business Profile Rating

Provide Complete and Relevant Information

Honesty and Clarity about your business are the two most important factors which investors consider before connecting with a profile. Provide as many relevant details as possible and ensure you get a 100% Profile Strength Rating. Some of the parameters which have a direct impact on your profile rating include:

  • Pictures: Ensure you upload high-quality, clear and unseen photos of your business facilities and machines, preferably clicked exclusively for SMERGERS
  • Official email address: Ensure you update your corporate email address (which looks like and also verify the same by clicking on the activation link sent to your email
  • Business Documents: This includes documents such as Information Memorandum, Valuation Report, Financial Statements, etc which provide a detailed overview of your business. These documents are not public and are accessible only by introduced members. Please remember that even if your financials look less-than-ideal its best to disclose them rather than have a ‘No Rating’. It’s important for investors, acquirers, lenders and advisors to completely understand your business before they connect with you.
  • Proof of Business: Uploading verification documents such as tax certificates, incorporation certificates, govt registration certificates and evidence of revenue such as bank statements, screenshot of sales, etc will have an impact on your rating and also gets your profile approved faster.

Be Responsive and Active on SMERGERS

Another easy piece. Respond to queries and introductions to members as quickly as possible. Update your profile with any new developments and changes in your business performance. Frequently check for new members on SMERGERS and send your business proposal. It’s easy to get a 100% rating on Responsiveness and Profile Activity.

Create a Well Summarized and Informative Single-Line Description

Clearly convey what your business is and avoid using proclamatory words like - attractive, highly profitable, best, opportunity, etc. This will increase chances of your profile being reviewed carefully by multiple members on SMERGERS.

Keep Your Asking Price Reasonable

Our experience shows that only businesses with reasonable valuations generate interest from genuine investors/acquirers and are also able to close deals. It is advisable to keep your valuation reasonable right from the beginning rather than make adjustments later. If you need assistance in finding a reasonable valuation for your business, check how to value your business or talk to us.

Get a Premium Profile

This is a simple but important step in increasing your score. Investors and Acquirers prefer connecting with serious businesses which are actively seeking a transaction. Additionally as a Premium profile you can send your business proposal to select members thereby increasing your interactions. A good feedback from such interactions will improve your score drastically.

Be Transaction-Ready

It is very important to have your documents in order for your potential investors/acquirers/lenders. The first documents typically asked for include Teaser, Business Plan, Information Memorandum, Financial Projections and Valuation analysis.

Improve Metrics

You may not be able to improve your financials immediately, but you can analyze the reasons behind the difference in such metrics. We strongly advise you to study and compare yourself with other businesses in your industry. Analyze how you can improve your margins and metrics for the next fiscal year and outperform your competitors!