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Cloud Software Business Investment Opportunity in Tehran, Iran

Tehran based business that has developed a software for designing and optimizing structural designs.
- Our business has developed a web-based platform to optimize cost and time in structural designing by AI, parallel processing and cloud computing. - We provide a software as a service. - The software can be used to design and drawing structural details for construction projects. - Our software helps in reduction of time and money by creating precise structure models and hence reducing the amount spent on construction materials and supply. - Have completed over 30 projects till date. - In our projects, we have optimized building structures between fifteen and twenty-five percentage. - We follow a subscription based model to use our software.
7.8   Tehran
Run Rate Sales USD 860 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Financial Investment USD 1 million for 20% stake
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Software Company Investment Opportunity in Chennai, India

Chennai based business that develops futuristic solutions for tomorrow's world with cutting edge technologies.
- 10-year old company specializing in developing niche software for clients. - We offer cloud solutions, mobility, AI, IoT, AI health care solutions, web and software development services. - Have 6 software products in different fields. - Have more than 50 clients across India, Dubai, USA, Canada and other parts of the world. - Our clients include some of the top companies like TVS, L&T, Mitsubishi, Visteon, Indian Coast Guard, Fitchner. - We have 1-2 years of contracts with few clients. - Majority of our clients are with us for a long time.
9.5   Chennai
Run Rate Sales USD 180 thousand
EBITDA Margin 39 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 10% stake
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Enterprise Software Company Investment Opportunity in Puchong, Malaysia

ERP company with 1 major MNC client, served 5+ clients seeks funding for product development.
- ERP company that offers trading, marketing and distribution solutions to our clients. Our solutions are end-to-end and can be fully customized depending on the customer's requirement. - We have served 5 clients till date (short-term contracts) and we have one major MNC client in the tobacco industry. Our contract with the major client is ending in 1.5 years and we have been working with them for the past 4 years. - The pricing of our solutions depends on the number of resources employed. On average, it costs around MYR 85,000/monthly and it operates on a SAAS model. The contracts are renewed on a yearly basis. - We seek funding to develop a streamlined and a lesser resource intensive version of our current product that can be sold at a cheaper price. We want to target SMEs with this new product since it is cheaper and they can afford it. Additionally, we are also developing a tracking and live sales streaming solution that can be interfaced with our client's existing TM&D solutions. We have 4 team members devoted to product development currently. - Run rate sales have dropped due to the ongoing pandemic. - The firm has not engaged in any marketing or promotions of their products and the business does not have any debt currently. - Promoter has 23 years of experience in the IT industry.
8.2   Puchong
Run Rate Sales USD 300 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 - 30 %
Financial Investment USD 120 thousand for 30% stake
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Profitable Cloud Software Business Investment Opportunity in Stockholm, Sweden

B2B software company with over 15 tier 1 customers from media industry.
- Cloud based multi-tenant SaaS platform for media industry. Our new generation platform streamlines the process by enhancing the media workflows and optimizations for telcos, broadcasters and content owners. - Have a highly experienced team who are well connected and are highly credible in the industry. - Have gained global traction with 15+ tier 1 customers. We work with our customers on a yearly contract basis. - The platform is modular and scalable with great margins. We provide cost effective, faster and easy to operate platform. - Established tie-ups / partnerships with 90+ associates to on-board new clients and achieve further accelerated growth. - In the past 12 months, the company has generated EUR 1.1 million revenue without raising any funds. Our run rate revenue has increased due to increased number of clients. - The industry is rapidly expanding every year. - Company and the team is located in Sweden. However, I'm currently in Denmark.
8.3   Stockholm
Run Rate Sales USD 1.3 million
EBITDA Margin 40 - 50 %
Financial Investment USD 2.8 million for 25% stake
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Internet of Things Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Provide IoT solutions and hardware for agriculture sector with more than 10 corporate clients.
- We are an IoT solution and hardware provider that mainly works in the agriculture sector. - At present we have around 3 hardware products that monitor, control, and provide data for weather, storage, and farm conditions. - We also have developed a software suite that acts as the management center and is integrated with the hardware side. This allow us to enable different apps and different dashboard for different crops and users. - IoT cloud for device management with different processing pipelines. Report and alert engine. - Have around 10 corporate clients in India but we are in talks with companies worldwide to expand our market internationally. - Product parts are sourced from suppliers but the entire mounting and assembly are done inhouse. - Revenue is generated from the sale of hardware and charge on each application of the software suite.
8.9   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 65 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Financial Investment USD 200 thousand for 10% stake
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Internet of Things Startup Investment Opportunity in Jaipur, India

Company provides IoT based fuel monitoring and cloud-based asset tracking and fleet management solutions.
- IoT firm that specializes in asset tracking and monitoring solutions. - Our focus is primarily in the construction and logistics & transportation industry. - We develop the software solutions and designs for our IoT products and the manufacturing of the devices and sensors are outsourced to a manufacturing unit. - Have been running operations for 6 years as a proprietor business and converted to a private limited company recently. - Have 6-7 major industrials clients including L&T, Nippon Express, Tata Construction, Sanghvi Movers Ltd, Super India Global Logistics, and Sanatan Logistics. - Revennue model: Have multi-year contracts with our clients. We provide our devices on a full sale and rental basis. More than 70% of the revenue comes from the rental model.
7.1   Jaipur
Run Rate Sales USD 650 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Financial Investment USD 2.7 million for 20% stake
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Electrical Component Business Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

ISO certified Mumbai based company that manufactures smart electrical components for Indian & export market.
- 2-year old Mumbai based ISO 9001:2015 certified & MSME registered company with 4 employees. - We specialize in the design, manufacturing and sales of electrical connectors, measuring devices, clamps, and smart communicable electrical components. - Have patent filed ideas and potential to grow in the energy segment mainly in complete end-to-end solutions to our customers. - We are looking for early-stage investors for our new technical solutions and product development. - We sell products to large to medium-scale companies and to dealers. - Industries we serve are gas & oil, renewable energy, railway, power grids. - Clients include Adani Electricity, BEML, BSES, BMRCL, Toshiba, Mahindra, Kanpur Electricity Supply Company. - Have contracts with clients for at least 1 year. - We manufacture around 10,000 electrical products per month which are worth INR 25 lakh. The capacity of the facility is slightly more. - Promoter has more than 20 years of experience in new product development, manufacturing and has served many companies in the electric field.
7.5   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 420 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Financial Investment USD 400 thousand for 40% stake
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Enterprise Software Company Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

Software solution company with a business process management suite to automate client's business process.
- We are a software solutions company that has developed a BPM (business process management suite). - The suite is designed to help companies automate their business processes. - There are around 4 to 5 modules that are packaged into one software solution. - We have more than 15 customers pan India from various industries. - Our clients are mainly from manufacturing industries as well as media companies. - We work with our clients to develop a payment model that suits them and we have the option for both one time payments and subscription models. - Promoter has over 25 years of experience in the field of software solutions.
6.6   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 80 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 10% stake
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Enterprise Software Startup Investment Opportunity in Boynton Beach, United States

Block-chain enabled first-of-its kind communications platform with 350 users for the beta program.
- We have developed a one of its kind block-chain enabled communication platform. It is fully secured, decentralized and comprehensive. We have adopted a B2B and B2C model for our product. - Our products allow our customers to make and record voice and video calls, share files and screens, send text messages (SMS/MMS), generate detailed reports through call analytics, sign and edit e-documents, route calls with an auto-attendant, organize tasks and manage call centers. They can be integrated with CRMs. There are 3 products in development currently. - The first product is a platform that enables communication (united). This product has all the aforementioned features in the previous point and that includes it is block-chain enabled. It is a SaaS based platform and we will charge USD 20/monthly. - The second product is a mobile application that is an extension of the previous product. It enables free communication within the our Block-chain/PBX hybrid network, and compatible with both Android and iOS. We intend to charge USD 4/monthly to use this product. - The final product is focused on enhancing the security and protecting clients from identity theft. This product allows you to control who can access your identity and accept digital certificates. Our final product will be priced slightly cheaper in comparison to our flagship product i. e. united communications platform. - All the three products can be integrated with one another. We have launched a free pilot/beta program to test our product and have registered over 350 users. We are on track of registering 1,000 - 2,000 customers by the end of next month. We plan to launch the products in the market by the beginning of next year. - The CEO is a seasoned C-suite executive with 20+ years of experience in the finance industry and prior experience running another company. The CFO has prior experience as a CFO at 6 different organisations and is a CGMA & Six Sigma Black Belt. We also have a CTO but they have not been converted into a full employee.
7.9   Boynton Beach
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 1 million for 15% stake
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IT Consultancy Company Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

Company builds B2B SaaS cloud management platform -PowerBoard for Azure & AWS.
- We are a product and consulting services company. - We have a B2B SaaS product PowerBoard - A unified cloud management platform for Azure & AWS. - This product helps organizations to reduce cost, improve security and increase ROI for cloud computing. - Total addressable market of $300 million/year by 2022, as per Gartner. - We have resellers across Malaysia, India & UAE for this product. - We have actively engaged with 2 organizations in the USA & South Africa for white labelling this product. - Monthly subscription ranges from USD 50 to USD 1,000 for the product. - Business has 2 sales representatives, 1 inside sales executive, and 5 employees assigned for product development. - Consulting is a major source of revenue for the past 2 years. - Currently, we have approx. 10 clients in total, out of which 6 are taking up consulting services and the rest take up services for the product. - Have annual/service contracts with the 5 clients we provide consulting services to. - The charges for consulting services completely depend on the nature of the service. - We also use paid digital marketing services in order to promote our company and product. - The EBITDA is less as we have undertaken significant capital investment for product development. - Promoter has 20+ years of experience working with the industry. - Consulting business has customers in India, Nordics, USA & Australia.
8.0   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 200 thousand
EBITDA Margin 5 %
Financial Investment USD 2 million for 15% stake
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Enterprise Software Startup Investment Opportunity in Beirut, Lebanon

IT start-up with 3 projects in education, charity and banking sector with multiple interested customers.
- We are an IT company with 2 active projects currently. Our products have not been launched in the market yet. - Our first product is targeted towards the educational sector. We are launching an all in one digital education and school management solution with the following features: a comprehensive and simple course building platform with skill-based tests, detailed report generation on the strengths and weaknesses of courses, off-line access, private online sessions, (discounts at local stores and and an online streaming platform for lectures and lessons that can be viewed on televisions. We also plan on implementing an effective rewards based program for students and parents with e-wallet access where discounts will be provided by retail stores and students can access these discounts based on their performance. We will be charging a commission of 3 percent from the shop owners. - Prices will be charged based on the number of users. We will charge USD 1/monthly per user initially. - Our second major project is a donation management platform targeted towards NGOs and nonprofit organisations. We want to increase transparency in this particular sector and we want to automate the entire procedure of receiving donations, processing the funds, and organizing and allocating the funds appropriately. - We also have a third project targeted towards the banking sector. The business will reveal details post-inquiry from interested investors. - Over 150 NGOs and nonprofit organisations have expressed interest towards our product and 50 - 100 schools are in the pipeline. - We are tying up with a third party firm for digital marketing and social media promotion on platforms like Facebook. - The current team is solely dedicated towards product development. - Promoter has over 20 years of work experience in the IT and HR sector and was the CEO of a major telecom company in the middle-east.
6.9   Beirut
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 150 thousand for 20% stake
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Application Software Company Investment Opportunity in Sichuan, China

Software company with multiple matured application software products inviting an investor for a majority stake.
- Over 2-decade old software design and development Chinese company. - Have more than 40 different types of products developed to solve different problems and we are a prominent player in this field. - We have more than 400,000 users located in 80+ countries. Users are end customers and corporate clients. - All our clients are very much satisfied with our products and services and give us great reviews. - Our products are highly recommended by a large number of well-known downloading websites and receive a lot of awards from these sites. - Our software was purchased by a British government department at one time. - Products have passed the rigorous testing of the MS team and have started to sell in the MS Store. - Promoter is the chief programmer and could assist the new owner in the long-term. - Sales have dropped due to ongoing COVID and trade war.
8.0   Sichuan
Run Rate Sales USD 700 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Financial Investment USD 3.6 million for 80% stake
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Small Enterprise Software Business Investment Opportunity in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Enterprise software and customized application development company with 20+ clients seeks funds to market a new product.
- Company specializes in developing enterprise software and customized application development for its clients. - We also provide career consultation and training for college graduates in IT & software development. - Have 7 fully developed solutions for textile supply-chain management, school management, accounting management, virtual office management, and pharmacy management systems. - We also develop customized solutions based on our client's requirements. - Have 20+ clients and we have annual maintenance contracts with all our clients. - Revenue model: Charge monthly subscription fee and maintenance fee, one-time installation fee. We provide training and certificates to college graduates in the form of internships. - We have recently developed a solution with applications in the agricultural industry and need funds for marketing and branding. - Promoter has 4+ years of industry experience.
6.0   Dhaka
Run Rate Sales USD 42 thousand
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 120 thousand for 40% stake
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Medical Software Company Investment Opportunity in Plano, United States

SaaS-based medical IT software that is used by family practitioners and internal medicine physicians.
- Texas based 5-year old company with a one of a kind SaaS product. - Our software specializes in helping physicians and family practitioners to meet their MIPS/MACRA mandated responsibilities. - Approximately 100-110 physicians are using the platform. - We drive sales by performing annual depression screening, alcohol screenings, counselling and ancillary sales opportunities that are easily missed by most providers. - We charge an annual fee from our clients. - This is a one of its kind product and needs capital to further develop this exciting new product. - We are reinvesting all our profits back to the business so we are not showing any profits yet.
9.2   Plano
Run Rate Sales USD 600 thousand
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 1 million for 50% stake
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Cloud Software Company Investment Opportunity in Pennsylvania, United States

Company offers a video-based interviewing platform for recruitment across the IT industry, seeks an investment partner.
- Company offers a video-based interviewing platform. - We are a young technology company exploring disruptive technologies and creating solutions for smarter business processes to enable a high return on investment and value addition to the customers and focusing on innovative technology products. - Our interview as a service platform has been in the market for 3 years and we commercially launched our services last year. - We have over 6 clients across North America which include IT staffing companies. - We are a Microsoft Azure certified partner and many public sector clients are using our product to hire the right candidate. 1,000+ candidates have been successfully interviewed over the platform. - Revenue model: subscription fee based on the client's requirements. - Our growth rate is just above average and we recently acquired one of the multi-million staffing firms to use our product. We expect to reach USD 10k monthly sales in the upcoming months. - Our promoters are based in the US (citizens) and possess rich experience both with the business sales and consulting Industry. - Our CEO was awarded the “Pride of India” award in the US by a leading news channel, leading the company to 6th fastest growing business in Central PA by Central Penn Business Journal, and CEO Achievers Award by Marquis Publication. - Have experienced team with cumulative experience of over 70 years of technical and 40 years of consulting, staffing, and HR background. - Contact person is the project lead for the platform. The development and consulting team are based in Bangalore (India) and Lucknow (India) respectively.
9.9   Pennsylvania
Run Rate Sales USD 54 thousand
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 2 million for 15% stake
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Digital Marketing Company Investment Opportunity in Noida, India

Cloud-based database company with 100+ clients providing email database, digital marketing, and app development services.
- A SaaS-based firm providing advanced database services, customized way of email marketing services. - Catering to various startups and growing companies in all industries. - Have previously worked with clients like Dell, and Tech Mahindra. - We are currently working with Zoho as Authorized Partner. - Recently, we partnered with Freshworks as a Solution Partner. The agreement is in process. - Served 150+ clients in the past four years with maximum growth last year. - Databases and software can be purchased on a subscription basis. - We also develop CRMs and other apps for various segments. - Software is used for developing innovative solutions based on the most advanced technologies like Mongo Db, Dotnet, Java, and AngularJS.
7.5   Noida
Run Rate Sales USD 100 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Financial Investment USD 11 thousand for 10% stake
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Enterprise Software Company Investment Opportunity in London, United Kingdom

IT company that provides custom built software, DevOps and maintenance services for eCommerce verticals.
- We are an IT company with office and some of the management in London. Two of the directors operate from India. - Provide custom built software mainly for eCommerce verticals of businesses. We also provide DevOps and maintenance for the products. - We have 4 large clients which include a well known telecom company, 2 cruise companies and a hospitality company. - Our contracts are usually long term and we spend 7-9 months to build the software. After the development is complete we conduct continuous maintenance and new enhancements on the products. - Promoter has over 23 years of experience in the field of IT technology.
8.2   London
Run Rate Sales USD 5.7 million
EBITDA Margin 18 %
Financial Investment USD 6 million for 49% stake
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Profitable RFID Systems Startup Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Start up focused on RFID, Artificial Intelligence, IoT with our own products in hand.
- We are an IT solutions company that is focused on providing RFID, IoT and AI solutions in the Logistics, Manufacturing Retail and Healthcare domains. - We have developed and started business development of our own face recognition solution, RFID based smart store. We have also developed our own IoT integrated solutions for hands free sanitizer dispenser, hands-free temperature measurement and mask detection. - We have an IoT solution for container breaches in exports and have developed a smart store solution for groceries and supermarkets. - These products are sold under our proprietary brand. - We have sold over 75 units of our automatic hand sanitizing machine till date in about 30 days. We are now looking to put distributors in place. We have sold our products to clients such as Indian Oil - Salem and Karnataka Milk Federation. We have received an order for 5 more units. - We are in the final stages of discussion for an order of over 127 units for our entrance screening solution with Balzac Public Affairs, USA and Executive Solutions. We are also engaged in discussions with Wipro. The entrance screening solution (ESS) will cost approximately INR 3,50,000. - We have exported one test unit of our IoT based sanitation tunnel. We are negotiating an order for another 20 units with Executive Solutions. - Our IoT solution for container breaches is yet to be marketed. We are analyzing and optimizing its pricing to make it more attractive. - We have partnered up with another company for our IoT and RFID integrated smart store brand. We were in discussions for an order of over 500 - 800 units prior to the lock-down but discussions have been temporarily suspended due to the ongoing pandemic. The smart trolleys are priced at INR 1,80,000 each. - Our current team consists of 4 salespersons and 4 software developers. The sales team is compensated with a salary and a commission of 3%. - We have identified 3 distributors who are based in Coimbatore, Chennai and Rajahmundry. - Business has extensive contacts and is conducting digital media marketing internally. - We have not taken on any debt and the products are assembled in-house. - Promoters are industry veterans with cumulative work experience of over 80 years. One of the promoters is a logistics professional. This individual has headed multiple CFS companies and is a chairman of an organisation that is linked to this particular domain. The other promoter is an engineer specializing in RFID and IoT based solutions with a career spanning over 35 years.
8.1   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 33 thousand
EBITDA Margin 50 %
Financial Investment USD 80 thousand for 20% stake
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