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Business Assets for Sale in Thiruvankulam

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Commercial Land Assets for Sale in Thiruvankulam, India

For sale: Commercial land spread across 8,700 sq. ft. located in Thiruvankulam, Kerala.
The owner is seeking to liquidate commercial land spread across 8,700 sq. ft. - There is a building constructed on the land that has a built-up area of 6,000 sq. ft. - The ownership of the building and land is possessed by the owner and is a part of this transaction. - Prospective buyer has the option to break down the building and use the land entirely for commercial activities such as setting up a factory or warehouse. - The building on the land has two floors. The ground floor is rented out to a bank that pays INR 1.25 lakhs as monthly rent. Rental income will be transferred to the prospective buyer post-purchase. First floor is unused. - There are multiple shops, residential societies, corporate offices and temples across the land. - This transaction includes the transfer of ownership of the land and building along with the relevant government documents.
6.4   Thiruvankulam
Ownership Duration
60-70 year(s)
Commercial Land
Asset Sale
USD 480 K
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Commercial Land Assets for Sale in Kerala, India

6.79 acres of land suitable for a resort.
6.79 acres land perfect to set up a resort/ tourist villa/tree cottages etc, up for sale in North Kerala. Sole proprietor. No debts. Personally funded the business. Clean business being run. The most straightforward and risk-free method of funding.
6.79 acres of land suitable for a resort.
7.1   Kerala
Ownership Duration
20-30 year(s)
Commercial Land + 1 more
Asset Sale
USD 410 K
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Mobile App Assets for Sale in Kerala, India

Android application for college students that has 45,000 downloads and around 25,000 monthly active users.
Looking to sell a mobile application meant for college students from a university located in Kerala. - The application has over 60,000 downloads and around 30,000 monthly active users. - The app is for the students and teachers of a particular university in Kerala. - There are notes, presentations, videos, and worksheets uploaded for students to access. - The app generates revenue from ads between Rs. 10k to Rs. 20k. - Buyer could in the future add in-app purchases, and can further expand the application to other universities. - Sale would include the entire application. - The business is a sole proprietorship and does not have any outstanding liabilities or debt.
7   Kerala
Ownership Duration
1-5 year(s)
Mobile Apps
Asset Sale
USD 7.2 K
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Residential Real Estate Construction Business Assets for Lease in India

Patent rights for innovative infrastructure construction for cost saving affordable houses available for annual leasing.
Our company is looking to lease the rights of our patent that will be used to build & manufacture composite panels. These panels will be used in the construction of affordable housing in rural and semi-urban areas. - This technology will allow the prospective lessee to reduce the cost of construction by 20 to 30 percent with respect to conventional methods of construction. - This patent will allow the lessee to make factory-built houses. The panels will simply be joined together and will build a house within 2 to 3 days. - The lessee would require an executing organisation along with a capital investment of over INR 75 crores for purchasing fixed assets, setting up a production unit, and making up to 50,000 houses every year. - Our company possesses 100 percent ownership of the patent & its technology. There is no other individual or any other corporation who can use this technology in the market. - The prospective lessee who wishes to use this patent must pay us an annual amount of INR 5 crores for using this technology.
Patent rights for innovative infrastructure construction for cost saving affordable houses available for annual leasing.
7.2   India
Ownership Duration
1-5 year(s)
Residential Real Estate Construction
Yearly Lease Amount
USD 600 K
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