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Professional Services Company Investment Opportunity in Chennai, India

Seeking Investment: Emerging Startup in Cross Border IP Tech serving Global clients.
This Business is on a Premium Plan
Established 1-5 year(s)
Employees 5 - 10
Legal Entity Private Limited Company
Reported Sales USD 100 thousand
Run Rate Sales USD 115 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 - 40 %
Industries Professional Services + 1 more
Locations  Chennai
Local Time 11:25 PM Asia / Kolkata
Listed By Business Owner / Director
Status Active
Overall Rating
Partial Stake Sale
USD 240 thousand for 15.0% stake (Native Currency: INR 20,000,000)
Reason: For cross border IP platform product innovation and global expansion.
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Business Overview
Highlights of our company-:
1. Number of Clients.
• Client Base: We serve over 50+ clients globally, including startups, SMEs, large corporations, and research institutions.
• Diverse Industries: Clients come from various sectors such as technology, manufacturing, academia, and Blockchain firms.
2. Revenue Model.
• Subscription Fees: Recurring subscription fees for access to the cross-border IP protection platform and IP management system.
• Transactional Fees: Fees for each IP filing or renewal processed through the platform.
• Commission on Monetization: A percentage-based commission on successful IP monetization deals, including sales and licensing agreements.
• Premium Services: Additional charges for premium services such as customized solutions, advanced analytics, and priority support.
3. Promoter Experience.
• Founders' Background: The founders of the company bring extensive experience in intellectual property Strategy, technology, and international business. Key founders include:
O CEO with over 17 years of experience.
O CTO is a techie with a background in developing SaaS platforms for many industries for over 12 years.
O COO who has held executive roles in global business development and operations for over 12 years.
• Advisory Board: The advisory board consists of industry experts and former executives from top IP law firms and multinational companies, providing strategic guidance and industry insights.
4. Business Relationships.
• Strategic Partnerships: Collaboration with B2B service companies to offer comprehensive IP support and advisory services.
• Technology Integrations: Partnerships with leading technology providers to ensure seamless integration of the platform with other enterprise systems.
• Academic Collaborations: Working with universities and research institutions to protect and commercialize their innovations.
5. Awards and Recognitions.
• Innovation in IP Technology: Awarded "Best IP Technology Startup" at the World Blockchain Submit 2023.
• Intangible Asset: Awarded US Trademark for the brand name of our company in 2024.
• Customer Excellence: Recognized for "Outstanding Customer Service" and awarded a 4+ star rating on average in Google reviews.
6. Summary.
We are an emerging startup in the IP tech industry with its innovative cross-border IP protection platform and comprehensive IP management and monetization services. The company's success is driven by a strong client base, a robust revenue model, and a team of experienced promoters. Strategic business relationships and numerous awards highlight our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of intellectual property.
Products & Services Overview
1. Top-Selling Products and Services:
A. Cross-Border IP Protection Platform.
Description: A comprehensive platform that offers tools and services for protecting intellectual property across multiple jurisdictions.
Features: Automated filing processes, jurisdiction-specific compliance, real-time status tracking, and legal advisory integration.
Revenue Generation: Subscription-based model, transactional fees for filings, and premium service charges.
B. IP Management System.
Description: A robust system for managing IP portfolios, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
Features: Centralized IP portfolio management, automated reminders for renewals, analytics and reporting tools, and collaboration features.
Revenue Generation: Licensing fees, tiered pricing based on the number of IP assets managed, and customization fees for enterprise solutions.
C. IP Monetization Services.
Description: Services that help IP owners monetize their assets through licensing, sales, and strategic partnerships.
Features: Valuation services, marketplace for IP assets, negotiation and contract management support, and access to a network of potential buyers and licensees.
Revenue Generation: Commission on successful deals, service fees for valuation and marketplace listings, and success-based fees for strategic partnerships.
Who Uses These Products and Services?
A. Innovators and Entrepreneurs.
Usage: Use the platform to protect and manage their IP from the early stages of development. They rely on automated filing and compliance tools to ensure their inventions and brand elements are safeguarded internationally.
How: Subscribing to the platform for ongoing IP management, using the IP monetization services to generate revenue from their innovations.
B. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
Usage: Manage their growing IP portfolios efficiently and protect their IP across multiple countries to support their expansion efforts.
How: Utilizing the IP management system for streamlined portfolio oversight, leveraging the platform’s compliance tools to navigate international IP regulations, and using monetization services to license or sell IP assets.
C. Large Corporations.
Usage: Maintain extensive IP portfolios, ensuring global protection and compliance. They also engage in strategic monetization of their IP assets.
How: Integrating the IP management system with their existing processes for seamless IP oversight, using the platform’s advanced analytics for strategic decision-making, and utilizing the monetization services for high-value transactions and partnerships.
D. Legal and IP Professionals.
Usage: Offer enhanced services to their clients by leveraging the platform’s tools for IP protection, management, and monetization.
How: Accessing the platform for efficient IP filing and compliance services, using the management system to oversee client portfolios, and offering monetization services as a value-added offering.
E. Research Institutions and Universities.
Usage: Protect and manage their research outputs and innovations, ensuring they can commercialize their IP effectively.
How: Using the IP protection platform for filing patents and trademarks, managing IP portfolios through the management system, and using monetization services to license or sell research-based IP.
How They Use Them.
Subscription and Licensing:
Users subscribe to the platform or license the IP management system based on their needs, typically choosing plans that align with the size of their IP portfolios and the scope of their protection requirements.
Automated Processes:
Innovators and SMEs use automated filing and compliance tools to ensure their IP is protected in relevant jurisdictions without the need for extensive legal expertise.
Portfolio Management:
All user types utilize the IP management system to keep track of their IP assets, receive renewal reminders, and generate reports that inform strategic decisions.
SMEs, large corporations, and research institutions use monetization services to find potential licensees or buyers for their IP, conduct valuations, and negotiate deals.
Strategic Partnerships:
Large corporations and universities engage in strategic partnerships facilitated by the platform to leverage their IP assets for greater commercial impact.
By offering these products and services, we support a diverse range of clients in protecting, managing, and monetizing their intellectual property effectively and efficiently on a global scale.
Assets Overview
We own 3 Indian trademarks, 1 US trademark, 1 Indian copyright as intangible assets.
Facilities Overview
We have a 300 Sq. ft rental office in OMR Chennai.
Capitalization Overview
1. Funding Sources.
- Bootstrapped Funding:
- The company has been self-funded by the founders, without reliance on external equity financing or significant loans.
- Revenue Reinvestment:
- The business is cash-positive, with revenues from transactional fees, and premium services being reinvested into operations and growth initiatives.
2. Debts/Loans Outstanding.
- Minimal or No Debt:
- As a bootstrapped company we have no outstanding debts or loans, relying primarily on its own generated revenue to fund operations and growth.
3. Shareholders/Owners and Percentage Ownership.
- Directors and Founders:
- Director 1: 50%
- Director 2: 50%
- No external shareholders:
- There are no external shareholders or investors, ensuring full control remains with the two directors.
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