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Profitable Coffee and Tea Business for Sale in Noida, India

Profitable online healthy tea company with hIgh margins and low monthly expenses.

Established 1-5 year(s)
Employees < 2
Legal Entity Sole Proprietorship/Sole Trader
Reported Sales USD 15 thousand
Run Rate Sales USD 7 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Industries Coffee and Tea + 1 more
Locations  Noida
Local Time 10:25 PM Asia / Kolkata
Listed By Business Owner / Director
Status Recently Active
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Full Sale
Asking Price: USD 15 thousand (Native Currency: INR 1,200,000)
Reason: We are moving to wholesale and we will shift our focus to other brands operated by us.
Includes physical assets worth USD 2.5 thousand
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Business Overview

- Online healthy tea brand selling products through Amazon marketplace.

- We have suppliers and vendors to manufacture the products as per the market demand.

- There are no overheads or monthly fixed expenditures. In case you have to close your business for a few days or weeks, then there are no expenses to be incurred during the closed days.

- The profit margins are very healthy at about 40%

- This brand was started successfully with the following aims:

1. Business should have no fixed overheads like salaries, rents, debts, bills, etc.

The business can be run from a very small space like a closed balcony, small room, etc. We have tied up with companies who work for us and are charged based on the work done. If there is no work then there are no dues. Also, the rates we get from vendors, suppliers, professionals, and other companies are very competitive as we have a long relationship with them due to our other business.

2. All the ingredients, and raw materials, are nonperishable or last very long. This leads to no wastage. We can buy raw materials whenever we get a good price.

3. Very low human capital required: The business can be run by an individual person with just one or two hours daily on average. Like a housewife or working professional. And as you want to grow, then you can increase gradually. There are no costs to be incurred in advance.

- Our sales prior to covid were around INR 12 lakh per year, but we had to halt operations during the pandemic. We have just restarted operations back this year and the sales are recovering.

- Business is owned by a sole proprietor and there are no debts or liabilities.

Products & Services Overview

Lungs cleaner tea for smokers, fat loss and detox drinks, digestive tea, clear skin tea, good night tea, good morning tea, and immunity tea.

Assets Overview

The purchase of this business/brand with come along with the following benefits/support to the prospective buyer:

1. We will provide all the inventory (raw material, ingredients, packaging material, etc) required for running the business for about 45 days. It will save the hassle to the new buyer and give them time to get hold of the business in an easy manner.

(The shipping of inventory from Noida will be paid by the buyer)

2. We will transfer all the official documents, brand, and authorization to the buyer.

3. Technical knowledge transfer: We will also share with the buyer our formula and processes of making these teas.

4. Guidance and coaching: We will provide all the handholding and coaching to the new buyer for 45 days. During this period, we will help the new buyer learn the business, and help the buyer connect and negotiate with vendors and suppliers.

We will share our knowledge and experience with the buyer and guide them in growing their business in the future. We will provide this guidance free of cost, on calls. We will give dedicated 2 hours each week and be available on an ad-hoc basis as well.

5. With Amazon Buy Box: It's extremely difficult to get and very important and crucial.

Facilities Overview

The facility is not part of the sale. The actual space required is about a small-sized room with one worker and the business can be operated from any location.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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