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Profitable Software Company Investment Opportunity in London, United Kingdom

AI Company seeks investment to develop disruptive intelligent AI Vision / Security IoT products.
This Business is on a Premium Plan
Established 5-10 year(s)
Employees 2 - 5
Legal Entity Private Limited Company
Reported Sales USD 200 thousand
Run Rate Sales USD 9 million
EBITDA Margin 50 %
Industries Software Companies
Locations  London
Local Time 9:41 AM Europe / London
Listed By Business Owner / Director
Status Active
Overall Rating
Seeking Investment
USD 1.2 million for 40.0% stake (Native Currency: GBP 1,000,000)
Reason: - For a new AI product development and marketing. We would require GBP 500K in the 1st stage and GBP... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 8.6 thousand
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Business Overview

- The product, once developed, has explosive growth with a GBP 100 million per annum market targeting GBP 200 million revenue.

- London based company offering AI DeepTech solutions to businesses.

- We design and develop AI-based software and devices.

- Last year we served 3 clients.

- Our clients are investment bankers, oil and gas companies, airports, autonomous driving car companies, broadcast, industrial engineering companies.

- Value of each project is around GBP 100K - 300K.

- Currently developing our own AI / machine Vision intelligent security IoT devices.

- Would take around 6 months to develop significant features of the software and hardware product.

- Our clients would be airports, seaports, train stations, international borders, banks, defence contracts, automotive.

- We would bid for government and private sector tenders for sales of the system. And we sell to private security clients such as banks and casinos.

- Promoter has experience and expertise in AI and electronics development.

- Physical assets include laptops, servers, electronic boards, and furniture.

- The company has been selling AI and Machine Learning, particularly Machine Vision, products to the market since January 2017. Last year we brought in £150,000 from the sales of our Machine Vision product with limited features to the client with pure profits at 60% - 70%. This was our proof of concept. Now we are poised to develop the product.

- During the next (first) year of investment, we intend to continue to develop the core features of our TABS product and start intensive sales and marketing, bidding for tenders and pushing private sales. We will hire a key technical sales staff after raising investment.

- During our second year of investment in 2022, we project to kick the sales of the product into high gear with multi-million GBP sales.

- The projection is to maintain this level of sales while doing core product development in the first year of investment.

- We project to then kick the sales into high gear with multi-million sales in the second year of investment using the licensing model per each video stream or site license per departure / arrivals gate plus lounge or per rail station for the AI / ML TABS product, reseller & systems integration model for the hardware components of the sales, support contracts.

- We can expect to maintain 60% - 70% of profits from the TABS and support parts of the sales. The investor can expect to get multi-million profit shares from equity during the 2nd year of investment when the large sales will be closed and installed at client sites.

- The investor will get a seat on the board of directors and we will work with them closely and transparently.

Financials available on request.

Products & Services Overview

- We design and develop AI-based software and hardware products for the market.

I. Dashboard Driver Face Camera.

TABS will analyse and monitor a feed from small Face Camera mounted on the dashboard of a car, truck, or lorry to detect when the driver false asleep or when his attention wanders from the road to too long and will then sound alerts to get the driver’s attention back to the road. We will detect when he is on the mobile dangerously and sound alerts. We will detect when his mood is angry by Facial Expression Detection (FER) and play music and an alert to calm down and prevent road rage. We will provide recorded footage that can be used as forensic evidence after accidents.

The device will monitor the driver for prolonged periods and, if an accident is detected or the driver is detected as asleep or unwell and unable to respond to the alerts, the device will call emergency services with an automated message to ask for assistance. The device will, therefore, assist the elderly to safely remain mobile.

II. Vehicle Mounted Road View Camera.

Possibly assisted by 2 RADARs.

TABS will analyse a feed from a forward-facing camera mounted on a car or truck. We will recognize and monitor large vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. We will recognize and interpret overhead and roadside road traffic signs and road traffic markings on the road. We will sound alerts to the driver when he veers off the lane (from possibly falling asleep), exceeds speed limits, gets too close to vehicles ahead etc. We will provide recorded footage that can be used as forensic evidence after accidents.

This is an ADAS device marketed to car manufacturers as well as directly marketed to car buyers and fitted to existing cars.

III. Roadside Mounted Traffic Camera.

Possibly assisted by a RADAR.

TABS will detect the speed of oncoming traffic. It will do Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognize number plates. When clear speed violations are detected, it will automatically issue tickets and retain recorded evidence of speeding. Mounted clearly at dangerous road sections, this will act as a deterrent of accidents.

IV. Drone Alert Camera.

A single or multiple camera system pointed at air space at airports and other secure facilities to prevent attacks carried out by using drones. TABS will detect, track and sound alerts when incoming single drone or multiple drones are detected. Marketed to air-port and other site security providers.

V. Counter Face Camera.

TABS analyses a feed from a Face Camera installed at each departure or arrival gate to perform Facial Expression Detection (FER) to detect deception and stress. It detects common facial features of deception.

VI. Counter Microphone.

TABS further analyses a live audio stream from a microphone placed at each gate to detect stress, agitation, and other negative emotions from the pitch, energy, and other acoustic features of the acoustic signal. We shall further perform an automatic transcription and do Language Modelling and Natural Language analysis to perform language-based detection of deception.

VII. Deception Detection Module.

We shall combine the Deception Level scores from (v) and (vi) above to generate a probability score that the passenger is engaged in some deception or high risk or illicit activity. And we shall flag those with high deception scores for further investigation by officials.

VIII. Lounge & Platform Overhead CCTV Camera—Tracking.

For those with high deception probability scores (and for any other passenger requested, ) we shall data mine in overhead CCTV video we will have recorded of departures or arrivals lounges and port corridors to do Human Tracking backwards from the gate to provide all available footage of the activities of the person of interest going as far back in time as possible.

IX. Face Recognition Module.

TABS will further perform Face Recognition from the face camera against a database of known terrorists and criminals. It will also do this from the elevated CCTV cameras mounted at public spaces when the camera captures a good view of a face. We anticipate this module’s most useful application to be identifying and finding lost people against a database of missing people.

X. Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)

We shall provide all of the above - various deception scores colour coded from red to green alongside mined camera footage from (iv) on an easy to view GUI to the administrator at each terminal screen.

XI. Lounge & Platform Overhead CCTV Camera—Anomalous Activity Detection.

TABS will perform autonomous Anomaly Detection on CCTV footage at train stations, platforms, airports, and seaports to detect loitering Individuals and individuals engaged in other suspicious and anomalous activities. It will raise alerts on them for human investigation.

XII. Lounge & Platform Overhead CCTV Camera—Abandoned Object Detection.

TABS will autonomously monitor the above CCTV footage to detect abandoned objects or left luggage and raise similar alerts.

XIII. Lounge & Platform Overhead CCTV Camera—Crowd Flow Monitor.

TABS will monitor crowd levels and inflow directions from the above CCTV footage. TABS will connect to the electronics of entry gates and escalators to autonomously change their direction and locked-unlocked status to safely guide the crowd flow in the most secure way possible.

XIV. Tracking in Pre-Recorded Footage.

TABS will data mine and track persons of interest through recorded footage to assist law enforcement. This will include cross camera and cross footage tracking or a person of interest marked by the human operator. We will also do face recognition against a provided database of faces where possible.

XV. Custom Modules & Cameras.

TABS will build and integrate other customs AI / ML analytics modules requested by customers during sales discussions where feasible.

Facilities Overview

Running the business from a home-based office space.

Will provide Financials on connection.

I can relocate the business to the US or Europe if needed.

Capitalization Overview
Not Disclosed
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