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Bio Therapeutic Drugs Company Investment Opportunity in Gurgaon, India

Cancer immunotherapy based research & medicine manufacturing company based out of Gurgaon.
- Business came into existence in the year 2010 with a vision to find the roots of cancer and to improve the quality of life by immunology based Dendritic cell-based therapy. - Company aims to provide an economical and effective method of DC immunotherapy in India. - We received the Indian FDA approval to manufacture / market immunotherapy treatment-related medicines for cancer in India in Dec 2017. We started selling medicines from April 2018. - Tie-ups with various hospitals, oncologists and Government health schemes for the supply of products in Delhi NCR region. - We prepare custom-made medicine for each & every patient. So the production number depends upon the requirements from customers. - Company launched Phase II clinical trials across 7 hospitals in India where it treated 51 patients. - We have the capacity to treat 600 patients on an annual basis. The company was conferred with the Excellence award for DC clinical trial at UAE Cancer Congress at Dubai. - Company would start making profits in the near future. Last our sales was only from the research work. This year sale of medicines too helped in revenue generation. We will continue to see this improving. - Promoter1: A visionary entrepreneur, responsible for developing dendritic cell immunotherapy at a commercial scale in India. - Promoter2: A first generation entrepreneur responsible for bringing the cellular therapies in India.
8.0   Gurgaon
Run Rate Sales
USD 250 thousand
20 - 30 %
Financial Investment
USD 17 million for 26% stake
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