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Internet of Things Company Investment Opportunity in Pune, India

Company providing smart parking and EV charging solutions with coupons and cashback offers.
- Our company provides smart parking solutions for parking areas, which helps parking operators to effectively manage their cash flow and avoid revenue leakage. - We also provide charging solutions for electric vehicles and provide the parking customers with cashback offers and discount vouchers. - Our solutions are implemented in malls and public parking where a parking fee is charged. We are also bidding for parking tenders floated by different city corporations. - Our operations are based on IoT technology. We place bluetooth beacons around the parking area and install our mobile app for the parking operator to use. We also have a customer side app that uses the bluetooth beacons to guide customers in the parking lot and to receive cashback vouchers. - Tied up with different cashback services for providing cashback and discount vouchers to customers. Also planning to implement our own wallet service on the mobile app. - We have two models for revenue generation. The first model is through charging a one-time fee to the parking operators for implementing our smart parking solution. The other model is through automatically charging a percentage fee for each vehicle when a parking ticket is issued. Our clients can opt for one of these models post detailed internal discussion and also after talking to us. - Received projects from various private clients and also working on a project with Pune City Municipal Corporation under Smart City Initiative. - Promoters have 3 years of experience in IoT and smart technology. We are seeking funds to manage operational expenses for project execution.
8.8   Pune
Run Rate Sales
USD 17 thousand
30 %
Financial Investment
USD 28 thousand for 4% stake
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Internet of Things Company Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

Makes wiring less buildings. New unit of delivering. Effectively free hardware for under cunstruction building.
- The company manufactures and delivers IoT related technology, product, services and ecosystem and human resources. - Expanding in the enterprise market via holdings with critical operation control. - This investment will not be transferred to our bank accounts. It will be with your current account. it will be used for region based group of unit facility for business and deals acquisition. - We allocate shares of company, and extended ROI of 20 percent for investors quarterly and monthly against this commitment. This earning of 20 percent is against the investment burn of 4 to 10 percent per deal. Hence complete process increase the money for 4 to 6 fold in a year. - We work for converting smart city vision into reality. - The current version is a breakthrough in the electrical space. - We are allowing multiple end-product brand with the single ecosystem to achieve massive growth. - Next version of the product is going to be a breakthrough in the electrical, lighting, solar, internet intercom markets collectively. - Have worked and completed hundreds of projects so far. - Have tie ups with more than 600 clients. - We are executing a projects worth of INR 20 cr. - The promoter has 5+ years of industry experience.
7.6   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales
USD 50 thousand
30 - 40 %
Financial Investment
USD 70 thousand for 25% stake
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