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Advocate, Law, Franchise Investor, Vilnius, Lithuania

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Franchise Investor in Vilnius Looking to Invest in Business Service Businesses and Software Companies Upto EUR 1 million

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    A lawyer with a background in business management and IT team. We are a team of three specialists with different backgrounds and experiences, which we consider to be our strength, and we believe that the combination of these competencies will help us to build a competitive cyber security services company. Our team consists of a lawyer with a background in business management. , IT Cybersecurity specialist and at present time he lives in Zurich, Switzerland and chief advisor on operational management and project coordination. We are currently planning to set up a company that will provide cybersecurity services in the Baltics and Poland, but with a view to expanding into other European countries in the future (maybe even other regions, such as APAC). We do not have any experience in franchising, but we have experience in international business, we have an excellent knowledge of business processes, we understand the market and its subtleties, and we believe that we are fully prepared to create a successful business with great prospects for the future. Regarding our budget: depending on the benefits and the price of the franchise, we will plan our budget accordingly. At the moment we have the opportunity to attract investments from Lithuanian and Scandinavian funds, and there are various projects (European and regional) for the development of cyber-services and innovation proposed at the state level, in which we plan to participate.

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    Between 210 thousand - 1.1 million USD
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    Looking for partners or franchises to start an IR cyber security business in Europe because we know the European market well. We are looking for international partners/franchises because currently the market (both in Lithuania and Europe) is mostly occupied by big players so we understand that it is not easy to compete in the market. We are looking for international partners who can offer us a unique catalogue of services or with whose help we can create a different business model that will help us to differentiate ourselves in the market or give us unique access to the customers, to gain a competitive advantage.

    We would like to know about.

    1. The terms, conditions, price and obligations of the franchise.

    2. The benefits of the franchise.

    3. Services and products are included in the franchise price.

    4. Regions in Europe are priorities for franchising.

    5. If the franchise is ready to invest from their side in the expansion in Europe.

    6. Kind of support does the franchise offer.

    7. If they have access/contacts to international customers.

    8. Training provided to franchisee employees of the franchisee and what certificates.

    9. The human resources to contribute to European expansion.

    10. Expectations from a franchisee.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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