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Managing Director, Real Estate & Investment, Corporate Acquirer, Triolet, Mauritius

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Corporate Acquirer in Triolet Looking to Buyout Businesses Upto MUR 4 million

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    Our company was established as a private equity investment firm under a real estate investment firm, vehicle to provide equity and quasi-equity funding to small to mid-sized companies that have demonstrated strong operational performance in their chosen sector or industry.

    The typical investment horizon of the company is between 3-5 years with a clearly defined route to hand back full ownership to the existing shareholder (s), if so the latter choose.

    The company has the ability to bring onboard banking and financial institution relationships to unlock further capital to serve the investee company’s strategic agenda.

    As we enter into negotiations with an investee company, the following investment process is followed:

    1. Signing of non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

    2. Initial due diligence.

    3. Offer of non-binding expression of interest (EOI) highlighting all material commercial points of the transaction.

    4. Further due diligence & company valuation.

    5. Preliminary Investment Memorandum (PIM)

    6. Further due diligence.

    7. Binding transaction agreement.

    Extensive time and effort is dedicated by the company’s appointed consultants during the above mentioned due diligence process. We typically appoint a transaction advisor, tax consultant and legal counsel to accompany the company throughout the negotiations, and to table recommendations that potentially stand to benefit the investee company.

    In addition to providing capital to the investee company to pursue the growth initiatives, the due diligence recommendations would typically entail company financial structuring and balance sheet engineering aspects that would stand to benefit the company.

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    Between 44 thousand - 90 thousand USD
  • Investment Criteria

    1) Established track-record of more than 5 years in operation.

    2) Management/founders ability to set up strong framework around operational and financial aspects of the business.

    3) Ability of founder to minimize ‘keyman risk’ i. e. reliance on the founder to operate the business.

    4) Records of operating licenses, contracts with all key stakeholders (employees, key customers, etc. ) and accounting books.

    5) The key financial profile of the company is set out in decreasing order of importance:

    • History of recurring EBITDA or free cash flow.

    • Strong gross profit margins.

    • Low financial leverage (financial institution debt or capital/operating leases)

    • Clearly defined steps to improve cost structure or unlock sales with capital injection.

    • Minimal capital expenditure or ‘asset-light’ business model, ideally with a replicable business model.

    It has to be in anywhere in Mauritius as our company is located in Mauritius.

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    9:57 AM (Indian / Mauritius)
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    Industries20%194.1319233176062734.8521630029501313%220.593338654442895.3153211934667313%194.13192331760624141.147836997049913%142.5094178722129152.807294019338667%106.51694722860279132.781621162770733%97.8423233502270554.99999999999999IndustriesHealthcare ServicesClinicsTraining InstitutesMedical SuppliesCoalOthers
    Locations25%201.6690475583121241.3309524416878610%217.76973007548014108.3951216287465210%193.79382665130322141.3951216287465210%155.0154.010%116.20617334869678141.3951216287465535%96.1935694035677258.03662701718992LocationsMauritiusPort LouisPetit RaffrayVacoas-PhoenixAfricaOthers
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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