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Medical Devices Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities

Results 1 - 18 of 47 - Medical Devices Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities as on September 2020. Buy or Invest in a Medical Device Business from 175 countries with profit margins up to 40%. Explore pre-screened Medical Devices Businesses for Sale and Investment Opportunities with verified contact details, valuation details and business photographs. Join our 1,465,000+ member network to Buy or Invest in a Medical Device Business. Create a Business profile to Sell or finance your Medical Device Business. Also check out Medical Equipment businesses.


Newly Established Medical Devices Company Investment Opportunity in Pune, India

Pune based medical startup engaged in R&D and manufacturing COPD devices seeks funding for product development.
- Startup engaged in R&D and manufacturing of various portable COPD devices such as desktop and mobile spirometer, and oximeter. - Have developed a prototype of 4 products out of which, the working model of an oximeter is ready. - Other devices such as mobile spirometer and desktop spirometers are under the calibrations and trials phase. - We are in talks with a few manufacturers who will be manufacturing products for us on a contractual basis. - We will be designing and manufacturing mobile medical devices for the homes, clinics as well as the hospital industry. - The average market price of each device will be INR 15,000 while the devices manufactured by other companies are INR 23,000 to INR 25,000. - Our products are completely designed in India while the other products available in the market are imported from other countries. - Tie-up with 5-6 vendors in Gujarat, Bangalore, and Pune from where the raw materials will be procured. - Aim to have at least 2 more product prototypes tested and ready for large scale manufacturing in six months. - Target to sell at least 10,000 units in the first year. - Marketing will be done through distribution channels.
6.5   Pune
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 400 thousand for 15% stake
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Medical Devices Company for Sale in Petah Tikva, Israel

For Sale: Company with an FDA approved medical device for pain relief and has 6,000+ subscribers.
- Company specializes in medical device design, development and sales. - This medical device is specifically developed to relieve pain during menstruation cycle and this is done without any antibiotics and side effects. - Device is FDA approved and has patents in India, USA, UK. - Business has been operational for 5 years and has offices in Israel and the USA. - Product is manufactured in 2 factories in Israel and China on a contract basis. Manufacturing process can be moved to India or other countries easily if the buyer is not comfortable with China. - Products are sold directly to customers via Amazon, sold to retail stores in Belgium and France, sold to distributors and wholesalers. - Recently changed the revenue model and currently uses subscription model. - Have more than 6,000 people on subscription and steadily growing at 10% every month.
7.4   Petah Tikva
Run Rate Sales USD 1.2 million
EBITDA Margin 5 %
Business for Sale USD 13 million
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Medical Devices Company for Sale in Naperville, United States

Cardiac monitoring software with streaming ECG app, FDA/CE cleared devices, cloud, and medical reports.
Company in Illinois specializes in incubating innovative technology companies in the field of health and wellness with an emphasis on applications of artificial intelligence and patient centricity. The owner of the business has over 16 years of experience in healthcare technology and hi-tech space, especially with building IoT, cloud, and AI software solutions. The team has created remote monitoring solutions for cardiac monitoring of rhythms, arrhythmias, and EKG telemetry. The platform comes with a mobile app that connects to a single-channel ECG device via Bluetooth BLE and processes it for real-time ECG streaming, ECG videos, cardiac reporting, and storing the data to the cloud. The platform currently supports two devices: An FDA cleared single channel EKG patch and a CE grade single channel EKG device. Note that the company does not manufacture devices. The platform was designed to integrate with multiple devices. ECG is clinical quality and the software has already been used in multiple research projects. Software for remote monitoring and telemetry can be brought to market quickly. Note that this platform can be sold globally through CE and FDA cleared devices. Customer segments would be cardiac patients, cardiologists, hospitals, assisted living centers, research labs, or pharma companies. Specific use cases include continuous cardiac monitoring, post-procedure arrhythmia monitoring, sleep studies, and clinical research. Revenue would be generated from paid services and device sales. CPT codes for reimbursements available on request (for the US only). The business does not have any physical assets. Ideally, the seller would like to license the software platform to the buyer. He is open to discussing alternatives such as partnership contracts, asset-sale, etc. In the case of an acquisition, the buyer would get the mobile app, iOS and Android source code, iOS and Android SDKs, developers portal, cloud platform, test devices, list of suppliers, and all versions of the software code with version control.
8.6   Naperville
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business for Sale USD 130 thousand
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Newly Established Medical Devices Business Investment Opportunity in Pune, India

Medical devices startup based in Pune, seeking funds to begin developing the products.
- A medical devices business, based in Pune. - We are a startup and are in the process of registering our private limited company. We are still in the pre-revenue phase. - We will be designing and manufacturing medical devices in the home clinic industry such as spirometer and portable oxygen cylinders. - Have developed the proof of concept for 20 products. - The manufacturing of the product will be outsourced. - We aim to have at least 2 product prototypes tested and ready for large scale manufacturing by next year. - Owner has 6 years of experience in plastic product design and 2 years of experience in medical device manufacturing industry.
6.9   Pune
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 700 thousand for 75% stake
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Newly Established Medical Devices Company Investment Opportunity in Bhopal, India

Company plans to start a medical device manufacturing facility on its own land in Bhopal.
- A startup company that is in the process to produce advanced medical devices for dental implants, heart surgery, cervical disease. - We have already purchased the technology required to manufacture and set-up the facility. - Will start marketing strategy in 3 months and the manufacturing process within 8 months of receiving the investment. - Overall market size is INR 800 Cr growing at 10% annually we are targeting to capture 10-12% market share. - We will sell the products to doctors, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare institution and also export to other countries. - We will start sale to pan India market through Delhi Mumbai and Bangalore zone. - Promoter has vast experience in this field and the company has qualified engineers and doctors. - Physical assets include the land.
7.5   Bhopal
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 800 thousand for 25% stake
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Newly Established Medical Devices Company Investment Opportunity in Ontario, Canada

Company has developed a medical device in the Gynecology space seeks investment to launch the product.
- Ontario based start-up company that has developed a handheld hysteroscopic morcellation device. - We are in a pre-revenue stage with a working prototype and intellectual property in place. - The product was designed to increase the number of office-based procedures and it is specifically targeted at US and European markets. - This company is a spin-off of another Indian company and we are using that facility for R&D. Promoter is one of the investors in the India based company and that company has 40 staff to support this project and investment. - The India based company has over 10 years of experience in laparoscopic hysteroscopy and myomectomy space and has experienced management team in place. - We have independent market research report as supporting document. - Business owns the prototypes and IP of the product.
9.5   Ontario
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 2.2 million for 35% stake
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Medical Devices Company Investment Opportunity in Carmel, United States

Company with an innovative prototype therapeutic device seeks funding to start subcontracting the production of the product.
- Company in Indiana has developed an innovative therapeutic heating and cooling device to ease the pain and heal the body. - The prototype has been ready and the product patent is pending. - Our product would be mostly used by athletes who would require therapeutic relief for acute and chronic muscle, joint injuries. - Our product eliminates the need for traditional ice-pack / ice water and heat pack / heated water treatments that have been the primary cryotherapeutic and thermotherapeutic option dating back centuries. - The product would be sold through media, agents, sales partners, doctors. - Promoter has more than 10 years of experience in this industry. - Business does not have any physical assets as of now.
7.5   Carmel
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 1.5 million for 25% stake
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Medical Devices Company Investment Opportunity in Thessaloniki, Greece

Firm with an innovative robotic medical system seeking seed capital.
- Have designed an innovative robotic exoskeleton to help stroke victims recover control of their upper limbs. - The system provides an assisted mobilization path for brain's training. - The device can be adjusted in any case / stage of hemiplegia and is fully personalized. - Through the sensors on the exoskeleton, the degree of dysfunction of the upper limb can be calculated in real-time, so the system can help each patient by offering the respective motion assistance gradually, in order to complete the movement. - A therapist can monitor in real-time, the patient's participation on the movement tasks. - Have already applied for a patent after completing the prototype. - The mechanical parts of the prototype have been designed in collaboration with a respected technical university in Greece. - Seeking capital to complete the industrial design, complete the clinical trials, secure the CE mark and begin commercial production. - The company is the commercial vehicle of a well respected research institute. - Promoter team consists of experts in the field of research (including a PhD holder), software-hardware development and medical devices market. - Are already in collaboration for the clinical trial with three rehabilitation centers in Greece and the Medical School of Athens. - In addition to this, we are currently collaborating with Harvard Medical School and the Texas Children Hospital for clinical trials in children with cerebral palsy. - Have already received interest from several medical institutes globally and medical product distributors from Spain and Poland. - The company has been recognized by the industry and has won a prestigious award for its innovation at an entrepreneurship program. - Have also received EUR 150,000 in funding from the Government of Greece.
6.3   Thessaloniki
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 300 thousand for 20% stake
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Medical Devices Company Investment Opportunity in Riga, Latvia

Company has developed a home therapy device that improves the quality of men's sperm.
- Newly established Riga based pre-revenue phase company that has developed a device which improves the quality of men's sperm. - We have several prototypes ready and have treated a few patients in our office. - Have completed pilot study with Riga Stradins University. - We are in contact with the Association of Gynecologists of Latvia, who would recommend our device to couples if pure sperm quality in partner is playing a role. - Once everything is ready, we will outsource our product manufacturing to HansaMatrix for mass production. - Our assets include website, domain, license and office equipment.
8.7   Riga
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 150 thousand for 40% stake
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Medical Devices Company for Sale in New York, United States

For Sale: Shell medical device company with $18 million in tax offsets.
- 3 decade old non-operational medical device shell company in New York. - This established business had operated in the medical device and healthcare services sector for many years. - We used to manufacture and distribute medical, dental, and industrial X-Ray film processors but the new buyer can take the business in other verticals if needed. - The operating entities have been sold already but the public entity with $18mm in tax offsets, experienced board leadership with access to capital and excellent track record make this an ideal opportunity for a reverse merger. - The company was listed in New York Stock Exchange. - Buyer would get the company with tax offset benefits, experienced board members.
6.6   New York
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business for Sale USD 4 million
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Newly Established Medical Devices Company Seeking Loan in New Delhi, India

Third party service center for medical equipment servicing, maintenance, repair & sales.
- A medical equipment repair and service provider based in New Delhi. - We are a third party service center and specialize in service work for flexible medical endoscopic devices. - Currently have 9 chains of hospitals as clients and have provided our services to a total of 25 hospitals belonging to those 9 clients. - Our team members have worked with Pentax, Fresenius, Novartis and BMS. They have over 15 years experience in this field of work. - Physical assets include tools and equipment.
6.4   New Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 37 thousand
EBITDA Margin 35 %
Business Loan USD 27 thousand at 15% interest
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Medical Devices Business Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

For Sale: 5-year old company offering sales & service of medical devices pan India.
- Mumbai based company having branch office in Hyderabad. - We sell different types of advanced medical display devices for radiology, mammography, surgeries and POC. - Have partnered with 4 reputed international brands to sell their products. - Supplying products to over 50 reputed hospitals pan India. - We also offer maintenance, servicing and repair services for our products. - Promoters have over 35 years of experience in health equipment & solutions business. - Buyer would get the complete business with product inventory, company's goodwill, client and vendor details. website, social media accounts.
6.5   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 700 thousand
EBITDA Margin 0 - 10 %
Financial Investment USD 200 thousand for 50% stake
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Newly Established Medical Devices Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Startup healthcare company looking to manufacture a wound monitoring device to improve recovery.
- We are a startup company that has developed a prototype for a chronic wound monitoring system. - Our product helps recovery and prevents complications occurring. - The prototyping is done and we are in the process of running 3 pilot tests. - Product would be in the commercial manufacturing stage within 8 months. - We would be looking to sell the product pan India through distributors. - Also would sell directly to a few hospitals in Bangalore. Currently in talks with 4 to 5 hospitals in Bangalore who are willing to buy our products. - We would be looking to produce around 20,000 units monthly once full fledged manufacturing starts. - One promoter has over 4 years of experience in the industry and the other promoter has experience building startups.
6.8   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 10% stake
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Medical Devices Company Investment Opportunity in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Agent for multinational medical device companies and manufacturer of rehabilitation devices in Sri Lanka.
- We are traders of medical devices of multinational companies and we also manufacture rehabilitation devices. - Act as agents for multinational manufactures from USA, Korea, UK, China and Malaysia and we sell the medical devices in Sri Lanka. - We deal in medical products for infection control, dialysis, rehabilitation and wound care. - Supply products to private hospitals in Sri Lanka and we have recently received 2 tenders for supplying to government hospitals. - Have partnered with 2 hospitals in Colombo to operate out of their facility for selling medical devices. - We also have our own manufacturing plant where we make rehabilitation products. - Products for rehabilitation are made on order and are customised. We receive approximately 100 monthly orders. - Company's physical assets include machinery, equipment and stock.
6.3   Colombo
Run Rate Sales USD 1.8 million
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Financial Investment USD 270 thousand for 30% stake
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Medical Device Business Assets for Sale in Bangalore, India

Diagnostics laboratory equipment such as centrifuge, microscopes, radiology equipment and ultrasound.
We were running a diagnostic center that we have shut down and are looking to sell all the equipment of the center. This would include MiniVidas Biomerieux, Yumizen H500 Horiba, Centrifuge REMI, 3 Microscope Labomed, Startmax Stago, Clinitek Status Siemens, Aloka Alpha 6 (Convex, Linear & Cardiac Probe) with Socomex 1KVA UPS and Sony Printer, X-ray Multimobil 2.5, X-ray accessories like bucky table and apron, ECG machine with trolley Philips, PFT Spirometer Carefusion, Delta 10kv online UPS with 20 batteries.
7.8   Bangalore
Ownership Duration 1-5 year(s)
Industries Medical Devices
Asset Sale USD 42 thousand
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Newly Established Medical Monitoring Systems Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Business trading in technology-driven medical equipment, purchasing from manufacturers in USA, Israel and Germany.
- A business trading in healthcare products and equipment, based in Bangalore. - We are an established supply-chain company and have recently setup a new line of business to sell technology-driven healthcare products. - We have exclusive contracts from 3 manufacturers - 1) Dental products from the German manufacturer, 2) Oncology products from Israeli manufacturer, 3) Ventilators to monitor patients in critical care from US manufacturers. - Products will be sold under the manufacturer's brand name directly to hospitals and large medical institutions initially in South, West and North India.
8.8   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 80 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 25% stake
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Profitable Medical Devices Business for Sale in Chennai, India

For Sale: Profitable business line of OPD screening machines.
- We are a Chennai based manufacturer of medical devices. - The parent company has an annual turnover of INR 15 cr. - Intend to restructure the business to focus on our core product line. - We are looking to sell off one of our business divisions that manufactures a well received OPD screening machine. - This division generated around INR 1.5 cr, of sales last year with operating margins of 35% - The buyer will acquire the operations of the division, inventory (worth INR 25 lakh), Intellectual Property (Firmware and trademark) and all the active maintenance contracts (for over 25 machines). Manufacturing facility is not part of the transaction and the buyer will have to set one up independently.
7.3   Chennai
Run Rate Sales USD 200 thousand
EBITDA Margin 35 %
Business for Sale USD 200 thousand
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Medical Devices Company for Sale in Lugano, Switzerland

Online platform offering diagnostic imaging equipment rental services to hospitals and diagnostic centres.
- Online platform providing diagnostic imaging equipment and other medical devices on a rental basis. - Have rented out 6 devices which are owned by the business. - Have purchased these medical devices from 4 vendors. - Seeking funds to buy more medical devices and for marketing purpose. - In addition to imaging rental services, our firm has developed a state-of-the-art technology platform that connects major medical centres, local hospitals and diagnostic providers to a global data-sharing network. - It enables the business to handle and predict the demand for diagnostic equipment rentals at probably the highest terms and conditions on the market. - Since its a new business, we have not yet registered any vendors. - Our assets include a website, customer database, medical devices and office equipment.
7.7   Lugano
Run Rate Sales USD 650 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Business for Sale USD 540 thousand
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