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Food Processing Company Investment Opportunity in Tamil Nadu, India

10-year old profit-making company specialising in making instant foods, food ingredients, value-added starches seeks investment.
This Business is on a Premium Plan
Established 10-20 year(s)
Employees 50 - 100
Legal Entity Private Limited Company
Reported Sales USD 4.4 million
Run Rate Sales USD 6 million
EBITDA Margin 21 %
Industries Food Processing
Locations  Tamil Nadu
Local Time 6:51 PM Asia / Kolkata
Listed By Business Owner / Director
Status Active
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Seeking Investment
USD 1.3 million for 14.0% stake (Native Currency: INR 110,000,000)
Reason: Scale up the brands & business to reach more international markets.
Includes physical assets worth USD 1 million
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Business Overview

- Promoter is a technocrat with 32 years of experience and global reputation for value adds and creative value creations.

- Promoter was invited to present papers at Starch World Conference,

- Represented India this year in India-Japan joint conference on Healthy Functional Food Ingredients organised by ICAR & Indian Embassy- Tokyo.

- Received chief minister's award by Govt of Tamil Nadu as the Best Entrepreneur.

- Company awarded by QCFI - Quality Council Forum of India as the Innovative Enterprise.

- Awarded as Luminaries of KCT (one of the highest awards by Kumaraguru College of Technology for its Alumni)

- Business was started with an outsourced facility and 12 years ago.

- Own state of the art greenfield production facility has been established with an investment of Rs. 8.5 cr.

- European technology and high-tech machinery from Europe for manufacturing food ingredients & import substitute modified starches to RTE-RTU-RTC foods, instant foods, food seasonings, vegan meat analogues, texture enhancers, dietary fibres, bakery products, fried chicken, ketchup, sauces, paneer, sausages, nuggets, noodles, pasta, meatballs.

- Growth has been consistent and significant. In the last financial year, the sales have reached INR 36.28 cr with EBITDA at INR 5.45 cr at 15%, PAT at INR 3.08 cr with 9%. Previous year 30% of the sales were from exports.

- Company offers customised solutions to more than 600 Indian & international customers across 35 countries.

- The organisation objectives are 1) profit first; 2) customer delightful experience; 3) happy team; 4) value creation for all stakeholders. To achieve the organisation objectives, it has achieved certified quality standard assured by various certification bodies allows foolproof and easy scaling up opportunities on a global level.

- The company is US FDA approved, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 certified. Also has certifications from British Retail Consortium (BRC) by SGS, ZED (Zero effect defect) - Quality Council of India, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), REACH, FSSAI.

- Developed an Integrated management system that abides by all compliances, processes, checklists, adapting technology & tools, controls, robust & perfect implementations.

- As we understand, no other starch company has created the kind of innovative highest value for their basic raw material of corn starch or tapioca starch or potato starch or any other carbohydrates and hydrocolloid.

- In food industry, modified starches are used as thickeners, binders, emulsifiers, trans fat replacers, taste enhancers. In India there are no companies are manufacturing modified starches (except maltodextrin - planning to produce maltodextrin also) for the food industry despite there is INR 2,450 cr worth of modified starches have been imported in the last financial year as per the Commerce Ministry's import data.

- We are the one among the very few companies to create the highest value for the basic products and are having proof of concepts and significant sales in the ingredients and additives food grade clean label modified starches and chemically modified starches with E Numbers (INS Numbers) and also our exclusivity is that we are source independent, and we modify corn starch, tapioca starch, potato starch, any other carbohydrates or hydrocolloids independently or in combination with customer’s specific requirements.

- The instant food products divisions vision is to take the scientific values of Indian & Southeast Asian cuisine systems to the global markets in the most exciting, palatable way, how the present & future generations would love to have it.

- In food products division, which is manufacturing preservatives free, chemicals free, MSG free, instant food products were was launched 4 years ago, has achieved a cumulative sales of more than INR 1 cr. Even before the pandemic, we have been selling our immune booster soups to the markets which now has reached Singapore and the USA.

- In our industrial modified starches division, we are the only company in the world to have developed the mobile application for using modified starches for textile yarn sizing industry for solving their problems by connecting 1000s of parameters as well to scale up our products to global markets.

- We are moving further ahead through process mapping to automate and automatic customization of products according to customers’ very specific requirements depending on a large number of variable parameters. Further, if we could invest and adopt AI for automation we can still do wonders.

- Within 36 months, once we reach INR 100 cr in sales, we are looking for strategic alliance partnership or IPO as an exit strategy.

- We have more than 250 different products and sold under our own brand names.

- Products are sold on our own D2C Portal www. angelshopee. com, Amazon. in, Flipkart, to retail stores, distributors, wholesalers. Recently registered on USA based Amazon. com.

- Production capacity is 2,000 tons per month across 5 different production lines under different categories. Utilising only 40% of the capacity at the moment.

Products & Services Overview

Instant foods, food ingredients, gluten free foods, vegan meat analogue texture enhancer, modified starches for food, textiles, paper, packaging, biopolymers, etc.

Assets Overview

2 acre land.

27,000 sq. ft plant and building.

Labour quarters.

Schugi Flexomix - made by Hosokawa Micron - Netherlands.

Roaster cum cooler - made by Lodige - Germany. Blenders with nano sprayers.

Colloid products reactors.

Colloid products blenders.

Packaging machines.

Ribbon blenders.

Retail products packing machines.

Brookfield viscometer.

Full-fledged food & chemicals analysis lab.

Full fledged food microbiology lab.


35+ trademarks & copyrights.

US-FDA; BRC; ISO9001; ISO22000; ZED; REACH; GOTS certifications.

Own D2C web portal.

Office computers, furniture & other assets.

Facilities Overview

Production facility spanning over two acres of land with a 27,000 sq ft factory building in SIPCOT industrial estate, Tamil Nadu, India.

World-class high-tech imported machinery like Schugi Flexomix from Hosokawa Micron- the Netherlands, Lodige Roaster from Germany.

Hot process reactor for chemical binder and mixer for production of softeners.

Well sourced GS blender, coolers and food blenders.

Well documented QA & new products development systems.

Surplus land and good location with access to key raw materials, water, power, access to 3 international ports will allow us to scale up at a much faster rate.

Capitalization Overview
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