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Fertilizer Business for Sale in Opole, Poland

Company with technology for processing of phosphogypsum that has two patent applications in advanced phase.
We are open to a joint venture or sale of a processing technology of phosphogypsum, which we invented. It has been a subject to two patent applications in far advanced phases in many countries as well as notice of allowance. Compared with other potential phosphogypsum uses, the technology’s uniqueness stems from its documented economic profitability and the growing demand for substances obtained as a result of the process. Implementation of our technology on an industrial scale is possible in many countries across the world, including in Poland, where it was developed. It yields two fertilizer substances: ammonium sulphate and calcium as well as a solid polymetallic concentrate containing many valuable and recoverable metals, including precious metals, rare earth elements and many other. Fertilizers manufactured on the basis of our technology comply with regulation (EC) 2003 / 2003 requirements. Phosphogypsum constitutes a waste, generated in vast quantities. The technology which we've developed has been tested on a pilot installation on a quarter-technical scale. Based on the results, we have put together calculations, which unambiguously demonstrate economic feasibility of the undertaking. We have already performed dozens of tests and studies in Poland as well as around the world. Estimated profits from processing 1 tonne of phosphogypsum oscillate between EUR 100 and 300. We have got a finished conceptual design, engineering rules for the construction of installation on an industrial scale, operating laboratory, as well as highly qualified staff, willing to fulfil this project.
9.0   Opole
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USD 1.3 million
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