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6.8 / 10  ·  Established in 2008, 41 Franchisees currently, Headquartered in Vadodara

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Format Investment Brand Fee Space Staff Exp. Monthly Sales Profit Margin Royalty
Standard Cafe USD 28.1 - 42.1 thousand USD 8.4 thousand 500 - 1,000 Sq Ft 4 USD 4.2 thousand 45% 6%
Format Name Standard Cafe
Investment USD 28.1 - 42.1 thousand
Brand Fee USD 8.4 thousand
Space 500 - 1,000 Sq Ft
Staff 4
Expected Monthly Sales USD 4.2 thousand
Profit Margin 45%
Royalty / Commission 6%


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About Brewberrys

Brew Berrys Hospitality Pvt Ltd was formed in 2008 by Hotel Management graduates. A family / self-funded startup by young professionals, Brewberrys Café is now one of the leading and fast growing café chains in India.

With a passion for starting a café, first Brewberrys was started by 2 college friends in 2008 in Baroda, Gujarat. From a small neighborhood cafe in Baroda we aspired to be a renowned chain of cafes in India. With expansion in mind, we decided to expand via franchising and put our best efforts in making Franchisee cafes successful. In late 2009, first franchisee store was signed & the pursuit began. By 2012, we had about 25 cafes across 20 cities in India.

In 2012 we were invited by TCS for a special project; ‘’With 63 stores across India, Brewberrys is Exclusive Café partner to TCS in the prestigious Passport Seva Project since last 4 years. ’’

At present we have over 115 cafes across India; and Our belief to achieve our goals is only Stronger.

Products and Services

All kind of Ice Cream, beverages and Snack Items.

Preferred Locations

India, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka.

How to get Brewberrys Franchise?

Approach - Discussion - Detail sent - Location approval - Signing MOU. Approach - Discussion - Detail sent - Location approval - Signing MOU.

What are some of the things we look for in a Franchisee?

Follow the franchise’s system and operations.

Buying into a franchise has its advantages, one of which is having an effective business model set up. This not only removes the guesswork for day-to-day operations, but is the necessary foundation for the franchisor and franchisee to succeed together!

The success and growth of the franchised business.

While the franchisor provides overall support and resources to help franchise partners succeed, franchisees are still responsible for managing their business and ensuring its growth. Taking ownership of a franchise business is the sole responsibility of the franchise partner. However, don’t forget about the overarching business model and follow the guidelines outlined by the franchisor.

Brand & Business.

While the franchisor is responsible for brand reputation management, franchisees are responsible for marketing their businesses in their assigned market areas. Franchise partners also play a role in protecting and fostering the brand’s image. This usually means complying with HQ’s policies, and seeking approval when rolling out any marketing campaigns of their own. This builds stronger brand unity which helps the franchisee and the business as a whole. Keep in mind that it’s a collective effort— the HQ’s marketing team is there to make the franchisee's job easier!

Remember, a successful franchisor and franchisee relationship is one that’s well-balanced through effective and efficient communication. Overall, the franchisor provides guidance and support to franchisees, while taking on the nuances of business development and brand awareness. As a franchisee, you still have the leeway to put your entrepreneurial skills to use by focusing on growing your own business— just don’t forget about the franchisor’s business model!

Considering being your own boss? Buying a franchise is a great way to take ownership of a business without the stress of going it alone. One of the biggest benefits of buying a franchise is the support that comes along with it.

Support you can expect from the company

These are some of the things we look for in a Franchisee:

Location, Investment, Market Knowledge, Business Handling.

Business advisory and supportive role.

The franchisor is responsible for providing adequate training on a continual basis to franchisees. Franchisors are also responsible for providing ongoing support, whether it’s by listening and responding to queries, or providing the necessary tools and resources. The franchisor also plays a troubleshooting role for any problems that may arise, such as technical difficulties with a product.

Recruitment & Training.

Providing initial manpower and training will not get things along in Hospitality business, but it requires on ongoing support of recruitment and training as and when requires. Our dedicated human resource team and growth oriented work style make man power management easier for our franchisees.

Business expansion and innovation.

One of the many benefits of buying a franchise is that the franchisor shoulders the responsibility of innovating and staying ahead of the competition. This includes new and updated products, and monitoring competitors and industry trends.

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