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Cafe Franchise Opportunities in Sri Lanka

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Cafe Franchise Opportunity

Drink Your Selfie, Established in 2018, 8 Franchisees, Pune Headquartered
  • 100+ introductions
  • 30000+ Page Views
  • 10000+ Investor Views
Drink Your Selfie (DYS) is an Innovative Concept Cafe involved in the business of Serving Personalised Selfie Shakes, Innovative Mocktails, Freshly Baked Mug Cakes and Quick Bites. Started Operations in Sept 2018, based in Pune, Currently in 8 Locations in a span of 400 day. 4 Outlets in Maharashtra, 1 Outlet in Nepal, 1 Outlet in Karnataka and 1 in Assam. When a Customer walks into the store, he / she can choose any of our 25+ shakes and send us the picture through electronic medium and we shall prepare the shake and print their picture on the top of the shake using Chemical-Free, Edible & Tasteless Ink, within 4–5 minutes of Ordering. Out of 25 Milkshakes, 15+ Shakes are Innovative / Signature ones and we also specialise in Freshly Baked Mug Cakes Concept, which roughly contributes 35–37% of our Revenue. In order to maximise the topline and keep the customers happy throughout the year, irrespective of seasons, we have launched various quick bites like Burgers, French Fries, Sandwiches, Nuggets, Hashbrowns and Food Platter too. Complete Egg-Less Menu. Opened with a Zomato Rating of 4.6 and currently at 4.8 / 4.7. We generally operate at around 75-80% customer retention ratios. We currently have in-house social media team, continuously churning out content and supporting with creatives & online Media / customer engagement. Founded by Sabaresh Kumar & Pankaj Himthani, Both Chartered Accountants by Profession in Sept 2018. Our main emphasis is always on Low Cost Operating Expenditure & Capital Expenditure Model. Vision to expand the brand across India with sustainable model and make franchise outlet profitable.
Drink Your Selfie, Established in 2018, 8 Franchisees, Pune Headquartered
7.4   Expanding in Sri Lanka
Exp Monthly Sales
USD 3 - 3.3 thousand
Space Required
80 - 400 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 7.2 - 12.7 K
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Cafe Franchise Opportunity

Brewberrys, Established in 2008, 41 Franchisees, Vadodara Headquartered
  • 4000+ Page Views
  • 2000+ Investor Views
Brew Berrys Hospitality Pvt Ltd was formed in 2008 by Hotel Management graduates. A family / self-funded startup by young professionals, Brewberrys Café is now one of the leading and fast growing café chains in India. With a passion for starting a café, first Brewberrys was started by 2 college friends in 2008 in Baroda, Gujarat. From a small neighborhood cafe in Baroda we aspired to be a renowned chain of cafes in India. With expansion in mind, we decided to expand via franchising and put our best efforts in making Franchisee cafes successful. In late 2009, first franchisee store was signed & the pursuit began. By 2012, we had about 25 cafes across 20 cities in India. In 2012 we were invited by TCS for a special project; ‘’With 63 stores across India, Brewberrys is Exclusive Café partner to TCS in the prestigious Passport Seva Project since last 4 years. ’’ At present we have over 115 cafes across India; and Our belief to achieve our goals is only Stronger.
Brewberrys, Established in 2008, 41 Franchisees, Vadodara Headquartered
6.7   Expanding in Sri Lanka
Exp Monthly Sales
USD 3.6 thousand
Space Required
500 - 1000 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 24 - 36 K
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Cafe Franchise Opportunity

Mikel Coffee Company, Established in 2008, 400 Franchisees, Athens Headquartered
  • 30+ introductions
  • 10000+ Page Views
  • 5000+ Investor Views
The Mikel Coffee Company is an international branded coffee chain. The company's course began in Greece in 2008, offering a distinctive experience in fresh high-quality coffee flavors and introducing a comprehensive and innovative customer service experience. Since then, we have witnessed rapid growth as we have expanded both the quality of the products and our excellent customer service, as well as the friendly atmosphere in each one of our stores internationally. Currently, the Mikel Coffee Company has over 400 stores worldwide and is rapidly expanding.
Mikel Coffee Company, Established in 2008, 400 Franchisees, Athens Headquartered
8.7   Expanding in Asia
Exp Monthly Sales
USD 53 - 213 thousand
Space Required
500 - 7500 Sq Ft
Investment Required
USD 213 K - 1.6 Mn
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