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Manager, Construction (Infrastructure)
Individual Buyer in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Interests: Looking for: - Companies offering industrial services, with solid technical expertise and capabilities, but not able to handle larger projects due to financial and administrative constraints. - Companies offering specialized services and products to the construction and industrial sectors in need of funds and / or structure to grow.
Background: I have worked in telecommunications, construction, industrial services, and investment banking. When facing ventures or projects I focus on profiling and growing competence through team budgeting and communication, technical know-how can be capitalized and nurtured only when the entire team has enough knowledge of its financial representativeness. Seeking opportunities in Ecuador and Colombia to grow myself.
7.1 / 10
Ecuador + 1 more
Contractors + 7 more
Investment Size
USD 100 K - 2 Mn
Director, Travel & Leisure
Corporate Acquirer in Quito, Ecuador
Interests: Looking for deal flow to evaluate and assess opportunities. We prefer businesses with organized financial information and a solid management team.
Background: We have years of experience in investments and extensive economic research. We are based in Ecuador but also have companies in Peru, Colombia, and Panama.
9.8 / 10
Ecuador + 5 more
Ecommerce Websites + 6 more
Investment Size
USD 15 K - 1 Mn
Manager, Real Estate Services
Corporate Acquirer in Quito, Ecuador
Interests: Looking for new investment opportunities.
Background: Real estate business having 40 years of market presence.
6.8 / 10
Ecuador + 1 more
Diagnostic Labs
Investment Size
USD 200 K - 400 K
Field Manager, Industrial Engineer
Individual Buyer in Coca, Ecuador
Interests: Looking for a company that accepts small investors, in order to grow my capital moderately without risk. I would like to close a good deal within 2 -3 months.
Background: I am an enthusiast of mechanical and electronic technology, applied to automation of residences and small buildings. I also have knowledge in diesel engines and heavy construction machinery. Holds above 20 years of work experience.
7.2 / 10
Ecuador + 1 more
Integrated Oil and Gas + 4 more
Investment Size
USD 300 K - 400 K
Managing Director
Financial Advisor in Argentina
Interests: Management profile, Cash generation, risks vs rewards.
Background: Solid experience in emerging markets managing and directing both large and small projects within public and private sectors.
5.7 / 10
Ecuador + 7 more
Accounting Firms + 8 more
Investment Size
USD 50 K - 2 Mn
International Sales & Marketing Manager, Medical Devices
Individual Buyer in La Paz, Bolivia
Interests: I will look at price, growth prospects, location, assets and liabilities. Keen on starting a business as early as possible.
Background: In addition to sales pitching, I have business development skills. Working in pharma sector and holds 8 years of experience in the industry.
6.6 / 10
Ecuador + 3 more
Generic Pharmaceuticals + 20 more
Investment Size
Upto USD 54 K
Development Director, Banking
Individual Buyer in Bogotá, Colombia
Interests: Founders, Full Sale, Business readiness, revenue, profitability.
Background: Partner and director in banking software company.
6.5 / 10
South America + 4 more
Application Software + 6 more
Investment Size
USD 13 K - 70 K
Director, Asset Management
Corporate Acquirer in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Interests: We are looking for investment opportunities in South America to enhance our market position.
Background: An asset management company in Argentina. We rotate people and enhance the efficiency of operations, generating sustainable technical solutions.
6.9 / 10
Ecuador + 3 more
Oil Services + 3 more
Investment Size
Upto USD 1.2 Mn
Founder And CEO, Management Consultancy
Individual Buyer in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Interests: - Looking for a medium European company, that operates in a niche and at a profitable level in order to invest and continue with the operations of the company. - Preferred sectors: Logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, and cash services. - I am not an expert in this field but I manage, transform, and develop companies.
Background: Owner of a management consultancy firm.
6.6 / 10
South America + 8 more
Ambulance + 11 more
Investment Size
Upto USD 67 K
Financial Consultant in Curitiba, Brazil
Interests: - We are interested in any viable project, with a preference for housing, all kinds of industrial projects and hotels. - Loan ranges from $ 5,000,000 to $ 500,000,000. We provide debt or equity loans for projects worldwide. With our extended database, we are able to find a solution for nearly any financing challenge.
Background: Financial consulting business founded in 2005. Since January 2019, we have used our team's rich experience to facilitate the intermediation of loans worldwide. Our commission of 1% of the loan amount is due only with the transfer of the loan, either paid out by the lender or by the client.
8.2 / 10
South America + 7 more
Fiber Optic Cables + 12 more
Investment Size
USD 5 Mn - 500 Mn
Individual Buyer in Sycamore, United States
Interests: Businesses with any of the following unique technology, customer base, and financially sound organization with limited debts. Strong infrastructure to ensure rapid growth due to upcoming expansion with new products. Here is the list of what I am looking for: - Market for the product or service. - Great management team. - A defensive barrier- It doesn't matter if it's technology or market share. - Where the company is and how much of an investment it wants. - Growth opportunity and potential market size.
Background: As a US Marine, I learned that hard work and discipline ensure the highest levels of success. Individual investor with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, launching 3 different successful businesses, which employ people across the USA. Looking to acquire and invest to expand customer base into other industries with my current knowledge and experience of multiple industries.
7.8 / 10
Ecuador + 12 more
Cloud Software + 32 more
Investment Size
USD 30 K - 500 K
Owner, Finance
Individual Buyer in Scottsdale, United States
Interests: Business should have competitive advantages, market validation of product and strategy. Capable management team with demonstrated, relevant expertise & experience is recommended.
Background: I have experience in designing and implementing capital structures, as well as building and leading finance and general management teams to drive and support profitable growth. I am most interested in cross-border Pan Am regional growth opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries of South America.
7.3 / 10
Ecuador + 6 more
Application Software + 12 more
Investment Size
Upto USD 2.5 Mn
Excutive Director, FinTech
Corporate Acquirer in Pune, India
Interests: Interested in It Services, IT Consultancy, Enterprise Software, Mobile Apps and Heat Exchange application in hybrid solar energy.
Background: We are a promoter of “Smart Village” - a unique self-sufficient economy model for rural development. It was established in 2007.
8.0 / 10
Ecuador + 4 more
Agriculture Wholesale + 10 more
Investment Size
USD 110 K - 400 K
Operations Manager, Investments
Individual Buyer in Texas, United States
Interests: Good cash flows with continued growth year over year.
Background: Individual investor looking to acquire or have a stake in small businesses.
5.8 / 10
Ecuador + 2 more
Apparel Stores + 19 more
Investment Size
USD 3 K - 100 K
Consultant, RET-consulting
Financial Advisor in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Interests: 1. Market demand. 2. Business partnerships opportunities. 3. Knowledge and expertise.
Background: Commercial and industrial sales engineering company involved in environmental solutions and low-carbon technology. Although we are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we extend our business services internationally as we focus our operations on Latin America and the Caribbean market. We have been conceiving a business structure capable of delivering sustainable sales and earnings growth to improve our partner's financial goals. As advisors we are looking for business opportunities for investment and acquisition.
5.9 / 10
Ecuador + 10 more
Renewable Power Plants + 3 more
Investment Size
Upto USD 9 Mn
Financial Advisor in Pune, India
Interests: We are Business Development Advisors based in Pune. We support companies to improve their Top Line and Bottom Line. We primarily charge success fee apart from outstation travel and incidental costs. We also support in Buying and selling of Businesses. We can do research for Buyers and / or sellers and get them offers as per their choice for a fee.
Background: Group of senior people with over 30 years of experience from various sectors and we provide advisory services to some companies in India. I am B. Tech from IIT BOM and M. S from Univ of Urbana Chaimpaign USA. All our associates are highly qualified and retired when they were at very senior positions.
7.5 / 10
Duran + 23 more
Cafes + 35 more
Investment Size
USD 130 K - 13 Mn
Chairman, Construction
Individual Buyer in London, United Kingdom
Interests: - Uniqueness, creativity, growth opportunity and market for the product. - Vision, founders insight, history of business and taxation. - Looking to acquire or partner with a business that is unique or has the potential to be turned into something of a speciality.
Background: Entrepreneur running my own business verticals as well as owning stakes in various businesses around the globe.
9.1 / 10
South America + 41 more
Air Fresheners + 29 more
Investment Size
USD 12 K - 1.3 Mn
Retention Agent, Banking
Individual Investor in Newark, United States
Interests: Seeking an Ecuador based company that is socially responsible, profitable and well positioned for growth.
Background: I am interested in discussing an investment opportunity. I lived and worked in Ecuador in the late 90s and am bilingual. I am from the USA and currently reside in Delaware. I have long recognized the opportunity to expand on Ecuador's superior cocoa products and would like to discuss further. I have extensive experience in process and product development.
7.1 / 10
Chocolate and Confectionery + 1 more
Investment Size
Upto USD 500 K


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