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Director, Evita Trade Ltd
Financial Advisor in Sofia City Province, Bulgaria
Interests: Real Estate, International Trade, Financial Advisory Services, Telecom, IT and Automation.
Background: Bulgarian company providing advisory services to local and international investors in the area of commercial real estate, telecoms, automation, food, beverages, fertilizers etc.
8.6 / 10
Locations Europe + 1 more
Industries Building, Construction and Maintenance + 13 more
Investment Size USD 60 K - 120 K
Manager, Real Estate And Hospitality
Corporate Acquirer in Varna, Bulgaria
Interests: Should have a decent EBITDA rating of at least 35% and ample opportunity to grow.
Background: We are an investment company based in Varna, Bulgaria. We specialize in real estate and hospitality. Looking for a great opportunity or a partner in the US and Bulgaria in industrial zone sector for expansion.
8.3 / 10
Locations Bulgaria + 2 more
Industries Advanced Polymer + 3 more
Investment Size Upto USD 18 Mn
CEO, Advertising
Individual Buyer in Sofia, Bulgaria
Interests: Interested in online and advertising businesses as we already have expertise in these sectors.
Background: Holds 14 years of work experience in advertising and e-commerce.
7.8 / 10
Locations Bulgaria + 4 more
Industries Advertising Agencies + 6 more
Investment Size USD 1.2 K - 110 K
Founder, Advisor BG
Financial Consultant in Sofia, Bulgaria
Interests: Our clients are looking for M&A options in East Europe.
Background: We are a consultation and advisory firm led by team of accountants and experts in the management sector. We provide services for financial requirements, consulting, business strategies, investment planning, and HR. We provide corporate services at a fixed price i. e. upfront fee, without compromising on quality and confidentiality in the performance. Success fee will be levied based on the deal size.
6.4 / 10
Locations Bulgaria + 8 more
Industries Apparel Stores + 19 more
Investment Size USD 300 K - 6 Mn
Director, Koleff & Partners
Financial Advisor in Sofia, Bulgaria
Interests: Profitable businesses having a competent team, accounting standard based capital structure.
Background: - Financial advisory company based in Bulgaria providing financial and strategic expertise. Promoters have significant international experience in banking, consulting and financial management. - We have successfully managed financial advisory projects for more than BGN 100 million. We were established in 2016. We provide services for structuring of bank debt, raising equity and hybrid (mezzanine) capital, structuring management buy-out transactions, and M&A. - Our advisory charge will be based on the transaction.
6.3 / 10
Locations Bulgaria + 4 more
Industries Bicycle Manufacturing + 6 more
Investment Size USD 100 K - 20 Mn
Head Of M&A, Diversified
Corporate Acquirer in Netherlands
Interests: Turnaround opportunities. Add-ons for current portfolio companies.
Background: Company owns a number of companies. Our main holding is in a large manufacturing group with multiple factories across NL and Germany, active in Engineering, Machining and Assembling of large metal (or related) components and products.
9.1 / 10
Locations Europe
Industries Asphalt Manufacturing + 18 more
Investment Size USD 1.2 Mn - 120 Mn
CEO, Travel & Tourism
Corporate Acquirer in Switzerland
Interests: Looking for EBITDA positive, tourism, travel and critical software companies.
Background: A leading group of vertical software companies providing mission-critical software.
9.5 / 10
Locations Europe + 8 more
Industries Custom Application Development + 7 more
Investment Size USD 4.4 Mn - 11 Mn
Managing Director, Quality Inspection Service
Individual Buyer in Malta
Interests: Manufacturing mainly of automotive components, plastic and / or injection moulding shops. Business should be able to relocate to Malta.
Background: I am an engineer by profession, and after working for 20 years in the manufacturing industry, I set up my own company (currently 80 employees) in 2005 servicing local and overseas manufacturing firms.
8.1 / 10
Locations Europe + 2 more
Industries Asphalt Manufacturing + 16 more
Investment Size USD 600 K - 2.4 Mn
Investor, Financial Services
Individual Buyer in United Kingdom
Interests: High turnover, healthy cash flow businesses. either in evolving or mature stages with potential to explore further.
Background: Hands on management and executive direction to assist with strategic planning based on lean / hoshin approach.
8.4 / 10
Locations Europe + 9 more
Industries Application Software + 9 more
Investment Size USD 13 K - 1.3 Mn
Chief Executive Officer, Packaging
Individual Buyer in Italy
Interests: Become an owner or an active shareholder in the new businesses which has potential growth opportunities.
Background: I’ve been a senior executive in the packaging industry for more than 30 years.
8.1 / 10
Locations Europe + 5 more
Industries Electrical Vehicles + 1 more
Investment Size USD 120 K - 600 K
Associate Partner, Business Broker
Individual Buyer in Spain
Interests: Would be interested in business opportunities in Europe.
Background: We are into business valuations, sell and buy side acquisitions from initial search to post-acquisition due diligence.
8.3 / 10
Locations Europe + 1 more
Industries Specialty Chemicals
Investment Size USD 2.4 Mn - 9 Mn
Director, IT
Corporate Acquirer in Germany
Interests: Well established, proper books, scalable, solid MRR, no customer concentration and should be innovative.
Background: Company is in Web Development, App Development, Web Marketing, IT Services. Looking to expand the business.
8.2 / 10
Locations Europe + 4 more
Industries IT Services + 3 more
Investment Size USD 500 K - 2 Mn
Owner, Hospitality
Corporate Acquirer in Greece
Interests: Stability, good ROI, Expansion Possibilities, Good Ratings.
Background: Company is into hospitality and travel boutiques business. We own a tier of hotels in Greece.
8.1 / 10
Locations Europe + 1 more
Industries FinTech + 5 more
Investment Size USD 12 K - 11 Mn
CEO, Advertising
Corporate Acquirer in United Kingdom
Interests: Advertising or digital agency. Global brands. £500k + revenue. 10-25 staff.
Background: We are a specialized creative production company with a global reach, impacting thousands of audiences and brands. We deliver collaborated efforts all around the world with offices in London, New York and Sydney.
8.8 / 10
Locations Europe + 4 more
Industries Advertising Agencies + 2 more
Investment Size Upto USD 2.6 Mn
IT Infrastructure Architect, Financial Services
Individual Buyer in Ireland
Interests: Revenue, reasonable margins and future expansion plans.
Background: Have 14 years of experience in IT, telecommunications, and management. Expertise in IT analytics.
7.9 / 10
Locations Europe + 6 more
Industries Bio Therapeutic Drugs + 26 more
Investment Size USD 1.2 K - 60 K
Director, Pharmaceutical
Individual Buyer in Switzerland
Interests: Interested in Cafes, Food and Beverage business.
Background: British investor looking to invest in the Middle East.
7.1 / 10
Locations Europe + 5 more
Industries Beauty Clinics + 4 more
Investment Size USD 550 K - 2.2 Mn
General Manager, Automations
Individual Buyer in Italy
Interests: Business should be flexible, owner operated, have innovative product or an idea, well managed company and trained staff.
Background: Have over 16 years of experience in automation domain. Also have worked in various roles in the IT industry. Looking to start my own business.
7.2 / 10
Locations Europe + 1 more
Industries Fabric Dyeing + 20 more
Investment Size Upto USD 70 K
Owner, Pelican Capital Ltd
Business Broker in Sweden
Interests: Our core competencies are Structured Products, Alternatives and Real Estate. Our teams work hand-in-hand with our clients over the entire process through to completion of each deal.
Background: Independent brokerage firm in United Kingdom. Identify and facilitate cross-asset brokerage opportunities that improve the efficiency of transactions where capital markets fall short in supplying required funding, inventory and hedging support.
6.9 / 10
Locations Europe + 1 more
Industries Consulting + 4 more
Investment Size Upto USD 2.3 Mn