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Rented Commercial Property Seeking Loan in Quezon City, Philippines

Land-leasing company for retail space that's opened 9 palengkes & has 200+ tenants is seeking a loan.
- Primarily a leasing company focused on providing palengke entrepreneurs space to do retail business. - Have been operating for the past 10+ years and have opened 9 successful palengke already. - We are a wet market chain that currently has 5 existing palenques in Quezon and Caloocan City respectively. - Have 200+ tenants utilizing the retail space currently. There is a small margin on electricity for said tenants. - Building a new space for agricultural wholesalers and retailers in the city. We have acquired all the permits and licenses. - Our 6th branch in Pasig City is scheduled to be constructed in 6 months. - Have received reservations for 85% of all the market stalls in our newest branch in Pasig. - Our wet market vendors sell groceries, meat rice, and supermarket goods. - The business has already taken a loan of PHP 5 million in the past.
6.6   Quezon City
Run Rate Sales USD 600 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 %
Business Loan USD 60 thousand at 3% interest
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Agriculture Wholesale Business Seeking Loan in Tirupati, India

Trader of agro-products and rayon cords with 25 client contacts requires funding to restart operations.
- Distributor of agricultural products and rayon tire cords. Business has been shut since 2018 because the owner was working at a government company. Require funding to restart operations. - Business is an IEC (Import Export Code) licence holder. - Promoter has contacts and friendly relations with over 25 domestic clients and 3 major suppliers. - When the business was operational, in 2017, we had a monthly turnover of INR 25 lakh and a profit margin of 10%. - Promoter has over 15 years of experience in this particular sector with excellent marketing and HR skills.
6.7   Tirupati
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business Loan USD 1.4 million at 10% interest
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Commodity Chemicals Wholesale Business Seeking Loan in Kolkata, India

Exporter of chemicals and agro commodities exporting 500 tonnes/monthly, has 30+ clients and 10+ suppliers.
- Exporter of chemicals, agro commodities, food products, milk and milk based products, fresh fruits & vegetables. This vertical primarily generates sales revenue. - Business also trades domestically albeit on a much smaller scale and also has a small production facility to process chemicals. - We export 500 metric tonnes monthly. - Our sales margin on the products are 20%. We have 30 regular clients currently. - Business has over 10 suppliers. - Our clients are based in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East. - Run rate sales have slightly dropped due to the ongoing pandemic. - The business has been recognized by the Ministry of Commerce for our exports. - Our most popular products are the water treatment chemical and then agro commodities. - We have an offline sales team consisting of 4 people. Additionally, we also generate leads through IndiaMart. - Promoter has over 30 years of experience in this particular industry and is a chemical engineer and business management graduate.
8.1   Kolkata
Run Rate Sales USD 2.4 million
EBITDA Margin 5 %
Business Loan USD 300 thousand at 12% interest
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Agriculture Wholesale Business Seeking Loan in Pune, India

Pune based business trading in various agricultural commodities seeks funding for working capital requirements.
- We trade in rice, wheat, semolina, turmeric, onion and other commodities. - Purchase from 5 traders and from a number of different farmers across India. - Products are exported to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia and a few European countries. - Promoters have over 20 years of experience in this industry. - We are seeking funding against LC based orders for spices and agricultural commodities on profit sharing terms.
8.1   Pune
Run Rate Sales USD 500 thousand
EBITDA Margin 0 - 10 %
Business Loan USD 54 thousand at 18% interest
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Agriculture Wholesale Company Seeking Loan in Granada, Spain

Manufacturer and exporter of fresh vegetables, fruits, and supermarket goods to USA, Germany, and CIS countries.
- Manufacturer and exporter of fresh vegetables and fruits, and own brand of supermarket goods including olive oil, olives, canned fish and vegetables, coffee, and wines. - Have our own bioecological olive tree plantation in Cordoba, for olive oil production, and most of our products are sourced from farmer's co-operatives in Spain. - We supply to major supermarkets and chains in Spain, but over 80% of our sales are from exports to foreign markets. - We export to 10 countries including the USA, Germany, Belarus, the Dominican Republic, and CIS countries. Have 2-3 distributors in each country who further supply to supermarkets and retailers. - Handle 10-15 containers on a monthly basis, and the capacity can be increased based on the financing. - We have new contracts from Walmart and other distributors in the USA for around 6 garlic containers weekly with each container worth around USD 50,000.
8.2   Granada
Run Rate Sales USD 12 million
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business Loan USD 500 thousand at 10% interest
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Cleaning Supplies Business Investment Opportunity in Pune, India

70-year old trading business which deals with multiple product categories seek investment for expansion.
- Business specializes in trading - pumps, motors, gearmotors, gear box, apparels, hygiene products, non-chemicals (solid water treatment), and agricultural products. - Business was originally started in Raipur but the promoter relocated to Pune a couple of years ago so the business was shifted to Pune. - We purchase pumps, motors, gearmotors, gear box, apparels, hygiene and non-chemical products (solid water treatment) directly from manufacturers in Tirupur and Punjab (T-shirts) Mumbai and Pune (Hygiene). We sell these products to wholesalers, distributors in Pune and anywhere. - We procure spices, vegetables, rice from Pune, Solapur, Nashik and Kolhapur from farmers and sell it to exporters. These products are then exported to Europe, UAE, UK, Australia. - We do not keep stock of the products, we source the required products when we receive orders. - 50-60% of the revenue is from apparels and hygiene products and 40-50% is from spices, vegetables, rice. - Business was started 70 years ago with the sale of electric motors and pumps. Then the business shifted towards trading of apparels, hygiene, non chemicals (solid water treatment) and groceries. - Before relocating the business to Pune our revenue was in crores but after the relocation, we are developing the business slowly and improving our services.
8.0   Pune
Run Rate Sales USD 50 thousand
EBITDA Margin 18 %
Financial Investment USD 7 thousand for 20% stake
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Newly Established Agriculture Wholesale Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Starting a fruits & vegetable wholesale business to supply in domestic and international market.
- Company plans to start supplying fruits & vegetables in the domestic and international market. We have recently registered our company under the Companies Act, 1956. - Have spoken to 18 potential clients from Karnataka, 1 from Sri Lanka and 1 from Bangladesh but we are yet to sign an agreement. - Founder has 4 years of experience in agriculture industry which include 1 year in export business. - Have developed the entire business model which covers the list of suppliers, potential customers, packaging, pricing and logistics. - We have built a network with 300-400 suppliers which include farmers and traders from whom we will buy fruits & vegetables. - Some of the licenses / certificates that our company has include IEC license, Certificate of Incorporation, MSME certificate. We are in the process to receive APEDA and FSSAI certificate.
7.1   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 30% stake
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Vegetable Farm Investment Opportunity in Pune, India

Residue-free farming business grows 50+ vegetables and fruits with direct supply to gated-communities in Pune.
- Company does residue-free farming of over 50+ varieties of fruits and vegetables. - Have leased 200-acre farmland that is located 100km from Pune and we harvest around 1,000 tons per season/year. - Before COVID, we used to supply to retailers and marketplaces in Pune such as Big Bazaar and Star Mall, and generated an annual turnover of INR 60 lakh. - However, this harvest season (starting in late September), we plan to supply our products directly to the gated communities in Pune. The pandemic has affected the vegetable markets and we see this as an opportunity to reach the consumers directly without any middlemen. - We have developed a blockchain-based platform and mobile application through which users can place orders and get realtime updates on their purchases. App development is complete and we plan to launch it once we have fresh produce to sell. - Have partnered with a 3rd party logistics provider to supply the produce from farms to the households in Pune. - We expect to reach around 25,000 households across gated communities by our first year. - Promoter has 25+ years of experience in marketing, and 10+ years in the agriculture sector.
7.5   Pune
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 200 thousand for 25% stake
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Newly Established Import / Export Company Seeking Loan in Bangkok, Thailand

Rice exporter from Thailand to Philippines that has tie-ups with 3 rice mills in Thailand.
Company specializes in exporting rice from Thailand to Philippines. During the last year, we registered our company and met only 1 large order of 40 containers that year. This year due to COVID-19, our revenue has reduced as we were able to export only 2 containers last month. Our business model is to buy rice from Thailand and export it to wholesalers and retailers in Philippines. Have 3 wholesalers and 20 retailers in our network. We have established tie-ups with 3 rice mills in Thailand to produce rice of different grades. Our aim is to export at least 20 containers per week. However, due to shortage of funds, our capacity to export is only 2 containers per week.
7.0   Bangkok
Run Rate Sales USD 600 thousand
EBITDA Margin 11 %
Business Loan USD 320 thousand at 14% interest
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Newly Established Spices Business Investment Opportunity in Pune, India

Spices trader and exporter undertaking 6 purchase orders monthly and has 60+ regular domestic clients.
- Trade and export spices, dry fruits, fruits, vegetables and grains. Over 98% of the business' revenue comes from trading spices. In spices, we primarily deal with cumin seeds and black pepper seeds. - Receive over 50 - 100 purchase orders monthly out of which we can complete 5 - 6 orders. Each order has a minimum value of at least INR 10 lakh and it can go up to INR 30 lakh. - Have 4 fixed suppliers of spices i. e 2 for black pepper and 2 for cumin seeds. - Business experienced exponential growth because we were able to enter into a profitable agreement with these suppliers. According to the agreement, the suppliers need to supply 200 - 300 tonnes of spices on a monthly basis at a discounted price. The duration of this agreement is 3 years and 6 months have passed since we entered into this agreement. Prior to this agreement, we had strong demand but we were not able to match with the supply. - Have 1 regular client in Canada and over 60 - 70 regular clients in India. - Business has hired 3 staff members that are engaged in generating leads. To that extent, the company has profiles on multiple online portals such as TradeIndia and BizBangladesh.
7.0   Pune
Run Rate Sales USD 1.6 million
EBITDA Margin 10 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 20% stake
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Newly Established Agriculture Wholesale Business Seeking Loan in Trichy, India

Wholesale supplier of fresh fishes, prawns, and crabs in Trichy, seeks funds for expanding supply capacity.
- Wholesale supplier of quality fresh fishes, prawns, and crabs in Trichy. - We purchase the products from auctions in the Kanyakumari fish market. - Supply in bulk to 6-7 retailers in Trichy and we also sell to individual customers including the nearby church, bank, and school staff. - Currently, we handle up to orders of 1.2 tons per week. - Local wholesale fish market in the area has been closed by the government to develop shopping complexes and the demand for seafood has increased. - We plan to increase our supply capacity from 1.2 tons to 4 tons per week. This will also allow us to increase our margins and lower transportation costs (per kg). - Also, have plans for exports in the future and we have an IEC license.
7.4   Trichy
Run Rate Sales USD 50 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Business Loan USD 7 thousand at 12% interest
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Profitable Agriculture Wholesale Business Seeking Loan in Hassan, India

Ginger wholesaler that has tied up with 20 suppliers and currently sells 600 bags monthly.
- Sell dried and washed ginger in two varieties (Rigodi ginger and Himachal ginger). Rigodi ginger is sold within the country whereas Himachal ginger is usually exported. - We have tied up with over 15 - 20 suppliers of ginger. - The products are sold in bags of 60 kgs. One bag of Rigodi ginger costs INR 4,500 while one bag of Himachal ginger costs INR 5,000. The prices tend to fluctuate depending on market demand and the season. - Our business has 5 - 10 distributors. The distributor charges a commission of 6% as compensation. The business usually receives a profit of INR 1,000 per bag. - The products are usually sold in markets like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad. - Prior to the pandemic, the business sold over 250 bags of Rigodi ginger and around 20 - 50 bags of Himachal ginger. In the previous month, however, the business experienced a surge in demand and sold over 600 bags of ginger. This happened due to the rains in Delhi. - Usually, the business buys the ginger from their suppliers on credit. The business has no inventory. - The physical assets involved in the transaction are the internal furnishings of the business and the dedicated ginger processing machinery. - The promoter is willing to offer their personal property as a collateral for the loan. The business is also open for an investment in exchange of a partial stake sale. - The business has not taken on any debt as of date.
7.1   Hassan
Run Rate Sales USD 450 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 - 40 %
Business Loan USD 70 thousand at 12% interest
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Agriculture Wholesale Business Investment Opportunity in Unjha, India

Company exports spices and agro-product to 15-20 clients, seeks funds to develop a B2B marketplace.
- Exporter of psyllium husk, turmeric powder, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and sesame seeds. - We source the products from the local market auctions. - Our products are exported to clients in Algeria, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. - Have 15-20 regular clients and they are mostly wholesalers who further supply the products to retailers. - Handle 8-10 bulk orders on a monthly basis. - We have two plans to expand the business. Our primary plan is to develop an app-based B2B marketplace through which importers can connect with Indian suppliers, place orders, get updated pricing on products, negotiate prices, and track their orders. We will generate revenue by charging a commission for each order. Post obtaining funds, the platform can be set up in 3-6 months. Our secondary plan is to lease warehouse space and store the items and export them when a profitable arbitrage pricing occurs. - Promoter has over 5 years of domain experience. - Business owned assets include its own office and furniture.
6.5   Unjha
Run Rate Sales USD 340 thousand
EBITDA Margin 0 - 10 %
Financial Investment USD 700 thousand for 30% stake
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Import / Export Business Seeking Loan in Pune, India

Startup merchant exporter seeking working capital to export perishable goods including frozen fish, chicken, and vegetables.
- Merchant exporter seeking working capital to export vegetables, onions, frozen chicken, and fish from India. - The business was registered in 2018 and is yet to start commercial operations. - Have identified potential buyers in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, and countries in West Africa and the Middle East. - We expect to target exports of around 150MT of produce each month. - The produce will be bought locally and orders will be procured, from a network of 15-20 already identified agents. - The frozen chicken will be sourced from reputed brands such as Sugna chicken, Venkys, and Baramati Agro. - The vegetables and fish will be sourced from local vendors and fisheries respectively. - The business has a valid IEC license and GST registration and will operate with an average gross profit margin of 13.75%. - We plan to offer a credit period of 15 days to our customers. - Promoter has experience in handling import-export operations since 2003.
6.8   Pune
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business Loan USD 2.4 million at 10% interest
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Flour Mill Investment Opportunity in Bilaspur, India

Company manufactures wheat flour and trades dry fruits, vegetables, grains seeks investment for expansion.
- Business is registered in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh and trading activity take place in the same location but the flour mill is located in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. - We manufacture wheat flour under our own brand name. We also buy and sell dry fruits, spices, vegetables, grains within India. - Flour mill has 100 ton production capacity per day but we produce 40 tons per day. - Both flours and agriculture products products are sold across Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat through distributors and wholesalers. - Majority of the revenue is generated from flour mill business. - Physical assets include land, factory, machinery, equipment.
6.7   Bhilwara
Run Rate Sales USD 340 thousand
EBITDA Margin 23 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 20% stake
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Newly Established Agriculture Wholesale Company Seeking Loan in Ramanagara, India

Business engaged in agricultural produce wholesale to 200 retailers in Ramnagara, Karnataka.
- Wholesale business trading fruits and vegetables in Ramnagara. - Vegetables & fruits are purchased from 20 - 25 suppliers and sold to around 200 retailers in the APMC market. - The promoter sells about 25 - 50 crates of fruits and vegetables per day. - These are perishables and are sold on a day to day basis. - Seeking to expand our trading portfolio by adding coconut wholesale trading. - The coconuts will be sourced from Mysore and sold in Bangalore. - We expect our turnover to increase to INR 4 lakh per month with the addition of coconuts. - However, our overall operating margins are expected to drop to 10% from 25% as coconut wholesale is a low-margin business. - Promoter has experience of 8 years in agricultural produce wholesale.
6.2   Ramanagara
Run Rate Sales USD 100 thousand
EBITDA Margin 25 %
Business Loan USD 70 thousand at 18% interest
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Newly Established Import / Export Company Investment Opportunity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Award winning organic & non-organic farming company with primary focus on export and contract farming.
- We are into organic & non-organic farming and agri business with primary focus on export, trading, contract farming, agri consultancy, food processing and cultivation of high value and demanding agri-products across India and globe. - We started as a way to build an integrated tech platform covering entire ecosystem like; farmers, traders, importers, exporters, buyers on single digital platform. - Have already started trading of high demand products like onion, ginger, sugar, basmati rice, spices, herbs and medicinal plants. - Team is a good mix of experienced professionals covering core agri experts, sales & marketing, exports and management domain experts. - Have generated a high revenue dealing with essentials even in lockdown. - Won an award for the best agricultural start-up. - Have exported orders to Kuwait, Thailand and have a strong funnel of export orders for Dubai, Thailand, Japan, and Sri Lanka, Vietnam. - We have office setup base in Pune, Nasik, MP, Dubai (in progress) - Other target countries: UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman, and Yemen. - Promoters have 15 years of experience in agriculture and eCommerce industries. - We plan to capture largest market of various essential products within India and exports to Dubai, Middle East, Gulf countries, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China. - Aiming at least INR 500 cr revenue with ~ 18% to 20% net profits margins in next 5 years. - Have a registered private limited company and office in Pune at 4 different locations. Have a registered trading LLC company and office in Dubai. - Promoters are into contract farming and connected with multiple farmers groups across India. Have tie-ups with farmers, mills, contract farmers. - We also re-export products & supply to supermarkets in UAE and Saudi Arabia.
8.1   Dubai
Run Rate Sales USD 400 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Financial Investment USD 100 thousand for 10% stake
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Profitable Agriculture Wholesale Company Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

Mumbai based business exporting vegetables purchased from India, Turkey and Pakistan to Doha, Qatar.
- A business trading in vegetables, based in Mumbai. - We trade in onions and potatoes. - The vegetables are purchased from Nashik, Turkey and Pakistan. - We export products to Doha, Qatar. - Have set up an office and warehouse facility in Doha. - We export an average of 6 containers per month. Each container has 30 tonnes of vegetables. - We are now looking to increase our exports to 4 containers of onion and 4 containers of potatoes per week. - One container of onion and potato will cost us between Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 9 lakh to purchase. - Our business is also involved in recruitment services but the funds are being raised only for the export of vegetables business. - Our revenue has decreased this year due to COVID-19. - Physical assets include office and warehouse setup, and inventory.
7.1   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 650 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 - 40 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 20% stake
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