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Gaming Website for Sale in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Famous and profitable blockchain-based gaming metaverse company with a thriving metaverse and loyal user base.
This Business is on a Premium Plan
Established 1-5 year(s)
Employees 5 - 10
Legal Entity Other
Reported Sales USD 230 thousand
Run Rate Sales USD 230 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Industries Gaming Websites + 1 more
Locations  Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Local Time 6:43 PM Europe / Madrid
Listed By Business Owner / Director
Status Moderately Active
Overall Rating
Full Sale
Asking Price: USD 56 thousand (Native Currency: PHP 3,248,345)
Reason: The owner is looking for new challenges and investing their time in creating other companies. With t... View More
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Business Overview
- A strong community of loyal users and players.
- Videos all over the internet about how to play.
- The game is available in many different languages.
- Plot token has an average volume of USD 1 million per month.
- More than 4,000 users on Telegram.
- More than 14,000 followers on Twitter.
- Established brand and reputation within the gaming and blockchain communities.
- Large potential for future growth and expansion opportunities.
- Active partnerships with major blockchain projects and companies, such as Mogul Productions (126,000 followers), Wolf Safe Poor People (161,000 followers) and many others.
- Multiple revenue streams, including in-game purchases and casino.
- The casino is currently free for the users to use as a way to incentivize the users to use the casinos more, but the buyer can put a commission cap on it if he chooses.
- Reached over USD 6m market capitalization during the last year.
- The current circulating supply of tokens is USD 130,000.
Continuing developing the project.
A project rebranding could be a good idea.
If the party wants to create own cryptocurrency, they can do a new token launch.
This game can be also sold as a game for a crypto project looking for utility.
Products & Services Overview
All of the following features and products are 100% working right now.
1. The game: An online multiplayer game that allows players to build, explore and earn cryptocurrency rewards by completing in-game challenges and activities. A totally working economy inside a game where users sell, buy, and trade items and real estate.
Currently available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Play Station, and XBOX.
2. Plot token: A cryptocurrency token used within the game as a means of exchange and reward for players. It can be used to purchase in-game items, crops, and land, and can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges. The current circulating supply is USD 130.000.
Currently listed in several decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges, also on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.
3. Plot land NFTs (digital real estate), which grant players ownership of virtual land in the game, currently on OpenSea. Landowners have advantages and have access to rent land to other users.
4. Casino where players can gamble using Plot or other cryptocurrencies.
5. Plot crops, which can be staked to earn Plot rewards over time. People can do stacking of plots using this system.
Assets Overview
We offer total ownership of the project and all its access.
1. Game cloud servers total access and databases.
2. Transfer of all the project tokens, 212M tokens (USD 71.000), and transfer of the ownership of the vesting contracts for the future unlock of tokens.
3. Plot NFT lands smart contract ownership, including transfer of project land NFT (USD 20.000)
4. Official Twitter account.
5. Official Telegram account.
6. Official Discord server.
7. Well-optimized website.
Facilities Overview
We are a digital company with no physical facility.
Capitalization Overview
The business was funded by the owner and some private investors, mainly 2 venture capital funds from the United Kingdom and Vietnam.
Currently, we have 3,700 shareholders (token owners), without including the ones in the decentralized exchange.
Recent Activity
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