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IT Consultancy Company for Sale in Lisbon, Portugal

20-year-old IT consultancy in Lisbon with wide range of services and diverse client portfolio.
This Business is on a Premium Plan
Established 20-30 year(s)
Employees 10 - 50
Legal Entity Private Limited Company
Reported Sales USD 2.8 million
Run Rate Sales USD 2.9 million
EBITDA Margin 17 %
Industries IT Consultancy
Locations  Lisbon
Local Time 8:57 PM Europe / Lisbon
Listed By Advisor / Business Broker
Status Active
Overall Rating
Full Sale
Asking Price: USD 2.65 million (Native Currency: EUR 2,431,500)
Reason: The owners want to exit the business due to family reasons. No upfront/success fee will be charged ... View More
Includes physical assets worth USD 250 thousand
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IT Services
Business Overview
- The company, founded 20+ years back with a current capital of €50,000 distributed among two partners, has established itself as a leading provider of IT consultancy services and technology solutions in the national market. - Core activities include consultancy, development, training, installation, and management of IT systems, as well as the sale of IT equipment and products.
- With a diverse range of products and services tailored to meet the needs of demanding clients, the company has gained recognition for its commitment to excellence.
Client base and revenue model:
- The company boasts a diverse client portfolio across various sectors, including banking, mobile operators, and public institutions.
- Revenue model is primarily driven by the provision of consultancy services, development, and maintenance of technological solutions, coupled with the sale of IT equipment and products.
Promoter experience and business relationships:
- Founded by two experienced partners with a deep understanding of the IT industry, the company has built strong and lasting relationships with clients, suppliers, and industry stakeholders.
Awards and Recognition:
The company has been recognized as a leader in its field, earning accolades for the quality of its products and services. Its commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer-centric approach has been acknowledged through various awards and industry accolades, further solidifying its position as a trusted partner in the IT sector.
Future prospects and strategic vision:
With a track record of consistent growth and profitability, the company is well-positioned for future success. Its strategic focus on diversification, innovation, and customer satisfaction will drive continued growth and expansion in the years to come. By leveraging its expertise, industry partnerships, and commitment to excellence, the company aims to remain at the forefront of the IT consultancy industry, delivering value to clients and stakeholders alike.
Products & Services Overview
Provides a wide range of IT consulting services, including development, programming, training, installation, and management of IT systems.
The company has extensive experience in specialized programming for businesses of various sizes. It has a solid base of large clients.
Detailed description of services offered:
Outsourcing services:
Call center and/or help desk.
Systems and database operation.
Microsoft systems administration.
SAP systems administration.
UNIX systems administration.
AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud administration.
Database administration (Oracle, SQL Server)
Microsoft platforms administration.
And more.
Development Services:
Integration Services:
Administration and implementation of SQL, Oracle, NoSQL, and Cassandra databases.
Data and infrastructure security.
Networking (Firewall, Switching, Routing)
Virtualization – Hyper V, VMware.
Backup / cloud / storage solutions.
Microsoft and Unix, Linux systems and solutions Administration.
Azure and AWS Cloud.
And more.
Cybersecurity Services:
Consolidation, correlation, and analysis of security events across the network, complemented by manual reviews by the expert team.
Support and consultancy in cybersecurity.
Virtual CISO.
Cyber etiquette training for employees.
Transition of services to the SOC (Security Operation Center)
Comprehensive suite of security services.
And more.
Other services:
Adaptation to work methodologies.
Custom project management.
DBAaS (Database Administration as a Service)
Custom or project development in various programming languages (C#, ASP. NET, Java, PHP, Python, etc. )
And more.
Assets Overview
Physical assets include vehicles, office furniture and other IT equipment supporting the company's activities.
Intangible assets include brand and clients.
Facilities Overview
The company has an office located in the municipality of Lisbon, rented, with a total area of ​​approximately 180 m2, paying a monthly rent of EUR 1,000.
Capitalization Overview
The company, established 20+ years back with a current capital of €50,000 split equally between two partners, has thrived.
Utilizes its own capital to finance its operations and is highly profitable.
The company has €341,546 in treasury. Furthermore, only carries a small financial debt amounting to €255,544.
Recent Activity
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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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