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Language Center for Sale in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For Sale: Profitable tuition & language centre with 2 branches in KL & Subang Jaya.
This Business is on a Premium Plan
Established 1-5 year(s)
Employees 10 - 50
Legal Entity Private Limited Company
Reported Sales USD 420 thousand
Run Rate Sales USD 430 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Industries Coaching Centers + 1 more
Locations  Kuala Lumpur
Local Time 1:30 PM Asia / Kuala Lumpur
Listed By Business Owner / Director
Status Active
Overall Rating
Full Sale
Asking Price: USD 850 thousand (Native Currency: MYR 4,000,000)
Reason: Owner is migrating to another country.
Includes physical assets worth USD 280 thousand
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USJ Branch
Business Overview

Golden Business Opportunity: Premier Language Centre & Tuition Venture.

Are you on the lookout for a lucrative and well-established business in the education sector? We present a remarkable chance to own a highly esteemed language centre and tuition enterprise strategically located in prime areas.

Business Snapshot:

Established: Thriving since January 2019 in the prestigious locale of Mont Kiara.

Locations: Flourishing in Mont Kiara (Main Branch - Operational since 2019) and recently expanded to USJ10 Subang Jaya (New Branch - Operational since August 2023).

Licensing: All essential licenses and approvals meticulously obtained, including MOE, KDN, BOMBA, KESIHATAN, DBKL, MBSJ.

Capacity: Abundant, with multiple spacious classrooms (Mont Kiara - 11 classrooms & USJ - 5 Classrooms).

Courses: Diverse array, with a strong emphasis on English language via Language Centre and comprehensive coverage of all subjects and levels under the tuition business.

Tuition Business: Highly lucrative, consistently generating substantial sales and profits.

Online Visibility: Robust online presence with high Google visibility through multiple websites.

Assets: Valuable fixed and current assets totaling more than RM 800,000.

Transport: Convenience added with a dedicated 14-seater transportation service for student pick-ups and drop-offs.

Tutors Database: Extensive, boasting over 10,000 qualified tutors.

Dedicated Staff: Comprising 18 permanent staff members, including full-time teachers and administrative, IT, and operations personnel.

Part-time Teachers: A flexible pool of up to 100 teachers engaged every month.

Monthly Class Count: Conducting around 1500 classes per month.

Corporate Contracts: Firm contracts secured with educational institutions.

Gross Profit: A robust 68% in 2021, maintaining a steady 70% in 2022 and 2023.

New Ventures: Cutting-edge projects in the pipeline, presenting a multimillion-ringgit business potential.

Notable Engagements: Recent participation in the JPN Perlis event, with promising avenues for new ventures in 2024.

Business Highlights:

Client Base: Over 3,000 delighted clients enrolled in language courses, tuition services, and homeschooling programs.

Revenue Model: A resilient revenue model covering tuition fees, language courses, homeschooling program fees, and lucrative corporate training contracts. Online learning platforms contribute additional revenue streams.

Steady Growth: Consistent growth in revenue and client base, underscoring the effectiveness of educational programs.

Expansion Strategy: Ongoing expansion efforts, including the recent inauguration of a branch in USJ10, Subang Jaya, and concerted efforts to tap into new markets.

Strategic Sales Performance:

Branch Expansion: Successfully expanded with 2 branches strategically positioned in different parts of Malaysia, including the recent establishment in the bustling area of Subang Jaya.

Current Student Count: Currently serving 300 students across all branches.

Revenue Breakdown: Primary revenue sourced from tuition services, closely followed by the language center.

2022 Actual Sales: Achieved RM 1.3 million in revenue (from one branch).

2023 Sales Target: Surpassed expectations, hitting RM 1.6 million by October 2023 (all revenue from Mont Kiara Branch).

2024 Sales Estimation: Projecting a robust RM 3,000,000 (Mont Kiara) + RM 1 million (USJ) = Total RM 4 million in 2024 with existing infrastructure and a growing client base.

Transition Support:

The current owner is dedicated to providing up to one month of comprehensive training and assistance, ensuring a seamless transition for the new owner.

Don't let this exceptional opportunity slip away! Seize the chance to acquire a profitable, well-established, and thriving Language Centre and Tuition business. Contact us now to delve into this exciting business prospect.

Products & Services Overview

Top-Selling Products and Services:

Language Mastery Courses:

Description: Comprehensive language programs tailored to diverse proficiency levels, including English, Mandarin, and more.

Target Audience: Students of all ages, including international learners and professionals seeking language expertise.

Tailored Tuition Services:

Description: Specialized tutoring covering various subjects and academic levels, such as IGCSE, A Level, and IBDP.

Target Audience: Students striving for academic excellence, and parents seeking personalized support.

Flexible Homeschooling Programs:

Description: Customized homeschooling curricula for specific academic years, providing flexibility and personalized learning paths.

Target Audience: Parents exploring alternative and personalized education options for their children.

Comprehensive Exam Preparation Courses:

Description: Courses designed for exam readiness, including Cambridge English courses (YLE, KET & PET, BEC, IELTS), and other standardized tests.

Target Audience: Students preparing for language proficiency exams and standardized tests.

Engaging Online Learning Platforms:

Description: Interactive online learning for global students, offering quality education and flexibility.

Target Audience: Learners worldwide, including those unable to attend physical classes.

Professional Corporate Training:

Description: Specialized training for corporations focusing on language skills, team building, and professional development.

Target Audience: Corporate clients investing in the language proficiency and skills enhancement of their workforce.

How They're Utilized:

Language Courses and Tuition Services:

Primarily utilized by students to enhance language skills and academic performance.

Parents leverage tuition services for additional subject support.

Homeschooling Programs:

Used by parents seeking alternatives to traditional schooling for flexible schedules and personalized curriculum.

Exam Preparation Courses:

Accessible to students aiming for excellence in language proficiency exams and standardized tests.

Engaging Online Learning:

Accessed globally for remote education, providing flexibility and interactive learning.

Corporate Training:

Employed by businesses for workforce development, enhancing language proficiency and soft skills.

Why Acquire This Business?

Proven Success:

Demonstrated consistent growth and profitability.

Prime Locations:

Strategically positioned in Mont Kiara and USJ10 Subang Jaya, offering significant growth potential.

Diverse Courses:

Wide array of courses, including language classes and exam preparation, catering to various needs.


All necessary licenses secured, streamlining the transition for the new owner.

Strong Online Presence:

Significant online visibility, easily discoverable by potential students.

Tutor Database:

Access to a vast pool of tutors, facilitating flexible staffing and growth.

Key Benefits for Acquirers:

Diversified Revenue Streams: Multiple revenue sources from language courses, tuition, homeschooling, and corporate training.

Established Reputation: A business with a proven track record and a strong presence in prime locations.

Strategic Licensing: All required licenses secured, providing a seamless transition for the new owner.

Online Accessibility: Robust online presence, tapping into a global market for online courses.

Experienced Tutor Network: Access to a wide-ranging database of tutors for flexible staffing and sustained growth.

In summary, acquiring this business offers a unique opportunity to step into a well-established, diversified education enterprise with proven success and a promising future.

Assets Overview

Tangible Assets:

Renovation and furniture and fixtures:

Plaza Mont Kiara branch with a built-up set-up with an area of 2,500 square feet.

Classroom Facilities:

11 well-equipped classrooms with modern teaching aids and technology.


A dedicated library with a diverse collection of academic, English, and relevant books.

Common Areas:

Comfortable common areas for student interaction, fostering a sense of community.

Staff workstations and a pantry area for convenience.


Adequate restroom facilities on each floor for the convenience of students and staff.

Machinery & equipment.

Transportation vehicle.

Computer equipment.

Printing equipment etc.

Intangible Assets:

Business Licenses and Approvals:

Approval from the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN).

Approval from local authorities (DBKL).

Multiple Websites and CMS systems, HR Systems, and tutoring platforms.

Brand and Reputation:

Established brand recognition in the education sector.

Positive reputation for quality education services.

Curriculum and Educational Materials:

Existing curriculum and educational materials.

Client Database:

A database of thousands of clients including students and parents.

Digital Assets:

Websites and digital platforms.

Social media accounts and online presence.

Staff Expertise:

Experienced teaching and administrative staff.


Positive relationships with students, parents, and the local and international community.

Facilities Overview

Built-up Area:

The main branch, located in Plaza Mont Kiara, boasts a spacious built-up area comprising 2,500 square feet.

Number of Rooms:

The Plaza Mont Kiara branch has 11 classrooms, featuring dedicated spaces for classrooms, administrative offices, a library, and common areas.

Rental/Lease Details:

The main branch operates under a lease arrangement with a rental of RM 5,500 Monthly/RM66,000 Yearly.

Classroom Facilities:

Well-equipped classrooms are designed for optimal learning experiences, including modern teaching aids and technology.

Ample space for both individual and group learning activities.


A dedicated library space housing a diverse collection of academic, English, and other relevant books.

A quiet area for students to engage in private study or discussions.

Common Areas:

Comfortable common areas for students to interact, fostering a sense of community.

Staff workstations and a pantry area for convenience.


Adequate restroom facilities in each unit for the convenience of students and staff.

Implementation of security measures to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Capitalization Overview

Business is being funded by the owner with cash and only has one transport loan of RM130K. There are 3 shareholders and two directors. The majority of shareholders are Bumiputra Malaysian and hold 75% of the business. 25% of shares are kept by non-bumiputra Malaysian.

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