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Nonprofit Organisation Assets for Sale in The Hague, Netherlands

International court foundation & litigation law firm for sale based in the Hague, Netherlands.
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Ownership Duration 1-5 year(s)
Industries Nonprofit Organisations
Locations  The Hague
Local Time 6:07 PM America / New York
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Asking Price: USD 7 million (Native Currency: USD 7,064,000)
Reason: The founder wants to retire and hand over the organization to a solvent global player, who can furth... View More
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- This firm is a very reputable non-profit organization based in Hague, Netherlands, with subsidiaries and branches in USA, Brazil, United Kingdom, fighting against child kidnapping across the globe.

- Company has its name registered as trademark in the European Union.

- It operates in partnership with the United Nations (UN) Non-Governmental Liaison Service to achieve enforcement of the rights guaranteed by the various treaties and conventions at play as per its founding treaties. It also protects the due process rights of individuals as an operational INGO, and enforces international laws and treaties, which have been violated by member state parties of the various founding treaties of the court.

- The firm provides litigation services for "left behind parents" whose children have been wrongfully retained in other countries by the ex-spouses. It uses international laws and treaties to return these wrongfully retained children to their left behind parent and file tort claims against every "bad actor" who assisted in the wrongful retention and (parental) kidnapping of the child.

- It is the only child abduction court across the world and the pioneer in bringing litigation and tort claims against parental or governmental child kidnappers utilizing "universal jurisdiction" across international territories.

- The firm previously had 4 assistant judges and 4 lawyers across the world on its payroll, who enforce litigation cases against child kidnappers. The assistant judges analyze the various violations of international laws and treaties and issue custody orders to the left behind parent, based on these violations of law to return the wrongfully retained child to its legal domicile. Typical duration of any case ranges between 1.5 years to 3 years. However, the firm realized that the individual lawyer fighting against a "lawless" judge for example in the USA, cannot conquer the case without the power and strength of a global litigation law firm such as:

• Baker McKenzie.

• DLA Piper.

• Skadden.

• Clifford Chance.

• Sidley Austin.

• Hogan Lovells.

• Dentons.

• Allen & Overy.

- This firm currently has over 20 active clients, whose tort claims range in the area of USD 10 million per case. However, these cases require the hiring of some of the global law firms mentioned above, which needs further investment. The founder of this company has financed everything privately so far and is ready to retire now. Therefore, he is willing to sell this firm to a solvent investor who would like to bring it to the next level and reap the benefits of this very unique business model.

- Existing child abduction cases show won cases in the amount of USD 9.6 million (per case) for the left behind parent, whose civil and human rights have been violated. Currently, they have USD 80 million cases under management (USD 80 million is the value of all the litigation cases and tort claims against parental and governmental child kidnappers in favor of clients for the wrongful retention of their children).

- This business and IP sale will include transfer of all registration documents of this firm based in the Netherlands, practices, employees, legal powers, trusted partners and several subsidiaries registered in the USA and its embassy's in Brazil and London. Transaction does not include any physical assets, investor would need to establish new premises and assets based on the requirements.

- The founder of this firm has financed the entire operation privately plus received some donations from executives who appreciate the organization, however the real money is being made with tort claims against child kidnappers, which needs the financial power to pay for global law firms as stated above to represent the firm in various countries across the world.

- Every year 10 million children are being kidnapped across the world, therefore this has an incredible potential for growth due to millions of victimized "left behind" parents across.

- This firm only selects 100% prima facie cases, which provide rock solid evidence of law violations in favor of the left behind parent, therefore no resources are being wasted on child abduction cases, which could not be litigated successfully.

- The success fee for this firm from every tort case is 50% to 75% from the tort recovery fees. The cumulative value of these tort claim fees with our current cases under management roughly equates to USD 80 million.

- The tort claims are filed against the child abducting parent plus against the state, county, or country for severe human rights violations and governmental child kidnapping by violating several UN Conventions which the state parties have signed and ratified.

- Additional information can be found in the attached document or by contacting us.

- It has the powers to issue its own laissez passer diplomatic travel documents to all its employees and business associates. This feature alone is a tremendous business benefit for the right entrepreneur who knows how to take this institute to the next level.

- ISD code does not match with the business location because this is an advisor profile. Business is located in Netherlands, whereas the advisor's firm is located in Philadelphia, USA.

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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