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Profitable Bar for Sale in Ocracoke, United States

Bar and grill restaurant in North Carolina, receiving more than 100 daily customers.
- Bar and grill restaurant serving local seafood, Mexican cuisine and more than 200 craft beers located in Ocracoke, North Carolina. - Our restaurant has a seating capacity of 40 indoor and 48 outdoor seats. - On an average, we receive more than 100 customers on a daily basis. - Customers can also watch some of the most fascinating surfing videos and spear fishing videos running non-stop all day and night. - We have 18 video playlists of surfing and spear fishing with an average length of 5-6 hours each. - We also provide online services through our website. We receive around 30-50 orders per day through the website. - Physical asset includes 9 flat screen TVs, POS including 7 tablets with card readers for the floor and 4 tablets for the kitchen, 3 pass through refrigerated beer coolers, 1 double glass door merchandiser, 1 single door merchandiser, one 8x8 walk-in cooler, 1 double door prep top cooler, 1 double door freezer, 1 double door refrigerated unit, 2 pre-coolers with cutting boards, 1 single door freezer, 1 double door freezer, 1 double 1 / 2 keg cooler and draft system, 1 single door glass portion cooler, double shelf table and opener, 2 stainless preparation tables, 1 milk cooler ice box, 1 double door 10 pan steamer, 2 patio heaters, 2 ice buckets, 2 ice scoops, 1 ice shovel, 10 real surfboards hung on display. - Promoter has more than 5 years of experience in this business.
6.8   Ocracoke
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.4 million
40 %
Full Sale
USD 525 thousand
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