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Clinic Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

A hair treatment clinic business based in Mumbai serving 800 clients per year.
- Our Business is expanding both digitally & physically across India, Gulf & Worldwide. Both in the field of Hair Transplantation Services, Training, Products & Equipment’s, Stem cell Research. - Making India World Capital of Hair Restoration -Hair Transplant procedures are not covered under insurance, with Indian doctors having excellent ratings globally & cost of the same in India are 10% of developed world. - Huge medical tourism potential as India is poised to become world capital of cosmetic treatments. - Industry is growing at 30- 35%. - Promoters are doctors and have 20 years’ experience. - India is becoming pioneer in stem cell research. - Huge potential to expand faster through Internet, utilizing the power of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba. - Number of Hair Transplant clients at Mumbai Center - average 800 per year, Average revenue per client Rs. 40000 (USD-573). Number of nonsurgical Hair Loss Clients per year approx. 3000, with average tickets size Rs. 3000. - Mumbai Main Center is Approx. 5000 sqft. 3 storied building, asset value Rs. 10 Cr. - Our Clinic is featured in Indian & International media for our Stem Cell Research Work. - Our main USP is Introduction of Pioneering Stem Cell therapies in Hair & Skin Treatments.
9.2   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales
USD 700 thousand
40 %
Financial Investment
USD 140 thousand for 20% stake
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