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Profitable Cruise Line for Sale in Alappuzha, India

4 houseboats having a built-up area of 860 sqft each and can accommodate 10 guests.
- We have 4 operating luxury 70-foot architect design fleet of houseboats in Alappuzha, India at the industrial best rate with all licenses. - The houseboat built-up area is 860 Sq Ft and the carpet area is about 670 Sq Ft. - Each boat can accommodate 10 passengers excluding crew. - The hull is made of fiber and it has Mahindra DI engine for better fuel efficiency and lesser vibration. - Occupancy rate is around 40% throughout the year.
9.0   Alappuzha
Run Rate Sales
USD 400 thousand
39 %
Full Sale
USD 850 thousand
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Cruise Line Investment Opportunity in Malé, Maldives

Safari business operating surfing and cruising with an occupancy rate of 80% throughout the year.
- Safari business based in Maldives operating surfing and cruising. - We don't do any marketing, still we get back to back trips regularly for full surf season from our Australian agent who sells our bookings. - Also, we are registered with Maldives Liverboard Association and have won Maldives Boating Award for best surfing safari award. - We have an occupancy rate of 80% throughout the year. - Our cruise has 9 rooms with a dive boat. - Also, we have a bar offering different types of liquor, beer and other beverages.
9.2   Malé
Run Rate Sales
USD 510 thousand
35 %
Financial Investment
USD 1.5 million for 50% stake
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Cruise Line Seeking Loan in Mandalay, Burma

Tour and travel company seeking funds to build own 14 room luxury Cruise Ship.
- Company was founded in 2013 with 2 staff. We are now 30 member strong team. - In 2018 we served around 1,300 customers. - We were nominated for Asia Cruise Award in the past. - Few destination trips we cover are - Bagan, Inle, Kalaw, Bangkok, Katha, Popa. - Have tie ups with car rental companies and cruise companies to serve our customers. - We are building a new luxurious 14 room river cruise on Irrawaddy River and as per our study we expect 120 days occupancy through the year.
7.6   Mandalay
Run Rate Sales
USD 230 thousand
15 %
Business Loan
USD 500 thousand at 12% interest
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Cruise Line for Sale in Phuket, Thailand

For sale: Private charter company with a sailing catamaran in Phuket.
- Private charter company with a sailing catamaran in Phuket providing boat rental, professional skipper, multi-risk insurance, snorkeling equipment, meals, drinking water, national parks visit services. - We work only in high season which is from November to April. Average number of days worked last year was 86 days (operating period from November to April). - On an average we receive 12 booking per month. - Growth and development opportunities: offer TAT licensed travel agency services and yacht agent services. - Have a website with personalized CMS. - Have 5 star rating on Facebook and TripAdvisor and 4.8 star rating Google. - We have served local and international agents. - Physical asset value includes price of the boat which 34 feet. - Promoter has more than 5 years of experience in this business.
8.6   Phuket
Run Rate Sales
USD 120 thousand
30 - 40 %
Full Sale
USD 190 thousand
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Cruise Line for Sale in Langkawi, Malaysia

Yacht Charter Business with Commercial License for Langkawi Island cruises operating since the last 30+ years.
- The Yacht (72 ft) has been designed and owned by the business owner. - It's a Low cost, high profit margin business in Malaysia. - Has tremendous potential to develop to next level. - Business owns 1 Yacht and serves 50-100 customer every month. - Business is operational from 30+ years.
7.8   Langkawi
Run Rate Sales
USD 30 thousand
40 - 50 %
Full Sale
USD 130 thousand
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