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Leading Information and Communication Technologies Company Investment Opportunity in UAE

Distributor and Integrator of high-end IT, Security, Telecom, AV and Retail Systems and Solutions.
- Leading ICT vendor with cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive portfolio. - The company was incorporated in 2005 and through strategic partnerships and market placement and has grown from strength to strength. - Have tie ups with 1,000 plus Dubai, Abu Dhabi and International clients. - Dealing with 30 premium brands and have tie-ups with more than 25 vendors. - The team has 13 years of industry experience. - With our head office in Dubai and strategic partnerships in all major centers in UAE, we offer comprehensive IT solutions and products nationally and internationally, including technical on-site and remote IT support. - Our mission is to provide medium to large enterprises with a personal and pro-active approach to maintaining and improving their IT infrastructure, Telecom, AV and Retail systems and solutions, customized as per client requirements and to supply leading edge and premium products of reputed brands. - We function in two work models ie Business to Business and Business to Clients. - We procure hardware from accredited suppliers thus ensuring that clients benefit from the long-term flexibility and the best possible investment protection.
8.0   United Arab Emirates
Run Rate Sales
USD 6 million
25 %
Financial Investment
USD 1.4 million for 50% stake
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