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Profitable Advanced Polymer Company Investment Opportunity in Wyoming, United States

Company selling reinforced polymers to clients seeks funds to start own factory.
- We specialize in reinforced materials that are produced out of a staple crop. - Have patented technology and process to convert biocomposites and nano-composites into reinforced plastics. - Company has developed advanced natural fibre polymer filler technologies that can now be used in all plastics products, and with any type of polymers. - Until now the production process was awarded to a 3rd party manufacturer who produced the product using our proprietary technology. Now we are in the process to start our own production facility. - We supply our reinforced polymers to clients who use our products as a raw material to produce spoon, fork, fence, mould, sweatshirt, laundry basket. - Currently supplying our products to 4-5 major companies and we have larger buyers wanting to start purchasing materials from us. - We won the National Tech Connect award for product innovation from Tech Connect World. - Company does not have many staff as we were not into production. We will hire 10-12 employees once the factory is set-up. - Promoter has done Master's of Science in Agriculture and Applied Economics and has more than 20 years of experience in composites and polymers. - Business owns a patent, furniture, website, computers, few equipment and inventory.
9.8   Wyoming
Run Rate Sales
USD 1.2 million
37 %
Financial Investment
USD 2 million for 35% stake
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