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2 Restaurants Investment Opportunities in Barrackpore as on February 2020. Invest in a Restaurant in Barrackpore and 169 countries with profit margins up to 30% investment ranging from INR 7 lakh - 2.1 crore. Explore pre-screened Restaurants Investment Opportunities in Barrackpore with verified contact details, valuation details and business photographs. Join our 1,066,000+ member network to Invest in a Restaurant in Barrackpore. Create a Business profile to Get funding for your Restaurant in Barrackpore. Also check out Fine Dine Restaurants, Casual Restaurants businesses.

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Restaurant Investment Opportunity in Barrackpore, India

Restaurant serving 40 customers on a daily basis having 24*7 delivery services seeks funding.
- Restaurant serving around 40 customers daily. - Have a takeaway counter and our own delivery services which serves 24*7. - Operations was started in March 2017. - Owner has 2+ years of experience. - Also available to seek loan of 4 L repaying in 5 years with 10% interest.
5.6   Barrackpore
Run Rate Sales
USD 6 thousand
10 - 20 %
Financial Investment
USD 20 thousand for 40% stake
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Pet Care Company Investment Opportunity in India

Restaurant located close to an IT park and also has an online pet food store.
- The restaurant is located in a prime location near an IT park. - The outlet has 1 Kitchen, dining space & open space. - We serve fast food & its a pet friendly restaurant. We also have dog food menu including "dog beer". - This is a place where non-dog owners can also come and play with 11 resident well-trained Dogs. - The seating capacity is of 120 pax. - Customer Footfall - weekdays 150 & 300 on the weekends. - We also have an online site & where users can order fresh pet food. - Have tie ups with Zomato for the delivery service. - Also, have the facility of booking well-trained dogs for offices, schools or parties. - We charge a higher rate on weekends & holidays. - The place also has a portable swimming pool and trampoline for dogs. - 60% revenue is restaurant driven and 40% from the online pet store.
7.4   India , Barrackpore
Run Rate Sales
USD 220 thousand
30 %
Financial Investment
USD 140 thousand for 20% stake
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