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Coaching Centers Business for Sale in Thiruvananthapuram, India

Reputed yoga training center offering classes for trainers and international certifications through Yoga Alliance USA.
- Registered Yoga and Ayurveda training center for teachers, locals serving since 7 years. - Trained over 4,000 participants from around 20 countries till date. - 40% of our clients are foreigners. - Our facility is close to the Railway Station, Hospitals and is 30 minutes from the Airport. - We are ranked amongst the top 5 Yoga schools in Kerala by Yoga Alliance USA. - We offer 5 regular class every day with 30 to 50 participants in each class and we offer 4 classes every day with 30 to 40 participants in each class for professionals. - We also conduct classes for corporate clients and organize around 2 classes on a monthly basis. - Completed 12 to 15 classes for corporate companies. - We offer classes for 5, 10 and 20 days for our clients. - Ayurveda Herbal Beauty Care course is for 5 days. - Our main source of revenue is generated through training teachers for certification. - International license has to be renewed every year. - Have 4.4 star rating in Google and also good reviews in other platforms. - All our trainers have a minimum of 15 years of experience in training. - Buyer can also create a franchise model for the business or open more branches in other locations.
7.6   Thiruvananthapuram
Run Rate Sales
USD 100 thousand
22 %
Full Sale
USD 560 thousand
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Stock Market Education Platform for Sale, India

Highly Profitable and Scale-able Stock Market Educational Platform in India.
Our business is basically a Stock Market Literacy Platform wherein we conduct workshops and webinars on ‘How to trade in the stock market’ for beginners. This platform was formed with a simple mission to make Trading and Investing in the Stock Market approachable to one and all. As we know in India only 1 % of the population is actively involved in the Markets whereas in the US and other Developed Countries, its more than 50%. Such a Vast Gap in India is due to the Vast Ignorance about the markets. And this is where the potential lies for a business like us as India is totally an Untapped Market as regards to Stock Market Literacy on Trading and Investments. We are also backed and authorized by UPSTOX which is one of India’s leading discount brokers. The most Important Asset of this business is the creative asset i. e. The Course Structure that is used to conduct the Workshops & Webinars which has been Copyrighted. Basically, the Course has been created in a format that the complete Workshop can be conducted within 10 Hours. We generally conduct the Workshop for 5 Days with 2 Hours Class Each Day. So, 2-3 Batches can be conducted over a single 5 Day Event in different Batches such as Morning, Afternoon & Evening which can easily accommodate 50 or more participants. We charge Rs. 4000-5000 Per Head for attending the Workshops. So, 1 or 2 Workshops Per Month with mere 50 Participants being charged Rs. 5000 Per Head can easily generate Revenues north of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs Per Month of which excluding Advertisement and other Expenses of say Rs. 50 Thousand, still easily leaves us with a handsome Profit of around Rs. 2 Lakhs. Thus, the Buyer can recover his Investment within 5-6 Months of running the Business even if they conduct just 2 Workshops per month. It’s a Great Business Model as the Over Head Costs are so low and no limits to the Revenue as – More the number of Participants, Greater the Revenue with Costs increasing Marginally but Profits, Exponentially. (Because there is not much difference in Effort to conduct classes for 30 Students or 90 students, but the revenue generated can be 3 Times as more. ) And the Profit Percentage of a Business like this is above 70 -75% as here apart from the Marketing Campaigns, we don’t have any other major Costs as we are not selling a product but rather a Service. As per our experience, the Average Cost of Acquiring 1 Client via Social Media Ads is around Rs. 400 - 500. So, for every Rs. 400-500 spent on Ads, we got 1 Client booking the workshop which is a great ratio. Another great deal about this Business is that it is not open to a particular segment of the population. It's open to all. It can be a Student, a Housewife, a Employee, a Working Professional, A Doctor or a Retired Person, a Man or a Girl. Anyone can learn Trade in the Markets. So far, we have trained more than 350+ students. If it is a Live Workshop, a place will be booked to conduct the Workshop and for Webinars, we rely on platforms such a Go To Meeting and Join Me. This Business can be run easily by any person who has some working knowledge about the Markets. Also, the buyer can also opt to HIRE someone qualified to conduct the Workshops as an Employee, Commission or Profit Sharing Model. In this case he can run the business in multiple locations or turn the whole thing into an Institute operating in various parts of the country. Furthermore, the Copyrighted Course that we have can be converted into multiple Online Courses and they can become a Good Source of Revenue from Online Courses Portals such as Udemy and Teachable. Another Important aspect of the Course that is has been created in such a way that the whole Course of can also be converted into a BOOK 350 Pages long and be published via a Traditional Publisher or through Self-Publishing as an E-Book which too shall be a Revenue Stream for the Buyer. Thus, it’s a complete Set Up of the Business wherein the buyer gets everything Fully Set up and Functional - 1. The Website to give out Information and take Bookings. 2. The Copyrights of the Course Material to conduct Live Workshops, Webinars, Online Courses. 3. The Video Ads for Marketing via Social Media Campaigns. 4. The Facebook Business Page. 5. Promotional Flyers and Banners Designs. They can just leave out the Ads on Facebook / Instagram and Drive Traffic to Website and take Bookings on the Website and Conduct Workshops and Webinars across India or even the world. Plus, we shall assist the new buyer for 6 Months for any help or assistance they require on call.
8.4   India
Run Rate Sales
USD 25 thousand
70 %
Full Sale
USD 13 thousand
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