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Mobile Apps Company Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

Location based AR-Hyper-Local discovery application which provides 3D camera interface to display real time information.
- We are a Mumbai based AR startup and have been operational since the last 1.5 years. - The founder has done MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management and Research. - Our mobile based application is a platform for delivering location based services and real-time information using mobile augmented reality. - It uses a direct 3D camera interface to display real time information tailored to the user’s navigation needs in the form of P. O. Is (Points Of Interest) - We are a team of 5 people and have released 9 versions of MVP and have successfully tested it over 7 cities in the span of 6 months. - A unique way to interact with their environment to gain information, not just about events, locations, and facilities in the vicinity but also the people around them. - We have currently released our beta product which also integrates a breakthrough B2B business model, which looks at hyper-local analytics and Augmented Reality marketing solutions. - This B2B module will be driven by the B2C modules which include. [Social networking, treasure hunts (Gamified reality) ] - We are live on google playstore as a beta application from past 3 months.
7.2   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales
USD 2 thousand
3 %
Financial Investment
USD 70 thousand for 20% stake
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Newly Established Education Support Business Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

Mumbai-based business having learning solutions for kids using AR / VR, robotics, games and IoT.
- Unique learning solution - the only one to teach kids how to make their own games via mobile apps, and lead on to a long term program incorporating future tech (IoT) and Machine Learning. - Director has proven track record in developing a successful business from scratch with zero loan liability to almost 80 employees using the phase wise break even / profit rolling expansion formula. - Only curriculum that is practical, augments school learning and gives students a competitive edge. - Hosting a workshop in 1st week of June where it teaches kids to make their own games. - Business to also partner with Schools and colleges. - Very experienced crew (all having 10-15 yrs experience in software, gaming, media and teaching) which has enabled us to prepare real world relevant courseware. - Operations started in April with focus on developing social media presence and gauging local interest. - Expansion and funding to be phase wise. Target to break even in 4 months and only then expand further ensuring 5th month onwards is profit making. - Interest in edutech is pretty high with big players such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google.
7.6   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales
Operating at break even
Financial Investment
USD 35 thousand for 50% stake
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