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Profitable Database Software Company for Sale in United Kingdom

For sale: World's first un-hackable database software to prove data integrity in court of evidence.
• Unhackable database functionality that is both commercially verified and enterprise scalable. • Proactively addresses increasing data regulatory obligations of corporate and consumer marketplaces. • No technology development risk - secure & extensible application with robust, scalable architecture and software code - independently audited. • Outstanding technical credentials of the development team in delivering integrated enterprise IT platforms. • Ease of market entry - is designed to plug in and augment, there is no requirement to replace existing databases or change existing software architectures to provide plug-and-play functionality to thousands of business applications. • Represents immediate and massive market opportunity with seamless integration to existing databases - SQL, Oracle, IBM, Amazon RDS, NoSQL, in addition to cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and IBM. • Highly persuasive investment case with sustainable premium IRR. • Extremely significant additional revenue stream opportunities across the international enterprise and public sector client networks with a strong growth annuity profile. • Leading compliance verification tool with highest standard evidential certification set for multiple applications across many international commercial markets. • Delivery of premium risk management tool reducing overhead, insurance costs, and legal liabilities.
9.7   United Kingdom
Run Rate Sales
USD 7 million
40 %
Business for Sale
USD 12 Mn
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Database Software Company for Sale in Singapore, Singapore

For Sale: IT Company that offers a broad range of data-related services to its clients.
- Our company offers a broad range of IT services to our clients. - We have over 50 freelancers affiliated with our company. These freelancers are typically data management experts who reside in India, the United States, and Europe. - We have a team of 6 in-house IT experts. However, we hire freelancers in case the project requires additional manpower and expertise. They are paid on the basis of the type of project they assist in along with the number of hours they put in. There is no fixed periodical fee that must be paid to either of the freelancers. - We have served over 20 clients since inception and receive about 2-3 projects every month across all domains of services. - Each project has an average duration of 1 month and typically requires our company to hire 2-3 freelancers to assist our in-house team. - Over 70 percent of the company's total revenue is generated through our data management and digital marketing services. Currently, we have one ongoing project under the data management domain of services. - Our company generates revenue through two channels: one time fee paid at the initiation of all our services along with a recurring fee charged from the clients who require our data management and digital marketing services.
7.6   Singapore
Run Rate Sales
USD 90 thousand
20 %
Business for Sale
USD 230 K
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Database Software Company for Sale in Zagreb, Croatia

Online platform providing digital vault services with Amazon partnership and has 50 paid users.
- Start-up that provides a platform for people to preserve memories, files, and documents in a secure place and sharing them with others. - We currently have 50 active paid users on the platform. - Generate revenue by providing 4 subscription plans based on the years the user wants the service for. - Have partnered with Amazon cloud to provide our services. We only host user management. - The business was created after various market surveys and understanding the needs of the customers. - The stored documents are accessible using a unique code generated for each user. - The marketing, IT support, and other operations are done by contractors.
Online platform providing digital vault services with Amazon partnership and has 50 paid users.
7.1   Zagreb
Run Rate Sales
USD 120 thousand
50 - 60 %
Business for Sale
USD 270 K
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