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Ayursh - Home Healthcare Franchise Opportunity

7.8 / 10  ·  Established in 2021, 1 Franchisee currently, Headquartered in Bangalore

All Formats

Format Investment including Brand Fee Brand Fee Space Staff Exp. Monthly Sales Profit Margin Royalty
Clinic USD 12 - 18 thousand USD 6 thousand 750 - 1,000 Sq Ft 5 USD 5 thousand 25% We charge 5% royalty on monthly sales
Format Name Clinic
Investment USD 12 - 18 thousand
Brand Fee USD 6 thousand
Space 750 - 1,000 Sq Ft
Staff 5
Expected Monthly Sales USD 5 thousand
Profit Margin 25%
Royalty / Commission We charge 5% royalty on monthly sales

About Ayursh

Ayursh is an online therapy booking platform for patients to book age-old Ayurvedic Treatments and Physiotherapies with the help of modern technology.

Patients can book home care therapy appointments Online through our Websites and Mobile apps (Android and iOS) and avail pain relief, relaxation therapies at their doorstep. Patients can avail of these multi sessions/multiple weeks of treatments and therapies in the comfort of their homes. We have a team of certified and trained Ayurvedic panchakarma therapists from Kerala, Physiotherapists, Acupuncture Therapists and Yoga Therapists who would visit patients' homes daily and provide therapies for multiple weeks to months.

Ayursh Clinos is our technology platform that provides therapy bookings from patients to nearby Clinics/Doctors and Therapist partners globally. Clinos is a unified product by which multiple players Like doctors, healthcare service providers, therapists and patients are all brought under one ecosystem and they can coordinate, plan, guide, execute and monitor day-to-day therapies seamlessly.

We are able to generate sales of INR 5-8 lakhs as we cater to 50+ patients enquiries daily in Bangalore alone and perform 20+ therapies daily at patient home with average treatment cost of 2500/- per patient per day.

Products and Services

Online therapy booking platform to book home ayurvedic treatments and home physiotherapy services.

We provide treatments and therapies in the following areas:

Muscles and joints pain relief therapy packages @ home - Swedana and basti treatments. Medicated poultice massage and oilwell therapies for knee pain, back pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis, sciatica, lumbar spondylosis, gout, stroke,

Accident and gym injuries, muscular dystrophy, varicose veins, muscle stiffness, ligament injuries, ACL tears, Parkinson’s disease, numbness, diabetics neuropathy, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, etc.

Elderly care and bedridden care packages @ home.

Cancer care packages @ home.

Pre-natal and post-natal massages for both mother and baby @ home.

Relax and rejuvenate therapy packages @ home - Half body/full, body abhyanga (ayurvedic full body oil massage), padottama (foot massage), shirottama (head massage), shirodara (for depression and anxiety, stress-buster, insomnia, hair far, migraine, etc)

Skin and hair care packages @ home - face massage, ayurvedic facials, fruit facials, hair pack and bridal packages. home treatments.

And therapies for eczema, psoriasis, urticaria, etc.

Weight loss, body toning, and weight gain therapies @ home - udwarthanam therapy. powder massage with steam and medicated.

Heat poultice massages are done at home in multiple sessions.

Stroke recovery, sports/gym injury recoveries and post-surgery care @ home.

Mental wellness packages - ayurvedic therapies, psychological counselling and 1-to-1 personalised yoga at home.

We also provide treatments for Infertility, hypertension, sexual dysfunction & counselling, chronic fatigue syndrome, PCOD, obesity,

Migraine, sinusitis, dysmenorrhoea, acne, premature hair greying, hair fall & anti-ageing therapies.

Our doctors include diet plans and lifestyle modification suggestions.

We provide home ayurvedic treatments and home physiotherapists across India.

Preferred Locations

Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh, Thiruvananthapuram, Mumbai, Delhi.

How to get Ayursh Franchise?

Contact SMERGERS for further information on the same.

What are some of the things we look for in a Franchisee?

The partner will have to operate and manage a clinic/hospital, hire staff, uphold the brand image and provide home based healthcare services to the patients in their nearby area.

One can be Allopathy or AYUSH Doctor, Physiotherapist, Ayurvedic Therapist, Acupuncture Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Speech Therapist. They all can be benefitted with Ayursh Therapy Booking Platform.

Service provide should be willing to provide home services daily through their therapist or themselves in their nearby area.

Support you can expect from the company

We will provide huge number of patient leads, online Doctor Support, Guidance on therapy execution, technology/software support, customer relation management - CRM Tool, lead generation tool, ad and marketing support, pharmacy/medicine supply support, therapist training, doctor training, etc.

We will also enlist Clinic, Doctor Names in our Website for Patients to reach you directly.

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    • When was Ayursh established?
      Ayursh was established in 2021 in Bangalore and is reported to have 1 Franchisee currently
    • What is the investment required to take up Ayursh Franchisee?
      Investment required ranges from INR 10 lakh - 15 lakh depending on the format offered.
    • What is the space requirement for taking up Ayursh Franchisee?
      Space required ranges from 750 - 1000 sq ft depending on the format.
    • What Franchisee formats does Ayursh offer?
      Ayursh offers 1 format, i.e Clinic.
    • How to get Ayursh Franchisee?
      Contact SMERGERS for further information on the same.
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