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7.2 / 10  ·  Established in 2012, 1 Franchisee currently, Headquartered in Melbourne

All Formats

Format Investment Brand Fee Space Staff Exp. Monthly Sales Profit Margin Royalty
Laundry Lockers Installed in Buildings USD 24 - 50 thousand USD 3 thousand 150 - 500 Sq Ft 1 USD 18 thousand 16% 5% Royalty
Laundry Locker Kiosk USD 30 - 60 thousand USD 3 thousand 250 - 500 Sq Ft 1 USD 20 thousand 17% 5% Royalty
Format Name Laundry Lockers Installed in Buildings Laundry Locker Kiosk
Investment USD 24 - 50 thousand USD 30 - 60 thousand
Brand Fee USD 3 thousand USD 3 thousand
Space 150 - 500 Sq Ft 250 - 500 Sq Ft
Staff 1 1
Expected Monthly Sales USD 18 thousand USD 20 thousand
Profit Margin 16% 17%
Royalty / Commission 5% Royalty 5% Royalty


About Breezy Laundry Lockers

Breezy Laundry Lockers provides complete business system to enable individuals to start creating their own laundry locker business. We install electronic lockers with in apartment and office buildings that act as a drop off and pick up point for dry cleaning and laundry. We provide complete operating software including iOS and android app, driver routing, custom communications, payment gateway. Our website is built using Rub on Rails featuring brand and pricing. We provide laundry lockers, software, application, driver manifest, operation training for the franchise partner. They only have to look after the pick up, cleaning and delivery services.

Ideal for laundry businesses that want a low cost & proven way to dominate their market while cutting costs and extending their opening hours. Laundry Lockers are portable and can be installed in existing store fronts, local residential apartment buildings and commercial offices to act as a 24 / 7 drop off and pick up point for laundry and dry cleaning.

Products and Services

Offer a complete laundry locker system with equipment & software. Some of the features are show below:

1. Custom designed V7 Laundry Locker specs:

- A completely flat surface on all visible areas (no screws, rivets or grooves) for advertising and aesthetic purposes.

- Square shaped doors for aesthetics and Z shaped internal compartments for the hanging of long garment.

- Reinforced hanging bars for regular usage and large loads of garments.

- Gas powered hinges to keep the doors closed (otherwise people leave them in a mess)

- Noise reduction padding (mostly for when lockers are in lobbies & open areas where we people don't want to hear the slamming of metal locker doors)

- Anti scratch coating.

- Ventilation holes and optional artificial scent option (mountain air, clean laundry)

- Wide range of colours to suit your brand.

2. Electronic Locks:

- Locks are electronic and are powered by 3 AA batteries which is good for 18,000 openings. They flash blue when batteries need replacement.

- Locks are made of zinc alloy and come in three colours; silver, gold and black.

- Can be operated in public and in private (different settings)

- Locks come with over-riding RFID master / owner key.

3. Complete Operating Systems:

- User iOS and Android application: allowing customers to sign up, make an order, including order instructions, check order status.

- Detailed driver manifest and routing system for ease of pick up and delivery.

- Secure online payment systems managed through NAB transact.

- Automated SMS communication systems.

- Customer and business reporting.

- Support fees apply.

4. Full Custom Website:

- Custom coded (and therefore flexible for future development) website featuring your brand and colour scheme.

- Custom content (how it works, pricing) based off your business.

- Tried and tested how it works processes and content related to service delivery.

Preferred Locations

United States, United Kingdom.

How to get Breezy Laundry Lockers Franchise?

Connect with us through SMERGERS and we will guide you through the process.

What are some of the things we look for in a Franchisee?

Franchise partner must have interest in this business, has to invest and setup the outlet.

Support you can expect from the company

- We provide consulting and business set-up advice, marketing material (brochures, sales proposals example, posters, fliers, promotional emails), 500x branded laundry bags, supplier shopping list.

- Provide all equipment, systems / software, marketing material, custom branded website, training and support required for laundries, dry cleaners and laundromats to get set-up quickly and easily.

Profile Stats

  • 700+ Page Views
  • 100+ Investor Views

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Disclaimer: SMERGERS is a regulated marketplace for connecting business sell sides with investors, buyers, lenders and advisors. Neither SMERGERS represents nor guarantees that the information mentioned above is complete or correct.
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