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Global Floor Safety Network 7.9 /10

2001 Estd  ·  15 Dealers  ·  Vancouver HQ  ·  Listed By Management Member
This Company is on a Premium Plan
All Formats
Format Investment including Brand Fee Brand Fee Space Staff Exp. Monthly Sales Profit Margin Royalty
Authorized Dealer - Focused on a Single City USD 25 thousand USD 20 thousand 100 Sq Ft 1 USD 10 thousand 40% Zero royalties/fees forever.
Regional Supplier/Master Distributor USD 187 - 600 thousand USD 100 thousand 100 Sq Ft 2 USD 50 thousand 40% No royalties or fees forever.
Format Name Authorized Dealer - Focused on a Single City Regional Supplier/Master Distributor
Investment USD 25 - 25 thousand USD 187 - 600 thousand
Brand Fee USD 20 thousand USD 100 thousand
Space 100 - 100 Sq Ft 100 - 100 Sq Ft
Staff 1 2
Expected Monthly Sales USD 10 thousand USD 50 thousand
Profit Margin 40% 40%
Royalty / Commission Zero royalties/fees forever. No royalties or fees forever.
About Global Floor Safety Network
This is a safety technology company. Our niche is preventing slip-fall accidents on hard surface floors - something this director didn’t really think about before they gained personal experience with this. Some time ago the director's wife slipped, instantly went down hard, and ended up suffering head and facial injuries. This was very traumatic and scary for her, and as it turns out - preventable. Slip-fall accidents kill more than 21,000 people a year in North America, and costs are over USD 80 million a day in claims, along with lost time at work, and rehab. A huge issue and largely unknown to most people unless they or a loved one have experienced a fall.
The company is named the Global Floor Safety Network (GFSN). We have developed a chemical treatment (not a coating) for almost any hard surface, making it much less likely that someone will slip. It’s proprietary, proven (for over 20 years), and government-approved (even for use in food handling areas). The current markets are hotel lobbies, restaurants, public swimming pools, lobbies of office buildings, banks, assisted-living facilities, and condos.
GFSN’s business model is similar to a franchise. We sell licenses (somewhat like a franchise fee) for exclusive “territories”, i. e. a city, county, region, or state that grants the right to sell and apply their treatment solutions within that territory. There are no ongoing royalties or fees and the licensees benefit from all sales made in their territory including national accounts (think of Mcdonald's). The margins are outstanding, it’s a very simple business to operate - and it saves lives, reduces injuries, and can lower insurance costs, anywhere there are people, hard surfaces, and water.
We are looking for a number of licensees anywhere in the US or Canada. We believe that there are 3 ideal candidates for this business:
1. People that are thinking about or have already retired from corporate life, the military, fire/police/civil service, and are not ready to stop working entirely. This business is almost risk-free, has a low cost of entry, and is very simple and easy to run, either full-time or part-time.
2. Owners of companies that sell complementary products and services that may be interested in adding an additional, high-margin income stream to their business. These companies would include tiling companies, contractors, commercial cleaning companies, and pool companies.
3. Entrepreneurs that want to run a business in a massive market, earn great margins and help thousands of people.
Products and Services
We manufacture the "best in the industry" anti-slip products and solutions proven to dramatically increase safety and reduce accidents. Our product portfolio includes:
1. Safe Solution® anti-slip treatment - A non-hazardous, environmentally friendly,  mild chemical solution designed to revitalize and increase traction to most ceramic, quarry tile, porcelain tile, granite, and, for hotels, steel enamel bathtubs.
- Creates microscopic channels to prevent hydroplaning. Allows your foot to make contact with the surface at all times. The surface actually feels dry when wet!
- Exceeds (DCOF and SCOF) dynamic and static coefficient of friction safety requirements.
- Floor is ready to use immediately after treatment application. No unsightly tapes or mats.
2. TRES™ Rejuvenation - Traction Restoring & Enhancing System (Typically applied annually)
- Restores and enhances traction long-term and provides ongoing floor safety with continual reduction of slip-fall accidents.
- Floor is ready to use immediately after the rejuvenation application.
3. Clean Step™ (daily/weekly cleaner)
- A complimentary super low-residue cleaner designed to optimally maintain the properties of the Safe Solution® anti-slip treatment.
- A government-approved, water-soluble cleaner, and degreaser and proven anti-bacterial formula that is safe for the environment and is free of APEs (alkylphenol ethoxylates)
- Can be applied by being sprayed on, wiped on, brushed on, used in mop buckets, used in mechanical floor cleaning equipment, and in pressure washers.
- PROCAL 21™  removes calcium build-up and rust stains on pool decks. Very effective for tough stains, particularly around swimming pools. (annual application or as required)
Preferred Locations
United States, Canada.
How to get Global Floor Safety Network Dealership?
Connect with us over SMERGERS for further information.
Please call us for more details on the Regional Supplier/Master Distributorship.
What are some of the things we look for in a Dealer?
Ideal candidates for GFSN are entrepreneurs who are sales and business-motivated. Other candidates. will include industry-related people and businesses, including but not limited to, tile companies and tile setters, landscapers, building maintenance companies, handyman services, flooring installers, flooring installation companies, general contractors, and other related businesses.
Support you can expect from the company
We provide our owners with all the tools needed to succeed, exceptional sales and marketing programs that connect them with customers searching for our products and services.
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    • When was Global Floor Safety Network established?
      Global Floor Safety Network was established in 2001 in Vancouver and is reported to have 15 Dealers currently
    • What is the investment required to take up Global Floor Safety Network Dealer?
      Investment required ranges from USD 25 thousand - 600 thousand depending on the format offered.
    • What is the space requirement for taking up Global Floor Safety Network Dealer?
      Space required ranges from 100 sq ft depending on the format.
    • What Dealer formats does Global Floor Safety Network offer?
      Global Floor Safety Network offers 2 formats, i.e Authorized Dealer - Focused on a Single City,Regional Supplier/Master Distributor.
    • How to get Global Floor Safety Network Dealer?
      Connect with us over SMERGERS for further information. Please call us for more details on the Regional Supplier/Master Distributorship.
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