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Sultans Of Shave (Sultans) - Beauty Salon Franchise Opportunity

9.5 / 10  ·  Established in 2018, 2 Franchisees currently, Headquartered in Singapore

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Format Investment Brand Fee Space Staff Exp. Monthly Sales Profit Margin Royalty
Single or Multiple Outlet Franchise Format USD 36 - 73 thousand USD 7 thousand 200 - 400 Sq Ft 3 USD 22 thousand 20% 5% Royalty
Format Name Single or Multiple Outlet Franchise Format
Investment USD 36 - 73 thousand
Brand Fee USD 7 thousand
Space 200 - 400 Sq Ft
Staff 3
Expected Monthly Sales USD 22 thousand
Profit Margin 20%
Royalty / Commission 5% Royalty


About Sultans Of Shave (Sultans)

Sultans, a leading men's grooming brand that has been in business for 2 years. The business enjoys a long heritage as a well-known brand in Singapore. Over at Sultans barbershop, one can expect fuss-free and quality haircut at wallet-friendly prices yet enjoy the same top-notch service synonymous to the Sultans stable of brands. We combine inspiration and passion in our work for the art of male. We offer first-class customer service and a premium barbering experience to all of our customers.

Sultans' journey began with a quest to revive one of the oldest but less glamorous trades. The barber is a profession that dates back to ancient times, from being a highly favoured member of the royal court who served the Egyptian Pharaohs, to the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and more recently, to the British royal family. Through frequent travels, the founders of Sultans acquired their penchant for quality with today’s gentlemen in mind. They immersed themselves in the house of the quintessential gentleman and devoted countless hours to learn the art of shaving, engaging barbers and customers as well as sampling numerous products, all with the aim of perfecting the experience at Sultans, albeit with a contemporary twist to suit the modern male.

Sultans has established hand-picked and bespoke products which complement its wide array of services to discerning gentlemen. As a class of its own, Sultans' barbers are experienced, professional who espouse the brand’s philosophy for producing the finest barbering experience.

As a brand and a business, we endeavour to achieve the following milestones:

A. Service – To be recognized on an international level as our excellence in service.

B. Connectivity – To connect with and build a network of clients.

C. Recognition – To be an internationally recognized brand.

D. Advance – To be well advanced in our offering and well-equipped with the latest the industry has to offer.

E. Technology – We use technology to enhance the engagement with our customers.

F. Product – To have our own grooming product range for sale and distribution overseas.

Sultans is looking for dynamic partners to help grow and expand the Sultans brand together and with our franchisees to achieve our vision of being the leading men’s grooming service provider in the world.

Products and Services

Sultans’ core services are:

A. Haircuts.

B. Shampoo and head massage.

C. Traditional wet shaves.

Other services include facials, manicure, pedicure, scalp treatments.

Preferred Locations

China, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia.

How to get Sultans Of Shave (Sultans) Franchise?

Connect with us on SMERGERS and we will guide you through the process.

What are some of the things we look for in a Franchisee?

Franchise partner has to be dedicated, should invest to set-up the store, hire staff and look after the business.

Support you can expect from the company

As our valued franchisee, the partner will enjoy these benefits:

- The right to use the Sultans trademark.

- Training on how to maintain consistent and superb service quality.

- Guidelines on barbershop exterior and interior designs.

- In-house operations training.

- We will provide our franchisees with a complete and reliable franchise business system that includes a well-defined concept, corporate identity, documented operational processes, timely marketing assistance.

- Franchisees are also assured of continuous reliable and quality-driven support, Initial and on-going training for staff.

- Operations manual providing instructions on procedures, customer service, marketing and other aspects necessary to successfully operate the barbershop.

- Comprehensive training programmes – Since the success of Sultans' system depends on its people and uniformity of operations from barbershop to barbershop, our management has designated the training of its franchisee as its priority, making major commitments of time and resources.

- Franchisee will be trained in the area of barbershop operations, customer service, merchandising, promotions, financial reporting procedures and personnel management.

- We will send an onsite team at franchise partner's location in international countries to help with the facility set-up and training.

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    • When was Sultans Of Shave established?
      Sultans Of Shave was established in 2018 in Singapore and is reported to have 2 Franchisees currently
    • What is the investment required to take up Sultans Of Shave Franchisee?
      Investment required ranges from SGD 50 thousand - 100 thousand depending on the format offered.
    • What is the space requirement for taking up Sultans Of Shave Franchisee?
      Space required ranges from 200 - 400 sq ft depending on the format.
    • What Franchisee formats does Sultans Of Shave offer?
      Sultans Of Shave offers 1 format, i.e Single or Multiple Outlet Franchise Format.
    • How to get Sultans Of Shave Franchisee?
      Connect with us on SMERGERS and we will guide you through the process.
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