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Newly Established Medical Supplies Company Investment Opportunity in Singapore

Firm engaged in the trading of medical PPE equipment seeking seed capital to scale operations.
- We sell medical personal protective equipment supplies such as 1860 masks, isolation gowns, medical goggles, and surgical masks. - At present we have around 10 suppliers from Indonesia and China who are trusted and have reliable factories and quality control. - We accept a Letter of Credit and Escrow as a secured payment. - We have sold products to healthcare institutions in the USA and Hong Kong. Have sold 20,000 + units since inception. - The company has been incorporated in USA in order to support supply operations for our clients' demand in the USA. - We do not have any physical presence in the USA. - All administrative work is conducted from Singapore and the promoter who is based out of Singapore intends to incorporate a new legal entity in Singapore with new investors. - We are a verified and licensed PPE trader in Los Angeles County and registered and permitted to bid for PPE supply tenders from the US government.
8.2   Singapore
Run Rate Sales USD 90 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Financial Investment USD 15 thousand for 10% stake
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Telemedicine Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Provider of health and wellness services to mothers and infants in pre/post natal stage.
- Offer health and wellness services to mothers in both prenatal and postnatal stages. - We provide therapy, consultation, counselling and coaching services digitally and also in person. - We started as a home health services in massage therapy but now offer a hybrid model. - Our services are holistic and incorporate elements of Ayurvedic massage, yoga, nutrition, and homeopathy and are provided under a subscription model. - In addition to these home wellness services, we provide online infant care, mental health and yoga consultation services, and counseling services. - At present we offer the home wellness services in Bangalore and Hyderabad, with the help of 13-15 freelance certified and therapists. - Have offered our wellness services to over 3,500 mothers since inception. - Provide online consultations and counseling services across India with the help of consultants and mental health professionals with who we share revenue with. - The online consultations are provided through video calls and and our own Android and iOS app. - The website, Android and iOS app are built and maintained by a third party IT services company. - Are acknowledged as one of the top 10 health and wellness firms in Bangalore and are recognized for pioneering the business model for postnatal services in India.
9.4   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 57 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Financial Investment USD 570 thousand for 40% stake
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Newly Established Clinic for Sale in Bangalore, India

For Sale: Multi-specialty surgical clinic with world-class infrastructure located in a prime area in Bangalore.
- Multi-specialty surgical clinic located in a commercial area in Bangalore. - Our doctors specialize in laser surgeries and minimally invasive surgeries to treat varicose veins, haemorrhoids, fistula, pilonidal sinus, circumcision, and corn removal. - We also offer several cosmetology treatments. - Have served over 200 patients since inception. - We have a fully equipped OT, advanced medical equipment, 3 consultation rooms, 2 super deluxe rooms, a sterilization room, and a pharmacy. - We used to receive 60+ patients on a monthly basis pre-Covid and now receive around 10 - 20 patients. - This has led to a temporary dip in revenue. - In addition to the promoter, the facility is staffed by 2 well-experienced gastrointestinal surgeons, a senior vascular surgeon, and trained staff and who perform around 2 - 3 surgical procedures each week. - The surgeons are consultants available on call and the remaining staff are on the company's payroll. - Promoter is a doctor and has over 25 years of industry experience.
8.6   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 16 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 - 30 %
Business for Sale USD 100 thousand
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Hospital for Sale in Nagpur, India

For Sale: Hospital with 90 beds under construction which has been sanctioned and licensed.
- We are looking to sell a hospital that is currently under construction in Nagpur. - The company is registered in Mumbai but the hospital is being built in Nagpur. - There is basement parking that has been completed and we are planning on having ground + 6 floors. - We have received sanction for 90 beds and also have a hospital licence which the buyer would receive. - Hospital will be completed within the next 10 months and buyer can start operations immediately after that. - The property is centrally located nearby a market and a residential highway. - This is the second sanctioned hospital that is under development by us. Our group has previously constructed another sanctioned hospital.
8.4   Nagpur
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business for Sale USD 5 million
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Newly Established Care Home Investment Opportunity in Bay Point, United States

Company seeks project finance for a fully entitled mixed-use real estate development in Bay Point.
- Company plans to develop a fully entitled mixed-use project. - This would be an attractive townhome project which would be community-friendly. - Bart-able location (Bay area rapid transit) which is an opportunity zone. - Facility would be great for walks and bike-scores. - There is immediate freeway access from the property. - Facility will have 16 townhomes, 10 apartments, 2 commercial shops and boutique, office space, adult assist care centre. - Property has been finalized but yet to be purchased. - Facility will be completely operated by us. - Promoter has worked on many acquisitions and real estate projects in the past.
7.2   Bay Point
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 4 million for 60% stake
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Dentist Clinic Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

Modern multi-specialty dental clinics with high-tech equipment in Mumbai, Vadodara, and Agra seeks funds for expansion.
- Company runs 3 modern multi-specialty clinics located in prime residential areas of Mumbai, Vadodara, and Agra. - Have modern dental equipment and an X-ray machine. Tied up with other labs to provide diagnostic services. - Have treated more than 1,000 patients through our clinics. - We receive 5-10 patients daily at each clinic. - We welcome every patient providing them initial checkups and consultation free of cost, with the aim to raise dental awareness. - Have 150-200 patients subscribed to our yearly dental checkup packages. - Our plan is to expand the brand by setting up 10-15 outlets in the Mumbai and Pune region and to expand pan India through a franchising model. - Promoter is a dentist and has over 10 years of experience.
8.0   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 11 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 - 30 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 49% stake
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Newly Established Nutraceuticals Company Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad, India

New-age startup that has developed a nutritional product to provide complete balanced nutrition to consumers.
- It's a new age startup that has developed first of its kind nutritional product which can be consumed on the go without any hassle. - Our nutritional product is a ready to consume beverage and it contains specialty ingredients like beta-glucans immunity booster that will be helpful in developing immunity. The consumers need not depend on multiple products to meet their nutritional goals. - Looking for funds to outsource the manufacturing process, increase inventory and make our nutritional product available in the market. We'll outsource the manufacturing process to 1 manufacturer in Maharashtra. - We plan to sell our nutritional product through supermarkets, eCommerce websites (Flipkart and Amazon) and also through our own website on subscription model (weekly or monthly subscription). - Senior management has 2 years of experience working at Amazon and 4 years of experience working at a food startup. - Company is registered in Vijayawada at director's home address. However, our office and team operates from Hyderabad based office.
8.0   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 40 thousand for 15% stake
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Gym for Sale in Bangalore, India

Gym located on the main road with 2 floors having 200 active members.
- We are a full-fledged gym with over 200 active members. - The gym is located in a commercial area and on the main road with good visibility. - Temporarily shut due to the ongoing pandemic. - We have two separate floors for cardio and strength. - We are registered with Fitternity to provide online gym training. - Offer a plethora of membership plans on a monthly and annual basis. - Have 4 trainers hired currently.
6.9   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin 30 %
Business for Sale USD 40 thousand
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Pharma Marketing Company for Sale in Mumbai, India

For Sale: Pharma marketing company with 16 brands and licenses to export to countries in Africa and Europe.
- Pharma marketing company with 64 registered products and 16 brands. - Our product portfolio includes antibiotics, antibacterials, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, nutraceuticals, and cardiovascular, diabetic and oncology care drugs. - The business has suspended operations since February 2020 due to an internal promoter conflict. - Prior to the suspension, 100% of revenue came from export operations and in addition to the 16 brands, the business used to export over 200 generic drugs on an ad-hoc basis. - The business had partnered with a well known French distributor who handled all distribution operations in Europe and Africa. - The business also had 2 direct distributors in Ivory Coast and Republic of the Congo respectively. - The pharmaceutical drugs were manufactured by 5 third party manufacturers in India from the states of Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Uttarakhand. - Out of these, 3 of the manufacturers have a Loan Liability (LL) arrangement with the company. - Since the operations have been suspended, the business has no employees on payroll at the moment. - The business owns over 8 trademarks. - The business is debt-free and has all of the IP required to scale operations.
7.2   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business for Sale USD 1.4 million
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Hospital for Sale in Mangalore, India

For Sale: 20-year-old, 60 bed hospital at a prime location of Mangalore.
- We are a multi-speciality hospital that has been operating for the past 20 years in Mangalore. - Hospital has 60 beds and we generally receive 50 to 100 OPD patients in a day and it can go up to 150 patients out of which 40% require hospitalization (indoor). - There are 3 permanent doctors and 20 visiting doctors. - Hospital has 2 general wards, 36 private rooms, two OTs, LT, a fully equipped laboratory, pharmacy, USG, X-Ray, ICU, TMT, EEG, echo, and dental room with equipment. - Currently, we are running the hospital on 3 floors and if the hospital is completely used it can house approximately 100 beds. - There is approval for expansion and can expand up to 5 stories.
7.4   Mangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 400 thousand
EBITDA Margin 35 %
Business for Sale USD 2.7 million
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Clinic Seeking Loan in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Company with an operational clinic plans to acquire additional clinics and pharmacies.
- We are an operational clinic in Sharjah that plans to acquire additional clinics and pharmacies under a single brand. - Presently our clinic is a general clinic which gets around 40 to 50 patients daily. - We plan to turn it into a specialty clinic focusing on family medicine, physiotherapy, dietician services and other such specialized fields. - The clinic has 2 full time doctors and we have 3 more doctors who are yet to join us but will shortly. - We are looking to acquire a clinic in Ajman and an additional one in Sharjah. - Have not acquired the clinics yet as we are still in the planning phase and would finalize on the clinics once we receive funds. - Also plan to acquire 3 pharmacies across Sharjah and Ajman. - Promoter has more than 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry.
7.1   Sharjah
Run Rate Sales USD 160 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 %
Business Loan USD 800 thousand at 15% interest
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Alternative Medicine Company Seeking Loan in Tehran, Iran

Company producing & distributing natural and herbal medicines is seeking funds to launch new products.
- Manufactures natural, herbal medicines and supplements and formulations in the form of tablets, and capsules. - Have tied up with a third party manufacturer for production. - We have two products and produce about 36,000 packets of each product every month. - We sell our medicines through dealers and have 20-30 dealers in our network and now intend to export these to other countries. - All the products are sold under our own proprietary brand. - The average price of each packet is EUR 6. - We are 3 investors from Australia, the UK, and Europe working together. - Have a research and development unit that works on the formulations and product specifications. - Sales have dropped due to the pandemic. - Also, have 25 products in the pipeline out of which we expect to launch 2 of them next month. - The product formulations and all other required material is ready.
6.8   Tehran
Run Rate Sales USD 1.4 million
EBITDA Margin 0 - 10 %
Business Loan USD 60 thousand at 12% interest
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Pharma Marketing Company Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

Dermocosmetic product seller with 12 products and 35 distributors.
- Company sells dermocosmetic products under its own brand name. - We have a third party manufacturer and the products are formulated in a world class American R&D lab using international cosmetic ingredients. - Our formulations include face serums, sunscreens, hair care and emollients. - We have around 12 products and have a brand for each of these products. - Products are sold in Delhi, Mumbai and UP through distributors. - We have 30 to 35 distributors who sell the products to medical shops.
6.6   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 160 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Financial Investment USD 270 thousand for 30% stake
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Newly Established Hygiene Products Company Seeking Loan in Mumbai, India

Company engaged in the personal care and hygiene product space with 2 products launched.
- We sell personal care and hygiene products through online methods as well as through retail stores. - Launched the product online through our website last month but we sold it offline for the last 6 months. - We have 2 distributors through whom we sell our products in retail stores in Mumbai. We are currently working on making the product available pan India. - Currently we have 2 SKUs and we plan to introduce 4 more SKUs in the next 6 months. - We own the proprietary right to the formula of the product and use a contract manufacturer to produce our products. - On a monthly basis we have the capacity to produce and sell around 10,000 bottles of product. - Brand has a registered trademark and marketing is done solely through social media and word of mouth.
6.9   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 33 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business Loan USD 200 thousand at 12% interest
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Pharma Marketing Business for Sale in Delhi, India

Pharma marketing company with 22 products, 8 major distributors and a network of 700+ doctors.
- Pharma marketing company of orthopedic and dermatology products. Have a wide product range consisting of 22 different items. - We have tied-up with 3 distributors in Delhi and 5 in Punjab. Our top distributors are Neelkanth and DC Agencies. - Run rate sales have fallen due to the ongoing pandemic. Over 3-4 products are in short supply currently. - Have entered into an agreement with 5 manufacturers regarding production. Product prices are marked up 3 to 4 times. - The entire core team of 6 members is engaged in marketing (primarily off-sales). - Our products are prescribed by over 700 doctors across north India. - We also sell our products on online portals like 1mg but we primarily generate revenue through off-line sales. - Promoter has over 25 years of experience in the pharma marketing industry.
7.1   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 57 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business for Sale USD 400 thousand
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Beauty Salon for Sale in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For Sale: Functional ladies beauty salon for sale in Business Bay with 12 - 20 daily customers.
- Functional ladies beauty salon at a prime commercial location in Business Bay is up for sale. - Cater to the middle upper segment of the market. - The salon is located on the ground floor at the back of the building (not facing the main road, but facing the lake with a big sign at the main road) - The salon is recently renovated, well decorated and excellently maintained. The salon consists of a reception, one big hall for hair and nails, 3 separate rooms, one store room, kitchen and toilet. The salon has excellently maintained furniture. - The business receives over 12 to 20 customers on a daily basis and have 6 hair styling specialists and beauticians. - Excellent opportunity to invest into a beauty salon with low entry costs and cheap monthly rent considering the location.
9.3   Dubai
Run Rate Sales USD 180 thousand
EBITDA Margin 2 %
Business for Sale USD 80 thousand
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Pharmacy for Sale in Delhi, India

For Sale: One of the most trusted and popular pharmacy in North Delhi, India.
- Well-known pharmacy in North Delhi that has market presence for more than 30 years. - It's located at a prime area (DDA market) with many residential apartments and houses nearby. - The pharmacy sells medicines through over the counter and also through home delivery. Generate 66% of sales through over the counter and remaining 34% through home delivery. - For home delivery, our customers call us directly and we deliver it using 2 motorcycles covering a radius of 5 kms. - Have a well trained staff and they will be transferred to new owner along with the business. - Business has the drug license and GST certificate.
7.5   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 500 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 %
Business for Sale USD 540 thousand
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Nutraceutical Sales Partner Opportunity

Arcturus Pharma, Established in 2019, 20 Sales Partners currently
  • 1000+ Page Views
  • 300+ Investor Views
Arcturus markets a range of prescription nutraceuticals to complement healthy ageing. All our products are first time launches in India in alliance with global partners. Products are clinically proven and evidence based. Products have been concept tested and marketed to select doctors across some of the cities in India and has gained very good endorsement. We are now looking to expand our footprint pan India through sales partners.
8.4   Expanding in Ahmedabad
Expected Monthly Sales USD 1.4 thousand
Space Required 100 - 120 Sq Ft
Investment Required USD 1.4 - 2 thousand
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