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Import / Export Businesses Seeking Loan

Results 1 - 18 of 50 - Import / Export Businesses Seeking Loan as on September 2020. Lend to an Import / Export Business from 175 countries with profit margins up to 40%. Explore pre-screened Import / Export Businesses Seeking Loan with verified contact details, valuation details and business photographs. Join our 1,464,000+ member network to Lend to an Import / Export Business. Create a Business profile to Get a loan for your Import / Export Business.

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Consumer Electronics Company Seeking Loan in Doha, Qatar

Importer and wholesaler of spare parts for air conditioners, fridge, and washing machines in Qatar.
- Company imports spare parts for air conditioners, refrigerators, coolers, and washing machines. - We have a rented shop through which we sell the spare parts and provide maintenance services to retail and wholesale clients. - Spare parts are sourced from local suppliers in Doha, and 15+ suppliers from UAE and China. - Have 50+ wholesale clients more than 80% of our sales are generated through wholesale buyers. - Have 2 own delivery vehicles for transporting bulk orders to the client's warehouse. - We have orders in hand worth QAR 500,000 and need funds to import the spare parts from a Chinese supplier.
7.2   Doha
Run Rate Sales USD 330 thousand
EBITDA Margin 0 - 10 %
Business Loan USD 55 thousand at 10% interest
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Import / Export Business Seeking Loan in Kolkata, India

Exporter of agro & mineral products seeks working capital to execute orders in hand.
- Merchant exporter of vegetables, agro commodities, and mineral products. - We only deal with exports and we source the products from local suppliers. - We handle orders worth INR 10 crore on a monthly basis. - Have 13-14 clients in Bangladesh, UAE, and Sri Lanka which includes manufacturers and processing companies. - Currently, we have orders worth INR 15-16 crore in hand. We have also identified potential buyers to expand the business and target exports of around INR 15-20 crore each month. - We have experience in handling exports since 2017.
7.4   Kolkata
Run Rate Sales USD 16 million
EBITDA Margin 6 %
Business Loan USD 800 thousand at 12% interest
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Newly Established Apparel Wholesale Business Seeking Loan in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Apparel manufacturer, exporter, and sourcing agent for 6 brands in the USA, UK, Denmark, Dubai, and India.
- Manufacturer, exporter, and sourcing agent for garments. - We manufacture garments as per our client's orders and specifications. We source the fabric and raw material from local suppliers in Dhaka. - Have a rented production facility for making pants and we have a capacity of 40,000 pieces per month. For the production of other types of garments, we have tied-up with local manufacturers. - Have 6 clients from the USA, UK, Denmark, Dubai, and India. - Have a very good and sustainable business relationship with our customers. - We are highly professional and the promoter has over 12 years of industry experience. - Our revenue has dropped since last year due to lower demand during the pandemic.
6.5   Dhaka
Run Rate Sales USD 70 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 %
Business Loan USD 12 thousand at 10% interest
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Newly Established Import / Export Company Seeking Loan in Bangkok, Thailand

Rice exporter from Thailand to Philippines that has tie-ups with 3 rice mills in Thailand.
Company specializes in exporting rice from Thailand to Philippines. During the last year, we registered our company and met only 1 large order of 40 containers that year. This year due to COVID-19, our revenue has reduced as we were able to export only 2 containers last month. Our business model is to buy rice from Thailand and export it to wholesalers and retailers in Philippines. Have 3 wholesalers and 20 retailers in our network. We have established tie-ups with 3 rice mills in Thailand to produce rice of different grades. Our aim is to export at least 20 containers per week. However, due to shortage of funds, our capacity to export is only 2 containers per week.
6.9   Bangkok
Run Rate Sales USD 600 thousand
EBITDA Margin 11 %
Business Loan USD 320 thousand at 14% interest
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Newly Established Automotive Accessories Company Seeking Loan in Surat, India

Newly-established manufacturer and exporter of car seat covers that has tied up with 5 suppliers.
- Manufacture and export car seat covers in 3 varieties i. e. leather, fabric and velvet. The leather and velvet car seat covers are for the premium market. - Our factory has a daily production capacity of 200 - 400 units. - The business has an export license. It is exclusively focused on exports and are does not sell the products in the domestic market. - We have tied up with over 2 suppliers of leather, 2 suppliers of fabric and 1 supplier of velvet. - In the previous month, we completed an order of USD 21,000 (INR 15 lakh approximately). The gross margin on that order was 25%. For that order, we exported 1 container of fabric car seat cover weighing around 5,706 kg. The order was from a Gulf country. We received over 75% of the payment already. - We are currently negotiating with a US client on the pricing of an order and we are also in discussion with 3 other potential clients. - Business has hired 32 employees on a contract basis. - Promoter of the business has prior experience in manufacturing and selling car seat covers in the domestic market.
6.6   Surat
Run Rate Sales USD 120 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Business Loan USD 27 thousand at 10% interest
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Construction Materials Company Seeking Loan in Paramaribo, Suriname

Importer and distributor of building materials, silicones and sealants in Suriname seek funds for orders.
- 15-year old Paramaribo based business that deals with construction and building materials. - We import silicones, sealants, building materials, hand tools, painting tools, other construction materials and distribute across Suriname. - Import from 5-7 manufacturers in the UK, Poland, Holland. - We sell the products to more than 700 retail stores in Suriname. - Recent sales have reduced due to COVID and import / export restrictions. - Have all the required documents and import license to run the business. - Physical assets include land and warehouse.
6.0   Paramaribo
Run Rate Sales USD 264 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Business Loan USD 60 thousand at 10% interest
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Import / Export Business Seeking Loan in Pune, India

Startup merchant exporter seeking working capital to export perishable goods including frozen fish, chicken, and vegetables.
- Merchant exporter seeking working capital to export vegetables, onions, frozen chicken, and fish from India. - The business was registered in 2018 and is yet to start commercial operations. - Have identified potential buyers in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, and countries in West Africa and the Middle East. - We expect to target exports of around 150MT of produce each month. - The produce will be bought locally and orders will be procured, from a network of 15-20 already identified agents. - The frozen chicken will be sourced from reputed brands such as Sugna chicken, Venkys, and Baramati Agro. - The vegetables and fish will be sourced from local vendors and fisheries respectively. - The business has a valid IEC license and GST registration and will operate with an average gross profit margin of 13.75%. - We plan to offer a credit period of 15 days to our customers. - Promoter has experience in handling import-export operations since 2003.
6.8   Pune
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business Loan USD 2.4 million at 10% interest
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Import / Export Company Seeking Loan in Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Sea ​​fish processing and export business with a 3,000 sqm rented processing plant.
- ​​Fish processing and export business in Banyuwangi, Indonesia that has been operational for 12 years. - We process, freeze and sell different types of fish packed in 10kg cartons. - Quality standards are always given priority because we have buyers from 6 countries and the number of buyers increases every month. - We export our products to buyers in the US, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea, Japan. - Our factory has received several awards for processing and cleanliness. - On average we export 4 containers a week and each container's capacity is 27 metric tons. - Our storerooms have the capacity to store 750 tons of processed fish. - Have another corporation under a different company for shipping to deliver our products around the world. - Our sales fluctuate depending on the demand and export quantity, as a result, our recent sales are low. But we see it increasing in the coming months. - Physical assets include commercial freezers, processing equipment and machinery.
7.1   Banyuwangi
Run Rate Sales USD 4.3 million
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Business Loan USD 440 thousand at 10% interest
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Import / Export Business Seeking Loan in Veraval, India

Seafood exporter with a yearly production of 2,500 MT and export operations to 5 countries.
- Export of frozen seafood to China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Bangladesh. - Have exported over 300 containers so far. - Export around 2,500MT of seafood each year. - We export roughly 7-8 MT of fish each day. - The produce is bought locally and we get orders from 15-20 agents. - Have rented a factory for fish processing that has a capacity to sort and package 22 MT of fish every day. - Have also trade financed the export operations of other exporters for a commission. - Have completed around INR 40 lakh of trade financing deals so far. - Revenue from trade financing is not significant at this point. - Physical assets include inventory.
8.7   Veraval
Run Rate Sales USD 3.3 million
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Business Loan USD 1.4 million at 12% interest
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Newly Established Import / Export Company Seeking Loan in Thoothukudi, India

Manufacturer and exporter of organic grains & spices to Qatar, having 400+ regular clients.
- We are a NPOP certified exporter and manufacturer of organic grains & spices under own brand. - We procure raw materials and products from more than 30 farmers and 10-15 certified organic product suppliers. - We produce 3 tonnes of grains and spices per month. - Have around 400 regular customers in Qatar. - We also have our retail store in Al Khor, Qatar where in we receive 20-30 customers on a daily basis. - Company has IEC license. - Our assets include website, license, machinery and stock. - Promoter has more than 3 years of experience in this business.
7.8   Thoothukudi
Run Rate Sales USD 33 thousand
EBITDA Margin 9 %
Business Loan USD 40 thousand at 18% interest
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Import / Export Company Seeking Loan in Chertsey, United Kingdom

Coffee, tea, cashew trading and processing company mainly operating from Mysore.
- International agricultural commodities trading and processing company operating since 2007. - Company is registered in the UK with an operating office and has 2 processing plants in India and Africa. - We are involved mainly in coffee, tea and cashew. - Company has own processing units in India and Africa capable of processing 12,000 Metric Tons of coffee per year and we are utilizing about 60% of the capacity. - We export processed products to Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, USA and the Middle East. - Company has a valid IEC license. - Business owns land, factories, machinery, equipment and vehicles.
8.4   Chertsey
Run Rate Sales USD 1.7 million
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Business Loan USD 10 million at 6% interest
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Granite & Marble Business Seeking Loan in Mangalore, India

Business trading in Granite, selling it to clients in China, Japan, Poland and neighbouring European countries.
- Business trading in granite blocks and slabs, based in Mangalore that started operations in 1997. - We purchase raw granite from Norway, Poland, Brazil and 35 mining businesses in India. - Have our own factory in Mangalore where the granite is processed. - Raw granite is sold to companies in China and Japan who use this as raw material for their production. Semi-finished and finished granite is sold to Poland and neighbouring European countries. - Looking to set up a second factory in Mangalore to increase production capacity. Funds will be used for this purpose. - Physical assets include land, factory, machinery, raw material and stock.
7.8   Mangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 2 million
EBITDA Margin 18 %
Business Loan USD 5.4 million at 14% interest
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Import / Export Business Seeking Loan in Mumbai, India

Import and export company that trades building material, timber and spices between India and Africa.
- We are an import and export trading company with offices in India, China and Africa. - Products are sourced in India and Africa and sold to clients in India and Africa as required. - Have around 13-15 buyers both in India and Africa. - Mainly trade in timber, building material, spices and pulses but we can trade in any product including pharmaceuticals and automobiles. - Company has 3 suppliers in India and 3 in Africa. - Promoter has over 12 years of experience in the shipping industry. - Company is asset light and does not have any physical assets.
6.3   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 50 thousand
EBITDA Margin 7 %
Business Loan USD 34 thousand at 10% interest
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Electric Equipment Wholesale Business Seeking Loan in Mumbai, India

Exporters of electrical components based in Mumbai, having 5 overseas clients in Oman, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain.
- Exporters of electrical components and other electrical accessories based in Mumbai. We are operating since 2018. - We deliver our products to various industries including electrical, mechanical, fastening, fluid power, earthing and lightening protection. - Have many vendors based in India and have 5 overseas clients. They are based in Oman, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain and Africa. - Currently we deliver 5 shipments in a year. - We strive to delivery error-free, competitive, high quality products & services on time to meet & exceed our customers expectations. - Our assets include website, office equipment, tools, and client database. - Promoters have 15 years of industry experience.
6.0   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 110 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Business Loan USD 20 thousand at 10% interest
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Import / Export Business Seeking Loan in Ranchi, India

Starting a jaggery exporting business for European and Australian market.
Firm has recently acquired FIEO, IEC and GST licenses. We plan to export jaggery to European and Australian market. Have spoken to 20-30 suppliers from Maharashtra, Goa and Kerala who would package and ship the products directly to clients. Our range of products would include jaggery in solid, powder and liquid form. Founder has been in the trading industry since 5 years specifically trading forest products and seed oils. We currently have an office set up in Ranchi. Business owned assets include furniture and a laptop.
6.5   Ranchi
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business Loan USD 70 thousand at 13% interest
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Furniture Store Seeking Loan in Cirebon, Indonesia

Manufacturer of indoor and outdoor rattan furniture exporting to 5 retail and wholesale clients.
- Furniture manufacturing company in Cirebon running since 2014. - We manufacture indoor and outdoor furniture such as natural rattan, lloyd loom, synthetic wicker. - Supplying to 5 international clients. - Clients are from Germany, Australia and Netherlands. - 4 clients are retailers and 1 is a wholesaler. - We have a valid Export license. - Business owns manufacturing equipment, raw material and finished products inventory.
6.5   Cirebon
Run Rate Sales USD 430 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Business Loan USD 110 thousand at 11% interest
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Import / Export Business Seeking Loan in Nellore, India

Aquaculture produce trading business, purchasing from 20 agents and selling it to 15 exporters.
- Aquaculture produce trading company that focuses on shrimp based in Nellore inviting lenders for an business loan without property collateral. - Shrimp are purchased from 20 agents in Andhra Pradesh, Chennai and Orissa. We sell the shrimp to exporters and currently sell to 15 such companies. - The firm is asset light and does not maintain any storage. The shrimps are purchased, packaged and transported on the same day removing the need for storage. - Revenue has increased this year as we took a loan which helped us purchase larger quantities and sell more. - Promoters of the firm have significant background in the shrimping industry with experience in operating hatcheries on a lease basis as well as family businesses in the industry.
5.9   Nellore
Run Rate Sales USD 20 million
EBITDA Margin 2 %
Business Loan USD 1.4 million at 13% interest
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Newly Established Import / Export Company Seeking Loan in Nashik, India

Company with 4 vendors planning to export different variety of rice to Dubai, seeks investment.
- Newly started company planning to start an exports business. - Planning to export different types of rice to Dubai. - Have 3 to 4 vendors who supply products to us in large quantity. - Company has a valid Import and Export license. - Promoter has more than 5 years of experience in this industry. - Business owns an office, furniture and IEC License.
6.6   Nashik
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Business Loan USD 700 thousand at 11% interest
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