3 Simple Steps to Improve your Rating
Provide Complete and Relevant Information

This is the easiest way to improve your Score. Provide as many relevant details as possible in your profile, including your picture/logo, and get a 100% Profile Strength Rating. It’s important for businesses to completely understand your background and interests before sharing any confidential information with you.

Be Responsive and Active on SMERGERS

Another easy way to get a high rating. Respond to all business proposals either by accepting or rejecting them. Respond to messages and introductions from businesses as quickly as possible. Frequently check for new business on SMERGERS and connect with those that match your requirements.

Be Professional on SMERGERS

While interacting with businesses, keep in mind that your behavior and communication reflects positively on you and your ability to close transactions. Additionally subscribe to our Professional plans to show you are serious and connect with many businesses. A good feedback from such interactions will improve your score drastically.