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Profitable Yachts and Boats Company Investment Opportunity in West Palm Beach, United States

Company is into the yacht lease, fractional yacht & jet ownership & real estate rentals.
- We have been incorporated in the State of Florida. We started operations as an R&D co in a fractional yacht space. We also expanded to include yacht charter, fractional yacht ownership of fractional yacht sales and real estate rentals of our current vacation properties in Mexico and Spain. - Principals of our company started operations as real estate developers via Ontario, Canada-based company. The model included the acquisition of undervalued properties in Canada, such as the office complex in the industrial area and distress or the purchase of highly desirable luxury condominiums. - The Company expanded in other areas of “tourist-based” real estate holdings. In other words, the properties that cater to most holidaymakers and the properties of style and substance. The properties were leased through various online agencies, to name a few, such as Trip Advisor, FlipKey, AirBnB and others. - The company later discussed the idea of entering public markets and started to establish a "blank check" sector. The business has remained a volatile and indecisive one. According to their respective deals, the shareholders were paid out in cash and the entire real estate portfolio returned to 100 percent control of the company principals. - Many times the clients stated that they would love to own the property, as most of these properties have beautiful views, but they were either unaffordable or simply did not want to think about leaving the property unattended or empty after their vacation time had ended. - This is where the concept of fractional lease ownership was born. As time went by, our CEO confirmed that our clients, who had experienced being close to the sea, also wanted to know where they could rent a boat. As a great host, we provided our guests with brochures of places where they could charter or rent boats. Chartering and renting boats can be very rewarding for most, and also challenging. - To rent during the high season due to the demand, principals opened the Florida West Palm Beach office. A Delaware USA company to commence offering luxury yacht club memberships to the general public. We run a fleet of four luxury yachts, which we charter to the general public. We have 37 foot Carver Mariner mini yacht, 34 foot Sea Ray Sundancer Cruiser, 64 foot Aicon Yacht and 80 foot Azimut Super or Mega Yacht. In order to cover or minimize costs, we purchased 50 per cent from an operating call center. The Serbian call centre operates out of Belgrade using VOIP technology. Both social media and marketing, including field surveys and calls, are done via the call centre. If a qualified applicant has been found, the candidate file will be moved to our U. S. office and reps to continue the dialogue and conclude the contract. Our USA sales reps (as the leads are already checked) operate on commission only. - With a strong business plan all necessary infrastructure in place contracts, agreements, contacts, pricing, scripts trained personnel in both administrative and sales operations, including back-office support. - We believe we're in the right place at the right time. New yachts can be ordered and fitted with a staff quarter. Typically, it was reserved for large vessels over 90 feet and power vessels. Henceforth one of the reasons our rivals are all engaged in sales of 90 feet and power yachts. The staff quarters in a small vessel are a game changer. We concentrate on the needs of "baby boomers" searching for fractional leasehold properties. - With our yachts, we believe we achieved the best mix for our demographic target area. Our initial fractional lease rate starts at just USD 38,900.00. Yachts are turn-key and come staffed with a captain and or a steward / first mate. Since our business is structured in such a way where we are constantly developing and expanding in order to be able to offer the best service and product on the market and beyond, and in order to maintain control of the quality and best customer experience we looked at ways we could achieve that goal by becoming a yacht lessor. As a yacht lessor, we would be adding value to our organization in multiple ways. - We not only offer fractional lease yacht ownership opportunity but a yacht club type lifestyle. From the most generous yacht usage program to a sophisticated dynamic booking engine. We have created a truly unique yacht program. We have developed one of the most sophisticated travel calendars based on artificial intelligence and predictive usage method. - Usage of yacht is clear and simple. Call the concierge department and concierge will schedule in for arrival and sailing. We as the management company employs full-time and part-time dedicated employees to make the yachting experience a unique one of a kind pleasurable experience. - The maintenance cost is shared with all owners, which is a great way to enjoy the vessel with family and friends, without all the maintenance hassles involved in owning the yacht outright. Fractional lease yacht ownership is a new generation of style and service which costs 3 x less than a yacht charter and 5x less than whole yacht ownership. We offer extraordinary yachts within the financial reach of ordinary consumers. - A cooperative is “an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly- controlled enterprise. Our fractional yacht lease model is making yachting highly affordable saving members millions. - Our fractional yacht lease is between 2.5 to 3.8 x less expensive. One time payment, no monthly cost or hidden fees. Yachts make sense of owning and operating if they can be monetized and used daily. The cruise ship industry has proven this. They make no money sitting still in a marina. - We challenge anyone to show us a lower way to a yacht than a stake in a fractional lease ownership yacht. Fractional lease ownership works because it makes sense and it makes sense because the yacht is always in motion creating revenue and reducing your capital expenditure. - Fractional lease yacht owners enjoy complete personalization of their yacht from linens to photos and favorite provisions. - Our fractional lease yacht ownership program offers a concierge service for all members with fuel discounts, luxury & privacy. - We also started offering fractional lease jet ownership with a full range of concierge services and a dedicated staff. As a fractional lease jet owner, all management issues such as maintenance, inspections, permits, pilot training, staffing hanger, refueling, insurance, and other jet operational matters are handled by us. We also offer a lease to own program with up to 100% financing and just USD 4,995 per month. Prepayment option is available @48% discount. Airborne (flight hours are just USD 2,499). All other costs such as landing fees, pilot and co-pilot expenses are included. Monthly maintenance is capped at USD 1,495. monthly. - We offer a unique and affordable way to reach your private jet goals. We do this by selecting well-maintained pre-owned jets. The Challenger 600 is totally upgraded with a beautiful interior. All logs and complete history are available. - The capabilities of an airliner with intercontinental range. The cabin space is unmatched by any jet in its class while performing more economically. Our goal is to offer a variety of exclusive benefits tailored to our owners. Full flexibility, to fly on a fully maintained plane with an experienced crew. With fractional lease jet ownership, clients will get the benefits of owning an aircraft without the headaches that come with managing it. Our team of aviation experts handles every trip detail from catering to maintenance. - Flying private allows business travelers to be more efficient since they can carry what they need directly on to the plane. There is no chance of lost luggage or damaged items. - Flying private means having more productive time while onboard the aircraft. Since travel schedules are optimized for efficiency and private aircraft cabins are configured in a way that is conducive to working. - Our offices are located between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Florida. Our primary landing port is In Boca Raton, Florida. - Our physical assets include 4 yachts, one jet, and two luxury villas. - Our run rate sales has decreased due to COVID.
Company is into the yacht lease, fractional yacht & jet ownership & real estate rentals.
8.8   West Palm Beach
Run Rate Sales
USD 720 thousand
25 %
Financial Investment
USD 5 Mn for 40%
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