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Individual Buyer in Hyderabad Looking to Buyout Food & Beverage and Digital Marketing Businesses Upto INR 50 lakh

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    I am from Hyderabad. I am the founder and CEO of one startup company, here in India, into investment migration consulting. The industry we deal in is the RCBI industry - residency and citizenship by investment industry. It is a 25 billion dollar industry worldwide.

    I help people from India, to migrate to the USA on the EB-5 investor visa and to the UK, EU, and the Caribbean Islands, through investment migration.

    My target group and target audience are the rich and wealthy people from India, who want to pursue their overseas dreams through investment migration. To be precise, HNWI's and UHWNI's community.

    It is a niche product for the niche segment of people and for a select group of people. A luxury product. A luxury item to be precise. No time waste and no nonsense set of clients at my place. I have catered to the needs of exceedingly high end and an extremely high maintenance clients at my company. I believe, follow, and accept that the quality comes at a cost.

    My company works as an affiliate partner or professional partners or agent for some of the best EB-5 regional centers from the US and RCBI companies from the UK, EU, and the Caribbean islands as well. My company works as a client advisory and at a consultant level.

    I am an immigration consultant by profession with more than 10 years into the immigration consulting industry with expertise into the RCBI industry. Overall, I possess more than 15 years of work experience into sales, marketing, salesforce CRM, and immigration consulting and to do with customer service.

    Even though, I am a great salesperson and a great marketer, I am more customer focused, customer centric service person. For me, customer or a client is like a king. I do not believe in sales numbers or profit or loss or balance sheet, but I am a firm believer of customer service, quality control and quality check. Ethical marketing and ethical sales are my forte. Brand promises, a high priority thing at my company. I want happy clients.

    In regards, to my education I have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, and a post graduate certificate in business information technology from Middlesex University – UK.

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    Between 6 thousand - 60 thousand USD
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    Interested in restaurants, bars, cafe and digital marketing agencies.

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