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Small Recruitment Agency Investment Opportunity in Kolkata, India

Kolkata based recruitment agency seeking capital for expansion.
- Offer recruitment services for mid and senior level non-IT roles. - Charge 6% of the gross CTC from the company for every successful placement. - Have placed 400- 500 candidates so far. - Our clients include several well known companies such as Emami. - Around 70% of our revenue comes from recruitment services and the remaining comes from offering website design, database maintenance, logo creation, SEO and digital marketing services. - We have completed around 30 - 40 website designing and digital marketing projects so far. - Due to the pandemic, our revenue has dropped significantly and we are currently operating at breakeven.
7.1   Kolkata
Run Rate Sales USD 4 thousand
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 7 thousand for 30% stake
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IT Services Company Investment Opportunity in Prague, Czech Republic

25-year-old Infrastructure ICT company, with 200+ clients, is looking for a strategic partner.
- 25- year old ICT firm that is one of the leading hardware, software, and telecommunications service providers. - We provide services to modify the existing infrastructure and choose the right degree of concentration of technologies in the right location. - Various services like continuous security management services, project integration, and hardware and software delivery are provided by us. - Our clients are small and medium-sized companies, major multinational corporations, and a lot of government organizations. - We have over 200 active clients currently and we receive 10-15 new clients per month on average. - We have ongoing SLA contracts with our clients. - Acquire new clients through media, and testimonials. Moreover, our brand is well established with a loyal customer base and we get new customers through referrals and word-of-mouth promotion. - We have connections with influencers from various multinational companies who also have a big contribution to marketing. - We intend to expand across various locations and grow more.
8.9   Prague
Run Rate Sales USD 36 million
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Financial Investment USD 6.7 million for 30% stake
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IT Infrastructure Company Investment Opportunity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

21-year old company provides complete turnkey solutions to clients and has an eCommerce website to sell gadgets.
- The company provides complete turnkey solutions to the corporate sector and also runs an eCommerce website where electronic gadgets are sold. - Firm brings advanced and new age technology desktop computers, which are very durable and feasible to use. - Main focus is on the technical services for corporate IT solutions involving servers, telecom & teleconferencing, & large scale data products. - We provide products and complete set-up to various companies depending on their requirement. - Have served more than 300 clients to date and marketing for this segment is completely through references and the network. - 60% of the revenue is generated through the turnkey projects and set-ups we provide. - Have provided solutions to the UAE police department and various other corporate companies. - We have another segment and that is the e-commerce website where gadgets, computers, and other electronic items are sold. - Have a database of 10,000+ registered customers on the website and more than 300 products. - We are dealers and resellers for reputed brands like HP, Cisco, and Dell. - E-commerce vertical delivers in Gulf countries, Afghanistan, and Africa. - Have a tie-up with Aramex, FedEx, and DHL who take care of the logistics. - Cash on delivery services is only available in the UAE. - Use digital marketing strategies, Facebook marketing, and SEO for marketing. - Promoter has 15+ years of experience running this business.
8.7   Dubai
Run Rate Sales USD 1.8 million
EBITDA Margin 20 %
Financial Investment USD 150 thousand for 20% stake
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Newly Established IT Services Company Investment Opportunity in Ahmedabad, India

Newly formed IT consulting firm that provides data science and AI-based services.
- Consulting company that provides Data science and AI-based services and has started operations in July 2020. - Provide an AI technology platform with reformed and accurate algorithms that can be relied upon for generating the best possible risk assessments, insights, and analysis. - Provide solutions on facial recognition, analytics, fire detection, brand analytics, and smart city. - Offer portable face-recognition capability that allows mobile-friendly interfaces to search for suspects alongside a desktop application. - We customize all our services and create the best that caters to clients' requirements and supports the architecture. - We are in conversation with 4 clients in India and 1 in the UK. At the last stage of signing the contract. - Expected to close the contracts by the end of the month. - Our complete operations will be from Ahmedabad but we will also have a unit in the UK. - 2 promoters are based in Ahmedabad and one in the UK.
7.2   Ahmedabad
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 270 thousand for 20% stake
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IT Consultancy Company Investment Opportunity in Delhi, India

Company builds B2B SaaS cloud management platform -PowerBoard for Azure & AWS.
- We are a product and consulting services company. - We have a B2B SaaS product PowerBoard - A unified cloud management platform for Azure & AWS. - This product helps organizations to reduce cost, improve security and increase ROI for cloud computing. - Total addressable market of $300 million/year by 2022, as per Gartner. - We have resellers across Malaysia, India & UAE for this product. - We have actively engaged with 2 organizations in the USA & South Africa for white labelling this product. - Monthly subscription ranges from USD 50 to USD 1,000 for the product. - Business has 2 sales representatives, 1 inside sales executive, and 5 employees assigned for product development. - Consulting is a major source of revenue for the past 2 years. - Currently, we have approx. 10 clients in total, out of which 6 are taking up consulting services and the rest take up services for the product. - Have annual/service contracts with the 5 clients we provide consulting services to. - The charges for consulting services completely depend on the nature of the service. - We also use paid digital marketing services in order to promote our company and product. - The EBITDA is less as we have undertaken significant capital investment for product development. - Promoter has 20+ years of experience working with the industry. - Consulting business has customers in India, Nordics, USA & Australia.
8.0   Delhi
Run Rate Sales USD 200 thousand
EBITDA Margin 5 %
Financial Investment USD 2 million for 15% stake
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Newly Established IT Services Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

Disruptive consultants and solutions provider for AI/analytics/automation & augmentative technologies.
- Business provides digital transformation consultation and solutions, based in Bangalore. - Have more than 30 solutions that we provide. - Some solutions are software based while others are software + hardware. - Have 20 regular clients. - Founders with more than 25 year experience in technology industry. They are known industry leaders with global exposure and experience. - Have recently set up a new office in Dubai.
7.9   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 80 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Financial Investment USD 34 thousand for 3% stake
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IT Services Company Investment Opportunity in Bangalore, India

IT company with high revenue business model inviting passionate investors to partner with us.
IT services company that provides technology solutions to 5+ clients. In addition, the company has developed an online platform where we on-board retail stores in order to help them become an online store on our platform. We have on-boarded 38 stores from Dubai (UAE), 2 stores from Manama (Bahrain) and 1 store from Salt Lake City (USA). Our company's focus is not just to lists retail stores but to provide a complete technology solutions to each retail store. We develop web stores, mobile apps, provide tools and technologies so that they can manage orders, transactions, stocks and delivery seamlessly. So, when a customer views products on our platform, they get redirected to retailer's web store in order to complete the purchase. Our platform has listed 40,000 unique products (of different retailers) with each product having its own content (image, write-ups, keywords, specifications). We have listed products of 9 different retail segment (product categories). We have also deployed 17 mobile apps for retailers on Android and iOS stores. The company is bootstrapped and founders & angel investors have invested USD 1.4 million till date. Have done a pilot run of our platform in multiple countries. We have prepared business & financial module with 5 years plan for different markets (5 markets globally) and we project a yearly revenue of USD 24 million. We have mentioned the financials in USD in order to keep it simple for foreign investors. Company generates 70% revenue by providing technology solutions to retail stores and remaining 30% revenue from IT services which we provide to 5 clients. We have offices in Bangalore and Dubai. Have 34 employees in Bangalore office and 7 employees in Dubai office.
8.3   Bangalore
Run Rate Sales USD 360 thousand
EBITDA Margin 31 %
Financial Investment USD 2 million for 12% stake
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Document Management Company Investment Opportunity in Agra, India

Company provides end-to-end scanning and digitization services with applications in government recruitment and exam valuations.
- Business provides end-to-end scanning and digitization services with applications in government recruitment and exam valuations. - Have our own patented result processing software and high volume scanners from Sekonic and Opex. - We primarily work with government clients and universities for the evaluation of OMR sheets in competitive and semester exams. - Have served over 100 clients including UPSC, Indian Airforce, Ministry of Information technology, ITBP, CISF, and BSF. - Demand for our services has increased due to the pandemic and we have 2 work orders worth INR 3 crore in hand. - We are a reputed name in the exam evaluation, assessment, and end to end digitization service industry. - Our HQ is in Delhi and printing and scanning facility is in Agra. We also have branch offices in Chennai and Mumbai for marketing and customer visits.
8.5   Agra
Run Rate Sales USD 550 thousand
EBITDA Margin 20 - 30 %
Financial Investment USD 270 thousand for 20% stake
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Staffing Company Investment Opportunity in Ilford, United Kingdom

London-based IT services and technology company is seeking working capital.
- IT services and technology company with operations in Hyderabad and UK. - The firm was incorporated in 2016 but started commercial operations in 2018. - We provide web development services, software development, infrastructure support services to clients. - We have active contracts with companies and are deploying projects for them. - We also recruit employees for clients in the UK for temporary and permanent roles. - Intend to expand our infrastructure and hire more professionals in the UK. - We also have off shore support office in Hyderabad. - Promoter has over 8 years of experience in the field of IT technology.
7.2   Ilford
Run Rate Sales Nil
EBITDA Margin Nil
Financial Investment USD 60 thousand for 15% stake
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Newly Established IT Services Company Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad, India

IT company that provides consulting and software development services to over 30 clients pan India.
- We are an IT company that specializes in IT services such as consulting and software development. - Have completed more than 30 projects for over 30 clients pan India. - Our team consists of around 25 experienced employees who are able to provide products according to customer requirements. - Some of the main industries that we have completed projects for include e-commerce and logistics businesses. - Promoters have more than 7 years of experience in the field of IT. - We plan to expand our business through acquisition on larger clients and development of our infrastructure.
7.1   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales USD 200 thousand
EBITDA Margin 15 %
Financial Investment USD 700 thousand for 5% stake
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Web & Mobile Development Startup Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

Software service company specializing in web, Android & iOS development, also has 2 proprietary products.
- We provide IT consulting, software, app and web development to SME clients and digital transformation of the business. - Have developed high-budget 5-6 customized software and applications. - We have developed our own CRM software that is currently being used by 3 clients. - We charge a one time fee to these clients to use the software. - Have also developed a platform to connect builders and brokers. Builders and developers post construction units/buildings/flats for sale and brokers can further sell them and receive a commission. - We receive a commission on the commission amount of the broker. - Have a network of 3,000 brokers currently. - Before the lockdown started we were working on a liquor delivery platform. 50% of the development has been completed but we have kept this on hold until further notice. - 80% of our revenue is generated through software and application development, while the remaining 20% is generated through the CRM software and the real estate platform. - Founder has been awarded the top 20 Most promising websites in India by Silicon India Magazine. - Having strong team of 9 people and the promoters have 8+ years of experience in this industry.
7.9   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 150 thousand
EBITDA Margin 30 - 40 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 50% stake
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Web & Mobile Development Business Investment Opportunity in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Business provides complete drop-shipping support as well as a custom made shop seeks funding for expansion.
- We are a drop-shipping support company that provides entire help with starting a drop-shipping business with the custom website. - Have worked with more than 200 clients who are successfully running their business using our services. - Some of our clients include worldwide clients from US, UK and Dubai. - Generate revenue by offering different one time payment options with numerous benefits. - We provide custom web-site with marketing plugins and extensions to various online stores so that the user can easily list and sell products. - Also provide training as required and marketing plans to help generate interest in the business. - Business has been running successfully for more than 12 years and we are looking to grow further. - Company has generated a data base of over 10,000 users that are potential clients. - Active social media page with 15k followers on Facebook and 3,000 subscribers on YouTube.
7.7   Dhaka
Run Rate Sales USD 60 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Financial Investment USD 45 thousand for 49% stake
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ISP Investment Opportunity in Kampala, Uganda

Uganda based ISP and IT solutions provider with 400+ clients seeking funds.
- IT solutions integration service provider with services round the clock. - Provides internet broadband services, cloud-hosted solutions, and IT support services to various businesses and individuals. - Currently running with an average turnover of 25,000$ per month. Sales have come down due to Covid-19. - Maximum revenue is generated from broadband services. - Have over 450 clients and we have a very large network. - Have a large number of clients who hold annual contracts with the company. - We own technology, laptops and other assets. - Promoter has a wide experience and is working with the industry for more than 15 years.
7.3   Kampala
Run Rate Sales USD 300 thousand
EBITDA Margin 40 %
Financial Investment USD 300 thousand for 30% stake
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IT Services Company Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad, India

IT consultancy firm with 50+ customers seeking investment to develop a new social media app.
- Offer IT solutions, software integration (ERP), hardware integration, digital marketing, and IT based training. - Have served over 50 - 100 customers till date. - Business promotes the IT software and hardware of their business clients on the website. We charge a commission from the business for promoting the product. After the transaction is completed, we charge the clients on the other side a fee for installing and maintaining the product. The commission and the fee charged depends on the product and the level of installation. - Business has tied up with hardware companies like Cisco, Samsung, Sony, LG. - For the IT training vertical, the business charges a fee depending on the customer's requirements which can range from INR 5,000 to INR 80,000. - Run rate sales have dropped because of the ongoing pandemic. We have recently opened our offices after the lock-down. Demand for the services of the business vary greatly. - Business has 3 - 4 staff members for marketing (digital marketing and SEO), 2 - 3 staff members for administration and the rest are developers. - Promoter has over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry.
7.2   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales USD 80 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Financial Investment USD 40 thousand for 10% stake
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Internet of Things Company Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad, India

IT company that has successfully completed 130 projects, seeking funds to develop an innovative safety product.
- Hyderabad based firm offering web & mobile application development services, seeks capital to develop an innovative physical safety product for use by the general public. - The product is still in the proof of concept stage and will be a wearable hardware gadget with a software interface which will be a mobile application. Both the hardware and software are yet to be developed. If the user is in a dangerous situation, they could send a distress signal through the mobile application which will be received by emergency services including law enforcement and other users of the product. System will communicate through a P2P internet network and will not rely on GPS / GPRS / GSM technology nor will it require a SIM card. The product will interface with a network of drones which will help emergency responders in accurately pinpointing the source of the distress signal. - Have hired 7 employees out of which 4 employees are involved in the IT services vertical of the business which at present contribute 100% of the firm's revenue while the remaining are involved in product development. - As part of our IT service offerings, we have completed over 130 projects so far and we receive 5-6 new projects per month on average. - The average price of a project depends on its duration which can range from 1 to 6 months. - Have served over 100 clients so far out out of which projects for 14 clients are ongoing. - Some of ours clients include Continental Coffee, Great Place to Work, and Home High-School Health. - Acquire new projects through social media marketing. - Recently, the business has experienced a surge in revenue due to increased order volumes during the COVID -19 pandemic. - The promoters have more than 2 decades of experience in the information technology industry.
8.3   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales USD 110 thousand
EBITDA Margin 10 - 20 %
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 15% stake
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Advertising and Marketing Business Investment Opportunity in Hyderabad, India

Marketing, consulting, and technology firm in Hyderabad specializing in definitive output and ROI upsurge seeks investment.
- Hyderabad based company offers marketing, consulting and branding services. - Made a revenue of more than INR 70 lakh in the first year when we had more than 10 clients. - Due to some financial issue, we had to start fresh and now we have built a fresh team and associations to make it big. - We stopped operations a couple of months back and we picked the business again last month, as a result, our sales have reduced. - We have added more segments and now are in the process of closing 2 major clients for annual contracts. Each deal has a value of around INR 1 cr. - Have a tie-up with Singapore based company for tech projects. - Company is founded by MBA graduates from IIMs and IIFT. Company also has a group of consultants for large scale projects from various Industries. - Promoters and the core team has a combined experience of more than 30 years in this industry.
8.4   Hyderabad
Run Rate Sales USD 50 thousand
EBITDA Margin 35 %
Financial Investment USD 70 thousand for 45% stake
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BPO Investment Opportunity in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Business provides software development and accounting BPO services seeks investment to take on more clients.
- We provide software / mobile app development and accounting BPO services. - Have developed 7 software and mobile apps for clients till date. - All the software and mobile app are custom made based on client requirements. - Have developed the software and mobile app for clients belonging to the restaurant and healthcare industries. - Have 23 experienced developers on our team. - We also provide accounting BPO services to one CA firm in the UK. This firm has 500 clients under their name. - More than 50% of our revenue is generated through software and mobile app development. - Physical assets include office setup and furniture.
6.0   Dhaka
Run Rate Sales USD 500 thousand
EBITDA Margin 8 %
Financial Investment USD 350 thousand for 20% stake
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IT Services Company Investment Opportunity in Mumbai, India

Mumbai based IT consulting firm with several MNC clients seeking investment to fund working capital.
- IT consulting firm offering a range of business process re-engineering and solution design services. - Also offer robotic process automation services with the help a Chennai based manufacturing partner. - Have served 50+ clients till date including several MNC firms. - Clients include Metro Cash and Carry, Indorama, ICICI Bank and Haldirams. - Current order book is INR 4 Cr with confirmed cash flows for the next 6 months. - Our strategic product partners include Automation Anywhere, Softomotive, Antworks, Jiffy RPA, Liferay, Happay, Zoho Solution Design & Implementation Services. - We recently moved into a co-working space whose rent is 50% higher than our previous facility. - This has led to an increase in our operating costs which has in turn forced the company to record an accounting loss. - The average gross margins for our services is 40% - Our revenue has dropped due to the pandemic which has impacted our clients and in turn impacted our business. - However, we are in the final stages of securing a INR 7 cr. order.
8.0   Mumbai
Run Rate Sales USD 40 thousand
EBITDA Margin Operating at loss
Financial Investment USD 140 thousand for 20% stake
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